Successful Nationalist Street Patrols Against Anti-White Violence in Finland

Juuso Tahvanainen
Daily Stormer
November 6, 2014

Think nationally, act locally.

This year gangs of young immigrants and gypsies have violently attacked innocent Finnish youth and children in Finland’s capital city Helsinki. The Finnish Resistance Movement organized National Socialist street patrols against the crime wave after it became apparent that the police were more interested in being politically correct than actually protecting citizens.

According to the mainstream media, the immigrant gangs have assaulted at least 70 Finnish people in a sickening campaign that resembles the American ”Knockout” game. Sometimes the victims were also robbed, but not usually. According to the authorities, the main motive for the crimes has purely been violence. What makes it even more repulsive is the fact that the victims were chosen according to their age and physical weakness. The assailants always looked for the most vulnerable and weak targets. Some of the Finnish youth were even stabbed during the assaults. The youngest victims have been only ten years old.

Whose streets? Our streets.

The fact that the violent attacks and robberies were all part of an organized pattern became public recently when a private message that was directed to the Helsinki police force was leaked on the Internet. According to this message, the assailants were non-Whites and the victims were very young Finnish people. The message was later confirmed to be authentic by the police. However, the police tried to play down the race factor by making dozens of public appearances claiming that it’s not the fault of immigrants and gypsies that they are violent cowards. The police blamed the White Finnish society instead!

Many Finns were outraged by the violence, outraged that the police and the mainstream media blamed White Finns for the crime wave. On social media, many started to talk about street patrols to protect Finnish children. The first and only group to actually start patrolling were the activists of the Finnish Resistance Movement, with help from some of our supporters. We organized three patrols during October. We informed the public about the patrols beforehand via our website, Twitter and Facebook accounts.

Our activists.

During the second evening patrol, a large group of ”anti-racist” reds attempted a surprise attack on us with metal bars and glass bottles. However, they were confronted by our activists, and some of the reds had dropped their bars and were running away from the scene even before the police arrived. One of the ”anti-racists” injured his leg and was spotted the next day in Helsinki city center limping in pain. The fight lasted only for about half a minute before the police arrived and filled the scene with tear gas. According to the police, dozens of people took part in the fight. A clear message was delivered to the ”anti-racists,” as none of them dared to confront us during the third evening patrol.

Police following the patrol.

Dozens of police officers were sent to follow us during the second and the third patrols. It’s quite remarkable that the police weren’t able to do anything to 70 anti-White attackers, but they seemed to have an endless amount of resources for harrassing a 100 % legal citizen’s security patrol.

Meeting the reds – a photo taken by our activist.

Finnish journalists, politicians and media personalities were not pleased with our activism. They talked about Finland’s “return to the 1930’s” and so on. Three big political parties condemned patrolling on Finland’s biggest newspaper, Helsingin Sanomat. The patrol was also discussed on many Finnish radio channels and internet publications. Large daily magazine Iltalehti wrote a page-long article about the patrols and the Finnish Resistance Movement. Helsingin Sanomat reported live on their website about our third patrol.

The fight starts.

All the publicity brought about 100,000 new visitors to our website with a lot of new people contacting us and wanting to join our organization. Finnish people seem to be fed up with political correctness and are now demanding direct action!