Study: Coke and Sugary Drinks Increase Risk of Dying From Heart Disease by 31 Percent

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
March 20, 2019

The more research is done on modern “foods,” the clearer it is that people are being poisoned on an industrial scale.

The Sun:

Two cans of regular Coke increases the risk of early death from heart disease by a third.

Sugar-laden fizzy drinks also increase the risk of early death from any cause by a fifth – and are also fuelling a rise in cancer cases, Harvard experts said.

While swapping to Diet Coke – or diet versions in general – is better, drink more than four a day and you’re still at risk of dying young.

In fact, previous studies have shown that the six common artificial sweeteners – aspartame, sucralose, saccharin, neotame, advantame and acesulfame potassium-k – have all been found to be toxic to gut bacteria.

They’ve been associated with weight gain, slashing the chances of getting pregnant during IVFtripling the risk of a deadly stroke and dementia, and raising the risk of developing diabetes.

Infertility, deadly stroke, cancer, heart disease, dementia, diabetes… why would people do that to themselves? Why would parents do that to their children?

Both regular Coke and diet Coke are detrimental to people’s health. Slightly different effects.

“Pick your poison” is not a good strategy.

How about no poison? Just drink water.

Experts said the best option is to ditch fizzy drinks altogether and stick to water instead.

Yeah, it’s the best option. Still, see if you can get a reverse osmosis filter or something to remove some of the shit found in tap water.

In the new study, published in Circulation, looked at data from 80,647 women and 37,716 men who had answered questionnaires about lifestyle factors every two years.

They found that the more sugar-sweetened drinks a person drank, the more his or her risk of early death from any cause increased.

Drinking two a day increased that risk by 14 per cent, while those guzzling more than two a day had a 21 per cent increased risk of early death.

They also had a 31 per cent higher chance of dying young from heart disease.

Each additional drink consumed per day increased the risk by another 10 per cent.

Researchers also found a link between sugary drink consumption and an early death risk from cancer.

Previous studies have linked these beverages with weight gain, type 2 diabetes, heart disease and stroke, but few have looked at mortality.

Walter Willett, professor of epidemiology and nutrition, said: “These findings are consistent with the known adverse effects of high sugar intake on metabolic risk factors and the strong evidence that drinking sugar-sweetened beverages increases the risk of type 2 diabetes, itself a major risk factor for premature death.

Hey, it’s not that bad. Drinking bleach is worse.


The results also provide further support for policies to limit marketing of sugary beverages to children and adolescents and for implementing soda taxes because the current price of sugary beverages does not include the high costs of treating the consequences.”

Think of all those poor pharmaceutical workers that would lose their jobs if people stopped depending on insulin injections and stuff.

If Jews stopped poisoning the goyim, then Jews would stop filling their pockets, and if Jews stop filling their pockets then they’d have no money to pay the goyim and the economy would collapse.

It would be a catastrophe!

Americans may be diabetic and obese but at least they had the freedom to make the informed decision to become diabetic and obese.

British Soft Drinks Association Director-General Gavin Partington, said: “Soft drinks are safe to consume as part of a balanced diet.”

Nice try, British Soft Drinks Association.

Notice the vague language. “Safe to consume.”

Something detrimental could be said to be “safe to consume” in small amounts if people don’t immediately die and don’t immediately show signs of being about to die.

To better understand why sugary drinks are so poisonous, it’s useful to understand what sugar does to your body.

Sugar, insulin, diabetes

Insulin is supposed to take glucose from your bloodstream and put it into your cells. Under ideal circumstances, that works as intended just as any other process of your body. But there’s nothing ideal about modern eating habits.

Sugary drinks are concentrated sugar. They are processed “foods.” There’s nothing like that in nature. You’d have to juice (process) fruits in order to get something even remotely similar in chemical makeup.

The main problem with these sugary drinks in regards to diabetes is that they pack a lot of sugar without the whole-foods stuff such as fiber that would slow the release of insulin, so the sugars are absorbed too rapidly into the bloodstream and the pancreas is forced to pump insulin much faster than it would when eating healthy whole-foods. That high rate of insulin release places significant stress on the pancreas and over time, it can lead to type 2 diabetes, which is the type of diabetes where the body cannot use the insulin it produces.

High insulin leads to easier fat storage, and fat makes cells resistant to the effects of insulin.

It’s a kind of loop:

  • Sugary drink makes pancreas pump out a lot of insulin
  • Insulin facilitates fat storage
  • Fat makes cells insulin-resistant
  • Insulin-resistant cells don’t want to accept the glucose offered by insulin
  • Glucose is still in the bloodstream
  • The pancreas is then forced to pump out even more insulin because glucose is still in the bloodstream, which facilitates fat storage
  • Repeat until average American

The more insulin-resistant a body becomes, the closer it gets to type 2 diabetes.

The glucose assault on the bloodstream caused by these sugary drinks also raises triglycerides. High triglycerides may contribute to the development of heart disease and if high enough, they can even cause pancreatitis. They’re also a sign of other problems such as hypothyroidism.

Note that although sugar is a carbohydrate, the loop of death doesn’t happen with every carbohydrate. Don’t be afraid of potatoes. Whole-foods have fiber and more complex kinds of sugars, such as starches, that digest slower and require a lower and steadier rate of insulin release, which saves you from the loop of death.

Also note that people don’t need to become seriously overweight or obese in order to develop diabetes. Belly fat is one of the main risk factors of insulin resistance, so skinny-fat people (who likely have some degree of insulin resistance) could also become diabetics.

Skinny fat. Think of a chicken-legged pear.

Everything gets exponentially darker when you look at modern edibles. Most are basically high-fat/high-sugar mixes designed to hyper-stimulate your palate and rewire your brain’s reward center to turn you into an addict.

The high-sugar content in those “foods” triggers the insulin loop of death I previously described, and the high-fat content accelerates it by providing a ready-to-use load of fat for your body to store.

It’s almost as if these processed comestibles were specifically designed to destroy people’s health.


What you should be taking away from this isn’t that carbs are bad or that fat is bad. You need both, but in their normal, natural form.

Eating a fruit doesn’t have the same effect that a sugary drink has, because the sugars in it come in a package that includes fiber and other stuff that slows down their digestion.

Tubers and other starchy vegetables don’t have the same effect sugary drinks have either.

Having some carrots with your steak won’t suddenly flood your bloodstream with unmanageable glucose.

If you eat real foods, you’ll be alright.