Stupid White Bitch Whining About Her Gorilla Warrior NFL Boyfriend Beating Her Up

White women are obsessed with sex with black men. It’s bizarre and deranged. I guess they find their primitive aggressiveness sexually arousing.

But then when that prehistoric aggression turns against them, these whores are totally shocked. Because no one could have predicted this, right?

Not all heroes wear capes. Some of them wear gorilla masks. Wait, is that really his real face?

Saying “I love sex with black men, I just don’t want to get beat up” is like a man saying “I love swimming, I just don’t want to get wet” or “I love getting blackout drunk, I just don’t want to wake up with a fat bitch.”

But our society is so vagina-centric that these whores can get away with claiming victimhood after having sex with a black man on purpose.

New York Post:

Zac Stacy’s ex-girlfriend Kristin Evans has called for “several more charges” to be bought against the former New York Jet after he was arrested for allegedly attacking her in front of their 5-month-old son.

“Personally I feel the state should have several more charges, but thank you to everyone who made this possible!!! We are halfway there,” Evans wrote in an Instagram post.


Bitch, the state should bring charges against you, and the sentencing should be that you have to live with this gorilla warrior for the rest of your life and then make a reality TV show where you get beaten like this every episode.

I need more content featuring Kristin Evans getting beaten up! We all do!

The 30-year-old was arrested in Florida late Thursday on charges of aggravated battery and criminal mischief over the vicious caught-on-camera attack on Evans at her home on Saturday, according to the Orange County Sheriff’s Office.

Stacy allegedly flew into a fit of rage after arriving at Evans’ home to visit their son.

Evans also posted an image on her Instagram Stories depicting the late Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg with the quote: “If you are neutral in situations of injustice you have chosen to side with the oppressors.” 

Personally, I’m not neutral – I strongly support Zac Stacy. In fact, I’m going to start a GoFundMe for him.

I got a tear in my eye, witnessing the heroism and bravery Stacy exhibited, giving this bitch a small part of what she deserves.

That 59-second clip is better than anything Hollywood has produced in the last 59 years.

I can’t watch that clip without screaming “GET SOME.” When Zac “The Toll Collector” Stacy picks that stupid whore up and throws her across the room, I yelled “TOUCHDOWN!”

I wish someone would make an edit of that with NFL commentary and cheering.

Look – it’s the same story with those young whores who join the Pakistani gangs in the UK. It disgusts me that right-wingers come out and defend these whores, claiming that women are somehow victims.

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“He seemed like such a nice guy, I thought he just wanted to be friends” – seriously, if you believe that, you should just kill yourself. I’m so sick of this faggot white knight bullshit, which does nothing other than reinforce the ability of women to do whatever they want without consequences.

If this stupid bitch didn’t want to get beaten up by a black gorilla warrior, she shouldn’t have been having sex with one.

Frankly, the supposedly right-wing men who paint these whores as victims are worse than the whores themselves, as they serve to enable future whores to engage in these actions while knowing that in the worst case scenario they will be celebrated as victims.

If white women knew that instead of being celebrated as victims, they were going to be insulted as whores, they would change their behavior. You see, women do not have souls. They do not feel guilt, or understand any notion of morality. They are driven only by their depraved sexual impulses and by social status. The only thing that can affect the former drive is the risk of damaging the latter.

Most right-wingers are such witless white knight simps and faggots that they think they can warn a woman of the fact she’s going to be beaten up by blacks or become a heroin-addicted hooker with the Pakis. In fact, if you tell these whores those things, all it does is get their vaginal juices flowing. They like the danger, and they know that after this happens to them, they can come back and get victim status, which is one of the ultimate power social statuses that they crave.

Conversely, if these women knew they would be spit on and called whores when they went to complain about the abuses that their sexcapades resulted in, most of them would avoid being involved in their depraved sexual behaviors.

This is the only thing a woman has the ability to evaluate: social status. It’s the only reason she would not engage in disgusting sex. The white knights who come out and defend these whores would be much better saying nothing.

Women’s empowerment is at the root of the decay of our society. It is more important than any other issue. Jews are only 2% of the population in America, and they could not possibly do all of this damage by themselves. Empowered women are the standing army of the Jews.

These are the results of letting women make decisions:

  • Black liberation
  • Abortion
  • No fault divorce
  • Gay rights
  • Socialism
  • Mass immigration
  • Gay marriage
  • Censorship
  • Trannies
  • Child trannies
  • Joe Biden

Empowered white women have never met a Jewish agenda they didn’t like!

Look at their voting record!

Look at it!

What’s more: beyond just voting for these policies, women serve as day-to-day enforcers of the Jewish agenda, controlling men in their own lives.

I’ve had my life directly destroyed by the Jews. But most men cannot say the same. Conversely, every man has had his life destroyed by a woman more than once, usually starting with his mother.

Women’s empowerment is the single most pressing problem for the people.