Study Shows Vegan Cult Exploding in America, Now Has 10 Million Victims

Daily Stormer
April 9, 2020

Apparently, a lot of people find this convincing

I want to say I feel bad for how sick most of these people will be in a few years, but that would be lie.

You get what you hecking deserve, and I hecking deserve to laugh at idiots destroying themselves.

Vegan News Now:

A new study has revealed that the number of Americans following plant-based diets is up nearly 9.6 million over the last 15 years. This is a 300% increase and nearly 3 percent of the population in the United States.

Ipsos Retail Performance who conducted the study has revealed the sheer scope and magnitude at which a plant-based vegan diet has spread across the country.

Using a 15 year period to research within the study showed that those following plant-based diets increased from just 290,000 people 15 years ago to more than 9.7 million people today.

I’m gonna guess that Game Changers thing helped quite a lot.

That was a pretty decent piece of propaganda.

Patrik Baboumian, one of the athletes in this – who hasn’t competed professionally in years for some reason, starting around the same time he switched to veganism, presumably due to all of the drugs he had to take to maintain fitness while vegan – asks in the ending of the trailer “Have you ever seen an ox eat meat?”

For some reason, no one ever asked him “Have you ever seen a human with four stomachs?”

The data which stretches between 2004-2019 is illustrated on their interactive map and timeline which the findings show:

The most consistently ‘vegan’ state is Oregon, achieving the highest search value for 12 years out of 15. This is followed by Vermont, Washington, and California.

The state which is most reluctant to seek out vegan trends (and therefore the biggest meat-eaters) is Mississippi, followed by South Dakota, Alabama and North Dakota.

Political leanings correlate with how vegan each state is, with the top 10 biggest vegan states all largely Democrat voters, and the 10 lowest vegan states all largely Republican.

The states seeing the biggest change in attitudes include Nevada (38 point increase in vegan searches) and New Hampshire (31 point decrease in vegan searches).

Throughout the period covered in the research, the North Eastern and West Coast states showed the earliest interest in veganism.

The soyboy meme is real.

Painfully real…

Commenting on the map, Kelly Fairchild, a global business development manager from Ipsos Retail Performance said:

“Plant-based diets are fast becoming mainstream, but the change hasn’t been a steady one. Recent years have seen rapid adoption of vegan diets and more meat-free products making their way onto shelves. As the dialog around veganism shifts from one of animal welfare, to wider concerns around climate change and personal health, we are seeing more and more people adopt this once minority dietary preference.”

Veganism, for those of you who don’t know, not only makes cows and chicken worship you, but is also the best for your health while at the same time saving the planet, among million of other supposed benefits.

Well, I have bad news for any of you considering veganism…


Throughout the entire existence of the human species, no group of people has ever eaten no animal products.

It literally never happened; not even one recorded case exists.

Everything else – eating only meat, eating no meat but with eggs and dairy, eating only fish, eating low in carbohydrates, eating other people – has successfully been done by multiple populations of humans across history for extended periods of time.

All except a plant-based diet.

Because if you’re not a herbivore, you need to eat some animal products.

Most nutrients exist in different forms in plants and animals, and the latter are the only ones that are properly absorbed by creatures that aren’t explicit herbivores, so it’s not just B12 that you can’t get from plants, but many other vitamins and minerals as well, because humans aren’t herbivores, and as such lack the specific digestive apparatus to absorb them efficiently from plants.

The only reasons anybody can be a vegan today for more than a year without ending up dead or crippled is because

  1. There is an unnatural availability of food that can never exist naturally
  2. Pharmaceutical supplements and, most importantly
  3. Living sedentary lives where you don’t have to hunt mammoths or work the field for up to 16 hours a day or more

That’s why it takes longer to get sick.

But it still happens, and it can’t not happen.

You can’t eat like a rabbit and expect to be a healthy human being.

And if you’re really too stupid to understand these things and still want to go vegan, then at least go fruitarian, which is the same as regular veganism but on 2X speed, so we get rid of you faster.

For those of you interested – this guy offers fruitarian diet planning consultations for $150 a month