Sugar Boosts Fat Production in the Liver, Table Sugar and Fructose are the Worst

There is no justification for including processed sugar in the diet of humans.

The government just doesn’t care at all about people’s health.

Study Finds:

Saying that consuming too much sugar is unhealthy is not exactly breaking news. However, a new study is revealing what even a modest amount of extra sugar is doing to the human liver. Researchers from the University of Zurich say consuming fructose and sucrose doubles the body’s fat production in the liver. In the long run, this can add up to the development of diabetes or fatty liver disease.

In the research team’s home country of Switzerland, the average local takes in over 100 grams of added sugar daily. These foods and drinks usually have a high calorie content, putting consumers at risk for obesity and other weight-related conditions. Numerous studies have discovered this connection. Researchers in this report wanted to see what else added sugar is doing on a daily basis.

Unlike older studies which examined what large amounts of sugar does to humans, study authors at the University of Zurich and the University Hospital Zurich discovered even lower amounts alter the body’s metabolism. Their study finds even if a person stops consuming sugar, the effect can linger.

“Eighty grams of sugar daily, which is equivalent to about 0.8 liters of a normal soft drink, boosts fat production in the liver. And the overactive fat production continues for a longer period of time, even if no more sugar is consumed,” says study leader Philipp Gerber of the Department of Endocrinology, Diabetology and Clinical Nutrition in a university release.

Researchers examined 94 healthy young men during a seven-week experiment. Each participant consumed a sweetened drink with one of three types of sugars in it. These included fructose, glucose, and sucrose — the last one being regular table sugar which is a fructose/glucose combination. For comparison, a group of control participants did not have any added sugar.

The body’s own fat production in the liver was twice as high in the fructose group as in the glucose group or the control group – and this was still the case more than twelve hours after the last meal or sugar consumption,” Gerber explains.

Even worse, the scientists reveal sucrose boosted fat production slightly more than the same amount of fructose. The team adds that people are more likely to consume sucrose on a daily basis. Until now, researchers believed it was fructose that causes more of these body changes to occur.

The fact that the coronavirus is a hoax is made blatantly obvious by the fact that the government refuses to regulate the food industry in any way, at all.

According to their own bullshit numbers, you’re still ten to twenty times more likely to die from heart disease and cancer (which is mostly diet related) than you are to die from coronavirus.

All it would take to stop the heart disease and most cancer deaths would be to regulate the food industry. They also claim that most coronavirus cases are from fat people.

Regulating the food industry would be a lot easier than completely destroying the entire society by locking everyone in their homes, stripping them of their freedoms and collapsing the economy. But there is not even a discussion about regulating the food industry, just like there is no discussion about locking everything down because of a supposed virus pandemic.

This is all stupid and ridiculous, and everyone is a moron.