Study: The Youth Hate Democracy and are Ready to Revolt

Daily Stormer
May 1, 2017

The numbers are in – the people prefer Warlordism.

If you’re a millennial, then for your whole life your experience with “politics” has gone basically like this:

“Goyim, would you like us to violently kick you in the balls or the face?”

“What? Neither! I’ll take a third option!”

(Gets kicked in the face)

“Sorry goyim, you wasted your vote on a third party candidate. Try again.”

“Ugh. What are the choice again?”

“This time, you can either get kicked in the balls or you can receive five dollars.”

“Oh, this is better. I choose the five dollars!”

(Gets kicked in the face)

“Sorry goyim, the second option was obviously a lie. You should have informed yourself better before choosing.”

“This is horrible! Stop it! Give me some better options!”

“You’re just young. Look at your parents, they’ve gotten used to it. Many of them have even started to enjoy getting kicked. That’s the price to pay for freedom.”

Keep kicking. See where that gets you.

Is it any wonder that they’re not interested in continuing to play this little game?


Young Europeans are sick of the status quo in Europe. And they’re ready to take to the streets to bring about change, according to a recent survey.

Around 580,000 respondents in 35 countries were asked the question: Would you actively participate in large-scale uprising against the generation in power if it happened in the next days or months? More than half of 18- to 34-year-olds said yes.

The question was part of a European Union-sponsored survey, titled “Generation What?” The report went on to focus on respondents from 13 countries to better understand what young people are optimistic and frustrated about in Europe. Among these spotlighted countries, young people in Greece were particularly interested in joining a large-scale uprising against their government, with 67% answering yes to the question. Respondents in Greece were also more likely to believe politicians were corrupt and to have negative perceptions of the country’s financial sector.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, respondents from France, a country in the midst of a tense election, with a long history of riots, protests, and revolutions, were also up for joining a large-scale uprising—61% answered yes. Just yesterday, teenagers in France held rallies in Rennes and other cities to protest against both presidential candidates. Some protestors blockaded schools, while others marched towards the city center with placards that read “Expel Marine Le Pen, not immigrants” and “We don’t want Macron or Le Pen.” The report notes that respondents from France complained of a number of negative developments—too much corruption, too many taxes, too many rich people—compared to the rest in the EU.

Le Pen would have had way more political success by just inciting mass riots than by playing her gay little “out-moderate the moderates” strategy. The people are desperately hungry for real change, not for wishy washy nonsense.

It isn’t White people who are obsessed with getting people involved in electoral politics. It’s the Jews. They know that as people become completely disillusioned with their little scam, more effective means of resistance are going to start popping up.

Don’t you believe in Democracy, you filthy goyim? Vote!