Subversive Jew David Silverman of American Atheists Unveils Anti-Christmas Propaganda Shows

Daily Slave
December 21, 2014

The demonic Jewish creature David Silverman.

Regardless of what you believe about Christianity, it is pretty obvious that the Jews dislike it.  It represents a spiritual ideology that has bound White people together for centuries and as a result of this they are seeking to destroy it.

The subversive Jew David Silverman of the disgusting group American Atheists is unveiling a series of anti-Christmas propaganda shows that will be aired on their television channel AtheistTV.  This idiot Jew, seems to focus most of his energy in attacking Christianity and has long been trying to stir up as much discord as possible among White Christians.  These anti-Christmas television shows is just his latest attempt at this.

Washington Times:

Conservatives have been mocked for insisting there’s an ongoing war on Christmas, but now it looks like they may have simply been ahead of their time.

American Atheists unveiled Wednesday the “War on Christmas” line-up on its television channel, AtheistTV, featuring “original programs proclaiming the truth about Christmas on December 24 and December 25, featuring scholars and celebrities from the atheist community.”

“Christmas is hard for many atheists, so we will provide programming free from superstition and fairy tales that allows families to watch together and not worry about being preached at,” American Atheists President Dave Silverman said in a statement.

This Silverman Jew should be deported out of America immediately.  He has no value as a human being and is just creating trouble.

[Seriously.  Even if you are not a Christian, why on earth would you try and destroy the family-oriented tradition of Christmas?  What purpose does it serve?  Only Jew purpose. -AA]