Subversive Gay Jew Responds to Daily Stormer, Denies Obvious Anti-Russian Plot

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
April 1, 2014

Liz Wahl and James Kirchick: Don't they look cute together?
Liz Wahl and James Kirchick: Don’t they look cute together?

The subversive gay Jew Jamie Kirchick, who stands accused of working with his neocon Jew buddies at the Foreign Policy Initiative (FPI) think-tank to stage the Liz Wahl RT outraged resignation hoax, has published a piece at the Daily Beast, ostensibly responding to these allegations.

In fact, he did this back on 12 March, and I was unaware of it until now.

He writes:

But for some people on the internet, this explanation is too simple. A neo-Nazi website called “Daily Stormer” (replete with Luftwaffe planes in the banner headline and Paypal donor categories ranging from “Untersturmführer” to “Oberführer”) concludes that, “Clearly, this Jew orchestrated the whole spectacle.” Amidst passing references to “the alleged Holocaust” and “the Jew Kirchick,” the author of this brilliant piece of analysis concludes that my involvement with Wahl demonstrates how “Jews manipulate society to achieve their own ends, almost always by appealing to human emotion.”

I have no interest in responding to neo-Nazis (though the Daily Stormer ends his post with an unintentionally hilarious flow chart revealing the intellectual poverty of anti-Semitic thinking that you would be remiss not to behold). I draw attention to this site merely because of the similarities in analysis it shares with other, more ostensibly mainstream people who see a subversive gay Jew pulling the puppet strings. Over the past week, I have been the recipient of a deluge of attacks on Twitter from RT fans alleging that I was somehow behind Wahl’s resignation.

He then embeds a voicemail message he received from another gentleman who is on to his tricks.

Ultimately, there can be no definitive proof that he orchestrated the spectacle with his kin over at FPI, unless Russia had his phone lines tapped and decides to drop something on YouTube.  He has explained away the tweets that were posted on FPI’s Twitter which showed foreknowledge of the event by claiming that she told him a few hours before the resignation what she was planning to do.

The Tweets in question.
The Tweets in question.

The obvious nature of the thing, however, stands alone as evidence enough for the people to see what has taken place here.  He was indeed in contact with her – that is admitted – and I cannot imagine that he did not inform her of the celebrity she would achieve by staging this hoax.  Even if he did not directly say “do it,” merely being in contact with her would have been “influencing her decision,” given his own stance on the importance of crushing Russia.  And surely we cannot imagine that the demented gears of his deviant Jewish brain were not working toward just such an outcome as was achieved.

The fact that he was driven to respond shows that the backlash was intense, and that the people are not buying his obvious Jew lies.

We also do have proof that Victoria Nuland, the Jew wife of the Jew co-founder of FPI Robert Kagan, staged the entire Ukrainian revolution with American taxpayer’s money.  Surely, if these neocon Jews are willing to overthrow a government as part of their Cold War plot, they would have no problem trolling a Russian television station.

Kirchick cannot deny that people he works with paid fake Nazis $50 a day to bring down a democratically elected government, and admits as much by not attempting to do so.  What he is saying then is “yes, we stage multibillion dollar violent revolutions against freely elected governments in order to destabilize world superpowers while risking a full-on World War, but we would never mess with a television network – that is just an Antisemitic canard.”

It is up to you whether you take this subversive gay Jew at his word.