Stupid White Bitch Attacks White South Africans for Wanting to Escape Genocide

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
May 31, 2015

Finally, one of these petitions has done something.  Mainstream news in South Africa is forced to cover the petition demanding South African Whites be allowed to return home to Europe.

This is a report from South African news, and of course you have a nagging White woman saying that there is no genocide against White South Africans.  CEO of Homecoming Revolution, Angel Jones, claims it makes South Africa’s diversity agenda look bad to question whether or not it is working. She laughs in rage at the idea of ethnic cleansing of Whites, even though it is a known and admitted fact this is happening.

But what matters is that diversity as magical wonderland is real in her mind.

How dare misogynists question her delusions?  This is the real definition on sexism and hatred for women.
How dare misogynists question her delusions? This is the real definition on sexism and hatred for women.

Her solution is to shut it down because of the way it has negatively affected her emotionally.

Once again, we see that the number one enablers of the destruction of our people are White women. Imagine if this were any other race asking to flee from genocide what this woman would be saying. She would be accusing anyone who even questions their right to come to Europe as being the worst evil the world has ever known. Yet White people who we know for a fact are being genocided get not a drop of sympathy from her.

This is the face of the females of our race because we fell for the insane idea that they have a right to voice their opinions. Their opinion was that they have a right to rule over us and to genocide our race.

The agenda of women can be compared to the agenda of men by looking at the perspective of the man on the show, Dr. Dan Roodt of, who is actually interested in facts and reality.  He even uses the term “anti-White.”

The female host then says she believes it is all nonsense, solidifying the obvious the dichotomy between female and male thinking.

The whole situation is summed up when the Black-supporting host, who believes Whites should be forced to stay in South Africa and be slaughtered, turns to the male and says “I know you are quite radical -” and he replies “I’m not radical, I’m logical.”

The petition was put together by Brazilian Rodrigo Hernaus de Campos, and now has more than 30,000 signatures.

The petition also extends to Whites stranded in Zimbabwe and Namibia.

Sign the petition!