Study: Fast Food Causes a Drop in Testosterone Almost Immediately

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
October 12, 2019

Eating fast food makes men less manly for a while.

Daily Mail:

Overweight men who eat fast food experience an immediate drop in their testosterone levels impacting their ability to conceive, a new study has found.

The research found that eating a high-fat fast food meal, produced a 25 per cent drop in testosterone in the blood of overweight men within an hour of eating.

The study, jointly conducted by Flinders University and UniSA, also found levels stayed reduced for up to four hours.

No link between fast food and testosterone levels  was found in lean men.

So lean men can eat fast food from time to time? Talk about thin privilege.

No wonder fat monsters hate human-shaped people.

Researchers said the discovery should ring alarm bells for overweight men who are thinking of becoming dads, with existing research already linking obesity to reduced fertility.

‘Injecting fat into people had no effect on testosterone, so it is not the fat itself, it is the passage of fat through the gut that’s doing it,’  Flinders University’s Strategic Professor of Reproductive Medicine Professor Kelton Tremellen told The Advertiser.

‘If people are eating high fat fast food meals every few hours they are going to have continually suppressed testosterone levels and poor sperm quality,’ Professor Tremellen said.

‘But this suggests it is not just about losing weight – it is more about what you are eating that is the issue.’

Overweight men have poorer sperm quality, so if they manage to reproduce, they make more untermensch that will inherit their parents’ eating habits. This creates an even lower base of gene-quality and eating patterns that will then lead to even lower-quality and fatter offspring until everyone is so fat that they stop being able to move on their own and the cycle of reproducing degeneracy finally ends.

This is why we have to force all overweight people into starvation camps.

If we don’t stop the cycle, only death will.

They don’t have the willpower, they are depressed, they get anxious about their weight and they eat more because they’re anxious and then they get fatter and get more anxious about their weight and it just never ends!

The only way to save whatever humanity is left buried deep within their monstrous figure is to remove their freedom of choice and force them into the right path.