Study: People Don’t Like Transgender Political Candidates

What’s not to like?

This is why we can’t have a democracy. The peasants just don’t know what’s best for them.

How dare they not like the idea of electing transgender and drag queen leaders?

Study Finds:

While transgender rights are firmly slotted in the forefront of the current political debate, actual transgender politicians have found themselves largely operating under-the-radar.

Yet a new study, published in the journal Politics, Groups, and Identities, suggests that transgender political candidates face enormous obstacles to success, with the general public more likely to discriminate against such individuals.

Researchers at the University of Kansas recently released findings signalling that anywhere between 35% and 40% of adults would be against a transgender individual simply running for office. This figure is significantly higher than the percentage who would oppose a candidate running on the grounds of being gay or lesbian, which stands at 30%.

Transgender candidates are likely to face more opposition than lesbian, gay or bisexual candidates, and the margins could potentially mean the difference between victory and defeat,” warns Don Haider-Markel, the study’s lead author, in a university release.

The researchers claim that their study is the first to directly examine the public perception of transgender political candidates. Their conclusions were based on results from a 2015 survey on the matter.

Generally, those who are Democrats, less religious, more affluent, and more educated are more likely to support a transgender candidate. In addition, females are more likely to be supportive of a transgender politician than males.

Of course people who are less religious, and thus farther away from Jesus Christ, would be more welcoming of transgender demons. “More educated” here means more indoctrinated, because in order to acquire “official” certifications through college and such, people are heavily exposed to ridiculous ideologies that go directly against reality and against Truth.

The underlying message of “less educated people are less likely to vote for transgender political candidates” is that the more exposed people are to the messages of the system, the more likely they are to choose what the system promotes.

But while all kinds of homosexuals are promoted by the system, transgender individuals physically and grotesquely manifest their mental illness.

Lesbian, gay, or bisexual people, on the other hand, usually look more or less normal.

If people don’t like transgender political candidates, then what’s the problem?

The implicit message here is that people should have no preferences, and be just as likely to vote for a transgender as they are to vote for anyone else — because if they’re not, then we’d be a society of bigots, and being a society of bigots would be worse than being a society of brainwashed slaves.