Sunday Showdown: Somebody has to Stop These Tweets!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
July 2, 2017


Changed the name from “Kookspiracy Round-Up,” because I think the kookspiracy is actually completely over.

Like, it’s done.

Just in time for Trump to meet Putin this week.

I just don’t see how after this last week they can keep going with this “collusion” story. I think they will still talk about Trump being friends with Russia and so on.

Today’s shows were about the President’s tweets. It’s all about the tweets.

That was the entire theme.

And the media tattling to politicians about how Trump has hurt their feelings.

Trump’s CNN WWE tweet – THE TWEET TO END ALL TWEETS – was posted right in the middle of the shows, so some of them responded to that, with their narrative claiming that “Trump is encouraging violence against the media.”

Of course, they couldn’t make it 100% tweets, so they added some boring nonsense about Obamacare.

I have to tell you – with no more Russian conspiracy, things could potentially get pretty boring on the Sunday news show racket.

This Obamacare talk is the most boring shit I’ve ever heard.

It’s like:

Host: So, you’re going to do it now or do it later?

Guest: You know, to just be perfectly frank with you, we might do it now, we might do it later. Hm.

Host: So are you going to repeal and replace, or repeal then replace?

Guest: You know, we might repeal and replace, we might repeal then replace, to be perfectly honest.

Host: Do you think it’s good if millions of people die in the streets because they have no healthcare?

Guest: You know, no, I don’t think that’s very good.

Host: Me also.

Guest: We just want to have a good Democracy.

Honestly, I think part of Trump’s strategy with these tweets – other than just giving us what we want – is to give the media something sexy to talk about while the Russia story is being pushed out of people’s minds forever.

I mean, Trump is literally sitting down with Putin this week, and that was not mentioned (except to Joe Manchin, who supported the meeting). That would have been more interesting than the Obamacare blather, but I think they’re at a point where they are afraid to even mention the word “Russia,” just because of how badly they’ve been buried.

Remember you can watch these on high speed and save time.

This Week

Chompin John Kasich, R-Ohio

John Kasich is a piece of shit.

Just resign, John.

You’ll have plenty of time to eat.

White House Homeland Security Adviser Thomas Bossert

It’s not a gif, Martha.

It’s also most definitely not a threat.

Nor do you actually believe that or believe that anyone else would believe that if you didn’t tell them so.

These people are like mocking themselves. It’s incredible. Calling that meme a “threat.”

Next they’re going to say “the Holocaust began with Hitler tweeting out jokes like this.”

These people just make things up.

Just watch how Martha is trying her best not to be hostile.

Panel Discussion on WWE Tweet

Some wacky spic female flips her lid about the First Amendment and free speech. By CNN.

It was dropped during the show lol.

At least we know they’re live.

Meet the Press

Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price

Timestamped after Obamacare. That part is boring. In any context, that is boring.

Then Chuck goes crazy, crazy on Tom.

Over the tweets.

These tweets, man, these tweets! It’s all about the tweets!

Chuck also had Sen. Tom Carper, D-Del. and Bill Cassidy, R-La. The clips aren’t on YouTube, presumably because no one even knows who these people are.

But it’s a shame. Who knows what kinds of deep and insightful commentary we could have gotten about how twitter jokes are a form of violence.

Face the Nation

Dickerson only had one guest?

This is what happens when John McCain goes senile. People don’t have anyone to interview on Sundays.

I think they should just keep interviewing him.

Sen. Mike Lee, R-Utah.

This is just Obamacare.

Just a wee little bit at the end there on the real issue at hand: tweets.

State of the Union

Sassy Ben Sasse, R-Neb.

How friendly the Jew Jake is with him is all you need to know about this guy. He was #NeverTrump.

I’ve timestamped it at 8:20 – that did that much Obamacare. Jew Jake of course supports the Obamacare swindle, but just nods along with him in order to appear impartial, setting up the second half.

Second half he shills against Trump’s “concerning” tweets.

Dirty rat.

The kikes are planning to try and run him against Trump as a challenger for the GOP nomination in 2020. Jew Jake even put it on a chryon.

He exits telling Jew Jake: “blow some stuff up with your kids tonight.”

Dirty terrorist Jews and their terror babies smdh.

Jewish Bernie Sanders, I-Vt.

Where’s the beef, Bernie?

He comes on by praising Sasse also. Jews sure do like him.

Then he claims six million Jews will die if Obamacare is repealed.

Then Jewish Bernie claimed the FBI investigation into him is part of a Trump conspiracy.


Trump actually defended Jewish Bernie against the attacks by crooked Hillary, and this is the thanks he gets – accusations of a conspiracy.

Why would Trump conspire to have Jewish Bernie investigated by the FBI? It doesn’t even make sense.

He’s obviously lying.

Fox News Sunday

Sen. Rand “I Herped So Hard I Think I Might Have Derped” Paul, R-Ky.








Sen Joe Manchin, D-W.Va.

What a boring son of a bitch this guy is.

He should have played a guitar or something. Give his Obamacare argument in the form of a song. Possibly a rap.

This is the only time Trump’s upcoming meeting with Putin was mentioned on any of the shows that I saw. And Manchin supports it!

Marc Short, White House Director of Legislative Affairs

More Obamacare.

The Future of Sunday Shows?

I’ll tell you what, if this is the future of Sunday shows, I’m not doing these round-ups anymore.

They are very time-consuming, when I could be doing something else more interesting.

I generally enjoy everything I do here on the site but I didn’t at all enjoy listening to this Obamacare nonsense between the tweet scandal bits.