Study Finds Scottish Whites Being Wiped Out

Steve Goode
White Genocide Project
June 3, 2014

A future mosque
A future mosque

Researchers from the Center on the Dynamics of Ethnicity, have looked at the 2011 census data for 850,000 people living in Scotland.

Their findings revealed that 1 out of 6 Scottish households are “multi-ethnic”, which does include White ethnic groups. However excluding other White groups, about 1 out of 12 Scottish households are multi-racial.

Researchers say that non-White groups such as Africans, Chinese, Pakistanis, and Indians have seen “considerable increases” in number.

Some non-White groups, such as Africans, Indians, and Caribbeans had increased “significantly faster” in Scotland than in England, but from a much lower percentage of the population.

Dr Andrew Smith, a lecturer in sociology at the University of Glasgow, said their research reveals “a picture of growing diversity within Scotland, and of diversity spread across different areas of the country.

Ethnicity is not a matter of colour, but might be used to describe different aspects of our background and sense of who we are…

What the analysis also reveals is that Scotland’s growing diversity is not producing ‘polarised islands of different groups’ but a ‘mosaic of differently mixed areas.

Anti-Whites will not be satisfied until every White country, state, city, and neighborhood is sufficiently “diverse” enough. By that they mean, until White people are enough of a minority that we no longer have control over our own homes.

Open borders have allowed millions of non-White immigrants to pour into our countries, which is gradually turning us into a minority everywhere.

The reason behind this “diversity” agenda is to ensure that no area is left White. Anti-Whites will regularly scream “too White”, but they turn a blind eye to 99% Black, or Asian areas, because that is what they mean when they say “diversity” — when they say “diversity” they mean everybody except White people.

White people are becoming a minority; even anti-Whites agree this is happening, but we are not allowed to remove these anti-White policies that are in place, because that would be “bad”. This means that these policies are intentionally in place to turn us into a minority.

Turning a group into a minority is a form of genocide. So these policies of open borders, mass non-White immigration, and forced “diversity” for White areas, are in fact, genocidal policies.

Diversity” is now nothing more than a codeword for White Genocide.