Stupid Dumb Crap Involving Moslems: Saturday Edition

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
October 12, 2019

Here’s your daily roundup of crap involving Moslems.

British Starbucks Stabbing

So yes, it was a Moslem who stabbed up a British Starbucks yesterday.

Fox News:

A British stabbing spree Friday — in which a man in his 40s attacked numerous pedestrians in a shopping center before he was subdued by police — is believed to be an act of terrorism, officials said.

The man, who has not been identified, was taken in for questioning after police confronted him at the Arndale shopping center in Manchester. Investigators say three people were injured there during a stabbing spree this morning and that the man is being detained on suspicion of the commission, preparation and instigation of an act of terrorism.

Greater Manchester Police said two women – one of whom is 19 – are in stable condition after being taken to local hospitals with stab wounds. The condition of a 50-year-old man who police say also was stabbed in the attack was not immediately clear.

“We do not know the motivation for this terrible attack,” Greater Manchester Police Assistant Chief Constable Russ Jackson told reporters. “It appears random, is certainly brutal and of course, extremely frightening for anyone who witnessed it.

“This is bound bring to back memories of the awful events of 2017,” he added, referring to a terror attack in which a suicide bomber killed 22 at an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester.

No one died, so that really isn’t news at all, is it? If the death count is below ten, it really isn’t news. Unless of course one or more of the victims is Jewish.

Saudis Fire Missiles at Iranian Oil Boat

Escalation, etc.

Fox News:

An Iranian oil tanker cruising 60 miles off the coast of Saudi Arabia was rocked by a pair of missiles Friday, briefly causing an oil leak and more broadly threatening to further inflame fraught regional tensions between the two heavyweight Muslim nations.

Iranian state television reported the explosions damaged two storerooms aboard the oil tanker – which is owned by the National Iranian Oil Company – and caused an oil leak into the Red Sea near the Saudi port city of Jeddah. The leak was later plugged, IRNA reported.

“This latest incident, if confirmed to be an act of aggression, is highly likely to be part of the wider narrative of deteriorating relations between Saudi and the U.S. and Iran,” according to an assessment provided to the Associated Press by private maritime security firm Dryad Maritime. “It is likely that the region, having been stable for the last month, will face another period of increasing maritime threats, as the Iranian and Saudi geopolitical stand-off continues.”

The stricken vessel, identified by IRNA as the Sibiti, was carrying about 1 million barrels of crude oil when it was struck, an analysis from data firm Refinitiv showed.

The news agency did not say whom Iranian officials suspect may be responsible for launching the missiles.

I think it’s safe to assume that they assume it was the Saudis. And I’d say it’s safe to assume that everyone else assumes that also.

But we should remember: Saudi has a right to defend itself, given that the Iranians are sending an army of starving Yemeni children to rush their border.

Mike Pompeo, the morbidly obese US Secretary of State, has described these starving Yemeni children as “dangerous creatures straight out of Gremlins 2: The New Batch.”

Those of you who may be unfamiliar with the reference should be advised to watch that film’s classic trailer.

Starving Yemeni children certainly look like Gremlins, and if they also behave the same way then, well, I suppose we can’t blame Saudi Arabia for starting a war with Iran over this starving child incursion.

Turkey Genociding Someone or Whatever

Our final piece of Islamo-news is by far the least important, though possibly the most hilarious. The Turks are genociding the Kurds, according to the Jews.

They probably aren’t actually committing a genocide, even though they should.

But they are completely crushing the sickening Kurdish menace so as it will not be able to continue to create troubles in the name of the Jews.

Fox News:

Turkish forces captured a key Syrian border town after heavy bombardment and fierce fighting Saturday on the fourth day of an offensive that has drawn international condemnation.

Turkey’s Defense Ministry and a war-monitoring group said Turkish troops took Ras al-Ayn, marking a significant gain since the offensive began Wednesday, according to reports.

“Ras al-Ayn’s residential center has been taken under control through the successful operations in the east of Euphrates (River),” the ministry said on Twitter, according to the Associated Press.

Turkey’s push into Syria comes days after President Trump cleared the way for Turkey’s air and ground offensive, pulling back U.S. forces from the area and saying he wanted to stop getting involved with “endless wars.” Trump’s decision drew swift bipartisan criticism.

On Saturday, Turkey denied targeting U.S. forces after the Pentagon said troops further west had come under fire, the BBC reported.

The Pentagon said Friday U.S. troops came under Turkish artillery fire near the Syrian border town of Kobani.

Turkey said it took all precautions to prevent any harm to the U.S. base while it was responding to Kurdish fire from a nearby area, Reuters reported.

The Kurds are the most cowardly race, and can only fight when it comes to slaughtering civilians through terrorism or when they are hiding behind the American Air Force. They surrendered immediately after declaring independence in Iraq and they will surrender immediately to the Turks in Syria.

I think they should be peacefully genocided, i.e. through widescale rape of their women by Turkish/Iraqi/Syrian/whoever soldiers. Because this is a group that is not going to stop causing problems until they stop existing.

The Kurds are literally a combination of Islam, communism and feminism, and they just go to war with everyone they come in contact with.

But this group that is universally hated in the entire Middle East is for some reason supported by both Jewish Antifa and Jewish neocons.

You’ll have to figure that one out.