Study: Normal People Accurately See Lardbeasts as Subhuman

Daily Stormer
April 10, 2019

Oh noes! Without scales, how are we gonna tell who’s fat and who’s not???

Why are these people surprised by this?

How can anyone look at someone who’s literally eating himself into an early, over-sized grave and consider that creature a normal human being?

Daily Mail:

Slender people consider people with obesity ‘less evolved’ and ‘less human’ than others, a new survey suggests.

Public health officials believe that discrimination against people who are overweight is partly for blame for our dismal progress against the obesity epidemic.

That’s retarded.

Not “discriminating” these disgusting freaks is how we got here in the first place, and countries that do the opposite don’t have this type of problem.

Japan has one of the lowest obesity rates in the world, because their society doesn’t give a shit about your feelings.

Despite the fact that one in three Americans and one in four Brits are now obese – a condition we now know is partially genetically driven – these people are still pervasively blamed for their own condition.

That’s a lie, and a stupid one at that.

There are people who have certain medical conditions that make it easier to gain weight and harder to lose weight, but they’re a very small percentage of the total population, 2-3% at the most, and even having those doesn’t mean you have to become obese, it just makes it harder to be normal, but not impossible.

There’s no gene that makes blubber magically appear in your body out of thin air.

So many people being so fat is a very recent phenomenon, so if it really were all about genetics, it would’ve happened before.

And, according to the authors of the new study, from the University of Liverpool, this stigma has been shown in prior studies to actually stand in the way of people with obesity’s efforts to make healthy lifestyle changes.

No… It’s the exact opposite.

The more negative consequences something has, the less likely people are to do it.

Why is this so complicated?

There’s no denying that obesity is a health epidemic.

Obesity rates have tripled worldwide since 1975, according to the World Health Organization.

And it’s become clear that obesity not only raises risks for but causes some cancers, heart disease and type two diabetes.

Someone give the author a Nobel prize for Medicine ASAP.

For those who are overweight or obese, conflict and judgement only serve to facilitate unhealthy habits like over-eating, rather than encouraging people to stick to healthy diets and exercise.

But stigma remains one of the most considerable barriers to better health outcomes for overweight and obese people.

In particular, the view of others as less ‘human’ or less ‘evolved’ has been shown to fuel conflict through support of divisive policies in the setting of race-relations.

So much idiocy concentrated in just 3 phrases…

The University of Liverpool study authors tested both how slimmer people view their overweight peers and the likelihood that these people might support policies that are detrimental to overweight and obese people.

In surveys distributed to 1,500 people divided across the US, UK and India, they asked participants to rate how evolved various groups of people were on a scale of one to 100.

Respondents also gave their weight and height (to calculate BMI).

In some treatments, participants were given the option to donate either to a charity that would benefit people in general or one that would fight animal cruelty.

In other treatments, they were given the choice of the same animal charity or one that would benefit obese people.

Overall, people were more likely to rate obese people as less evolved than others.

And the lower someone’s BMI, the more likely they were to give the obese group lower evolution and ‘human-ness’ scores.

I’m shocked that people are disgusted by disgusting things.

And what the hell is “human-ness” supposed to be, and how do you measure it?

The extent to which someone was evolved was measured using a slider under a rather crude series of five silhouettes ranging from that of a chimp walking with its knuckles to that of an upright, relatively modern-looking human man.

Okay, that sounds kinda dumb… Then again, this is actually not that bad considering how bad most Western universities are these days.

Across all of the study treatments, obese people – whether American, Indian, British or Arab – were rated as ‘significantly’ less evolved and human (at least statically speaking).

In one of the study treatments, people were asked if they would rather $0.50 was given to a charity supporting American people to a charity against animal cruelty.

About 40 percent of participants chose for $0.50 to be allocated to a charity benefiting Americans, while the rest – 60 percent – said they would rather donate to an animal charity.

But when the human charity was specifically for ‘obese Americans,’ support for humans dropped dramatically – just 16 percent picked it over the animal option.

Obese people don’t need money, they just need to eat less food or healthier food or both.

People in India rated the humanness of obese people most harshly, but Britons and Americans also rated their overweight compatriots lower.


‘This is some of the first evidence that people with obesity are blatantly dehumanized,’ said study co-author Dr Eric Robinson, a behavioral psychologist at the University of Liverpool.

‘This tendency to consider people with obesity as ‘less human’ reveals the level of obesity stigma.’

The concept of “dehumanization” is some made-up Jewspeak intended to weaken White societies against enemies and degenerates.

But the new study underscores just how deeply and glaringly society on the whole dehumanizes overweight and obese people.

‘Obesity is a complex problem driven by poverty and with significant genetic, psychological and environmental components,’ Dr Robinson said.

LOL at the poverty thing.

The single best thing to do to lose weight is fasting regularly…


…and what’s cheaper than not eating?

‘Blatant or subtle dehumanization of any group is morally wrong and in the context of obesity, what we also know is that the stigma surrounding obesity is actually a barrier to making long-term healthy lifestyle change.’

Yes, it’s the healthy goyim’s fault, not the degenerates’…

Look, being fit doesn’t mean looking like Brad Pitt in Fight Club.

Having a couple of kilograms more than you should isn’t really that big of a deal unless you’re a professional athlete or something.

But there is absolutely no excuse for being obese, and it’s really easy to stop being obese.

Don’t eat crap, lift weights 3-4 times a week and fast regularly, and you’ll be fine.

Remember – you can always judge a book by its cover, because the whole point of the cover is to tell you what’s inside the fucking book.

Never turn into this