Study of Global Mass Transit Systems Finds 10,928 Viruses Previously Unknown to Science

There are a lot of problems with the theories about viruses.

But viruses are being made the center of our social order.

“Scientists” are now coming out and saying that everything is lined with viruses and that this is some kind of threat.


Researchers who swabbed urban mass-transit systems in 60 cities have published data showing that each metropolis has a unique microbial fingerprint, allowing scientists to predict with 88% confidence where each sample comes from.

In a study published on Wednesday in the journal Cell, researchers from around the world presented a global atlas of 4,728 metagenomic samples from mass-transit systems in 60 cities.

The study contains data gathered by more than 900 scientists and volunteers on six continents, from London to Sydney and Santiago to Tokyo.

According to the research, cities have “distinct microbial taxonomic signatures” and that profiles of antimicrobial resistance (AMR) varied greatly in type and density. The study suggests that the microbial fingerprints of each city “were driven by climate and geographic differences.”

Having collected samples from mass-transit systems – including subways and buses – researchers in the lab found that 10,928 viruses and 1,302 bacteria sequenced were unknown to science. The source and function of many of the microbes found remains a mystery, revealing how much more learning and cataloguing of urban ecosystems is required.

Here’s the thing: they’ve claimed for some time now that viruses are everywhere and that we have thousands of different viruses in our bodies at any given time.

Meanwhile, we have the coronavirus, which is a supposedly new virus that is supposedly killing people. However, there is no evidence of new deaths. Therefore, it makes logical sense that what they have identified as “the coronavirus” was simply a virus that already existed everywhere and was going in and out of people’s bodies and all they did was develop a test for it.

The PCR test amplifies the particles of the virus, and therefore a huge percentage of people tested have some trace of it.

Then everyone who tests positive for the virus and dies for any reason is listed as a coronavirus death.

That makes a lot more sense than the current Democrat and Republican position: that the coronavirus is a deadly lab-made virus released by the Chinese that doesn’t manage to actually kill any people who weren’t already going to die of something else.

Just the fact that they would come out and tell you, “hey, we just found 10,928 viruses we never knew existed” demonstrates that this claim that “science” understands every aspect of reality is just a total lie.

Here’s what we know: Something causes infectious disease. Infectious disease is contagious. There are particles you can see in electron microscopes and on PCR tests.

Beyond that, anyone who tells you they understand the cause of disease is a Bill Gates shill.

The solution to infectious disease is very simple: healthy living.

Eat right, don’t be fat.

Also: no one lives forever, and once someone gets to be in their 70s, 80s or 90s, they are headed toward death. We have to let old people, fat people, and homosexuals die.

There is no need for a global war on germs.