Sunday Insights: Hardback Books are Snakelike Trick

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
April 30, 2017

Seriously, why do they keep making these?

I generally refuse to buy them, but was really excited about Robert Cinaldini’s “Pre-Suasion” (plus I was ordering some other stuff at the time, and it had just came out) and bought it when it was only available in hardback.

This is the most absurd scam, this “first we release it hardback” nonsense.

I’m just now getting around to reading it, and it’s like wow, how are they still running this scam?

It’s like releasing a movie in the theaters without sound and charging 40% more for tickets for the first week.

A hardback book has significantly less functionality than a paperback book. If they want to charge you 40% more the first two months, then just charge 40% more for the paperback. No one wants these hardback books unless they are pretentious pricks looking to make a display bookcase.

Well, I guess a display bookcase isn’t necessarily pretentious, can be a very nice feature in a sitting room. But it’s a specialty item.


Just a little bit of Sunday Insight from your trusty Stormer.

I just started Pre-Suasion (I only read books before I go to sleep, and only get through one about every two weeks, tbh), but it’s definitely already a recommendaton.

But for sure read “Influence” first.


Okay having read the entire comments thread, I get people’s points about saving them for future generations, but that is a very specific point. I don’t personally own a book case, and use books mainly for reading. I give them to other people after I’m finished, unless it is something specially, like MK or CoC. But all novels I give away. Except Moby Dick, which I read every couple of years because I believe it is important to do that as a professional writer.

Also the Great Gatsby and something from Hemmingway or Faulkner are important to read every couple of years, but I just find paperbacks of those at a used bookstore when I need them.

I have a Buddhist type lifestyle, where all of my personal belongings can fit into a medium-sized suitcase, so the idea of collecting items is something foreign to me personally. Though I understand people do it.

My point is that hardbacks have less practical functionality. They can be difficult to hold with one hand while drinking coffee, and they can be awkward to hold over your head while you are lying in bed. They are virtually impossible to read while laying on your side, and totally impossible to read while waiting in traffic. They can also not be carried in a back pocket.

The point is, fine to print them, but the whole “wait until they stop selling before you print the paperback” is a scam.