Sudanese Fleeing Syrian Civil War Storm French-Italian Border

Daily Stormer
June 27, 2017

Few places have been as devastated by the Syrian civil war as Sudan

After fleeing for their lives from the brutal Syrian Civil War, these Sudanese must now endure an even worse fate – being stuck in Italy, which is basically like Hell but worse.

Haven’t they suffered enough? Why must Nazis prolong their suffering, instead of just letting them pass on to Ze Land of Ze Gibbs(referred to by some as “France”), where they can be slightly less oppressed with more welfare?

This is where Satan lives


Around 400 migrants attempted to storm the French border from Italy Monday night as police employed tear gas near the Italian town of Ventimiglia.

Police say that the migrants, who had come mostly from Sudan originally, had trekked around seven miles from the small town to the border in the middle of the night. Italian police later confronted the mob of migrants who were said to be attempting to cross through into France using a nearby river La Stampa reports.

The migrant march was precipitated by the attempted evacuation of a makeshift migrant camp that had emerged in Ventimiglia on the banks of the river Roja.

“You goyim call these Schwartzas lazy, but look how hard they work to get their welfare. Be ashamed, you stupid nazis!”

“France, France, go France, no Italy, no Italia, go France,” one migrant shouted as he attempted to cross the border.

After several hours police were able to get control over the situation and rounded up the migrants who will likely be sent to migrant centres elsewhere in Italy.

Why? Would impaling them en-masse be racist or something?

Of course, these things happen on a daily basis here in Europe:

The incident is similar to several incidents which have occurred in the Spanish North African enclaves of Ceuta and Melilla. Recently Secretary of State for Security José Antonio Nieto warned that the situation in Ceuta had become dangerous as migrants were attacking police with sticks, iron bars and wire cutters.

“Look how eager they are to pay your pensions, goyim.”

The Ventimiglia migrant camp has been dubbed the “Calais Jungle” of Northern Italy, a reference to the infamous camp in northern France where migrants recently caused the death of a Polish national.

The men, all from Eritrea, put logs on the motorway which caused one lorry to slam on its brakes. The sudden stop led to a collision with another truck which burst into flames, killing the driver.

The migrants, who were headed for France, would have likely ended up in one of the makeshift migrant camps in Paris like the Porte De La Chapelle camp in the north of the city.

Just some bad apples.

You know what they say about bad apples, right?

I’m sure everything will work out just fine if we stop being Nazis.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I gotta get my Facebook status ready for the next unpredictable terrorist attack.