Study: Desegregation is Making Our Kids Sick

Daily Stormer
May 5, 2017

These commie bastards are making our kids sick with all their anti-racism.

We all know that anti-segregationists – Jews, antifa and communists – are vile, hateful people. But did you also know that their sick agenda is also making our kids more vulnerable to disease?

Thankfully, the ever-watchful eye of cold, hard science is on the lookout for these sorts of things.

USA Today:

Racism damages our children’s health, a recent study found, negatively affecting the wellness of wealthy white kids and poor minorities the most.

One thing about scientists, though, is that they really suck at writing conclusions for their reports. You better just ignore those and focus on the data.

“If we just look at the data…”

The study, which will be presented this weekend by lead author Dr. Ashaunta Anderson, found kids who endured racism had lower levels of general health, including higher rates of anxiety, depression and ADHD.

The study isn’t the first to explore racism’s link to physical health. Past studies have tied racism to weight gain, aging and even asthma. But Anderson, an assistant professor of pediatrics at the University of California-Riverside, said her study gets closer to proving racism may actually cause negative health outcomes because it adjusts for other factors.

Researchers said the link between racism and health is significant. However, they can’t be 100% sure racism is the cause unless more thorough experimenting is done.

The study used parental survey data of about 100,000 children in a 2011-12 national study. Parents or guardians were asked about children’s health as well as whether they’ve been “judged or treated unfairly” because of their race or ethnicity.

Parents, Anderson explained, were 5% less likely to report a child in excellent health if they had experienced racism. Exposure to racism, the study found, also raised the likelihood of ADHD by about 3%. The study also found racial discrimination doubled the odds of a child having anxiety or depression.

Here’s the thing. Racism only exists in desegregated schools.

This classroom is guaranteed to be 100% free of racism.

So based purely on the data, it’s clear that it’s multi-racial schools that are the ultimately responsible for this increased risk to our children.

Remember that – when you see some sort of commie scum agitating for desegregation, he’s really trying to make our kids sicker.


The Daily Stormer calls on the ADA to immediately endorse re-segregating American schools for the improved health of our children. Any failure to do so would amount to flagrant malpractice – a violation of the doctor’s most sacred oath to “do no harm.”

The ADA can, of course, request our technical assistance when they are ready to draft their press release to inform the public of this important and necessary change in our society.