Stupid Negress Rapper Demands $100 Trillion for Slavery

Daily Stormer
December 27, 2014

Okay so Black women aren't attractive, generally, but you see Beyonce and you're like "meh, okay." But you see this Azealia bitch and you are just like "wow, what zoo did you escape from."
Okay so Black women aren’t attractive, generally, but you see Beyonce and you’re like “meh, okay.” But you see this Azealia bitch and you are just like “wow, what zoo did you escape from.”

The ugly Negress Azealia Banks, who is apparently a rapper but is mostly famous for causing drama on Twitter, has caused more drama on Twitter by demanding that $100 trillion dollars be paid to Blacks as slavery reparations.

She says modern American corporations owe the Negro race, still.

NY Daily News:

“ITS MY MONEY, AND I WANT IT NOWWWWW!!!!!!” Banks tweeted on Friday afternoon, after linking to stories from various newspapers describing the ways in which American Indians and Holocaust survivors have sought reparations from the American and German governments, respectively.

“Jews and Native Americans all got reparations because they organized. Please don’t let my ‘beef’ with hip-hop distract from what we need… To be focusing on. We are owed MAJOR F***ING BUCKS kids, MAJOR BUCKS.”

Banks goes on to name corporations including Aetna, New York Life Insurance, JP Morgan and Chase as companies that are still profiting off capital established during the Industrial Revolution. Banks states that the money these organizations made in the 1800s came directly from slave labor.

She also claims that she would trade in her successful music career for the opportunity to fight for reparations.

Banks’ pleas turn violent and inciting when she refers to the 2008 PBS documentary “Traces of the Trade: A Story From the Deep North,” about the DeWolf family of Rhode Island. According to the filmmaker, Katrina Browne, a descendant of the DeWolfs, her family was made up of slave traders who sailed their ships to West Africa in the late 18th century in order to sell captives at auctions in South Carolina.

“I wonder where the descendants of the ‘DeWolf’ family are today. they should all have their houses burned and their finances seized,” Banks tweeted.

Why has this monkey not been arrested? Did we not find out very recently that when Blacks start threatening to murder people you should take it seriously?

And how stupid? Clearly, the hundreds of millions we’ve given Blacks in welfare are an exponential payback for whatever was made from slavery. We owe these people exactly nothing, but we would still be willing to pay them $5,000 each in tax free cash to get on a plane and go to the African nation of their choosing.

Do you understand, dumb bitch? We don’t want you in our country. We have already apologized for enslaving your ancestors hundreds of years ago over six million times, so we do not feel the need to apologize again. All of your problems and ours will be easily solved by you going back to Africa forever.

Shhhh. Just go.