Study: Doctors Botch Negro Medical procedures Because of Racism

Daily Stormer
June 12, 2017

Ain’t no doctor who wanna deal with this shit.

Not so long ago, all Negroes lived in complete savagery. If they were lucky enough to avoid getting eaten by tigers, they could be privileged to either get devoured by other Negroes, die from malaria or maybe get their spleen removed as an ingredient in some voodoo ritual.

In fact, most Blacks still live like that.

But there’s a small minority of Blacks, living in White societies, who have it even worse. They’re constantly the victim of White racism and discrimination, and have to live their lives in fear and submission.

Can you imagine the depth of their sufferings?


A pioneering study published recently in the Journal of the American Academy of Neurology has found that black and Latino patients suffering from neurological ailments like stroke, Parkinson’s disease and Alzheimer’s dementia are likely to receive significantly different and less adequate care than white patients.

This discrepancy in treatment, which impacts diagnosis, specialist care, treatment and recovery, the research team discovered, exists even when the patients of different races or ethnicity have similar incomes, insurance coverage and levels of education.

Typical White medical doctor.

Can you blame doctors for giving shoddy service to Beaners and Negroes?

I mean, these people have limited resources.

Why waste time caring for people who are just going to smoke crack as soon as they return home? That makes no sense.

The findings of the study replicate similar findings involving the provision of medical care to victims of heart disease, breast cancer and diabetes. For example, in 2014 a report by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation found that the medical treatment provided to African-Americans, Latinos and other minorities was deficient compared to whites, even for patients with similar incomes and insurance coverage for heart disease, stroke, breast cancer and diabetes.

Part of the problem, she explained, is informational. “There needs to be more knowledge about neurological diseases in minority communities,” she said in an interview, citing cancer screenings as an example where increased community outreach and education efforts have been notably successful at narrowing the gap in treatment between white and minority patients.

“More information.”

These Blacks can’t even figure out that having sex with blister-covered thots will give them herpes.

A significant part of the Negro population isn’t even aware that they have Herpes. And you think you’re going to get them to understand things like Alzheimer’s disease?

How could you even tell if a Negro has Alzheimer’s disease?

I certainly couldn’t.

It’s time to stop pretending like Black lives matter. Life certainly doesn’t matter to them. Spending hundreds of thousands trying to save the lives of gangbangers, “aspiring rap artists,” 300lb Shanequa’s and crack whores is not a legitimate allocation of our society’s resources.

And if these uppity, ungrateful Negroes aren’t happy with the “quality of service,” maybe they can go back to Africa and see what kind of health care they get over there.