Study: Boomers are the Most Selfish Generation in History

Adrian Sol
Daily Stormer
January 19, 2017

Everything a boomer does is for his own pleasure. The next generation can go to hell for all they care.

The baby boomers were handed everything on a silver platter, inheriting the most productive and prosperous civilization in known history. But instead of taking this and working to build something even greater for the next generation, they decided to just burn everything down for cheap thrills.

Of course, this was done under the perfidious influence of the Jews.

But the point remains, that the boomer generation is the first to truly abandon all responsibility for the future of civilization. And while you may think this is limited to the political realm, a new study confirms that this carefree attitude extends to their own offspring, for whom they see no reason to sacrifice the “good things in life.”

Daily Mail:

The majority of over-50s would rather spend their money now than give it to their kids, research by life insurer SunLife has found.

Fifty six per cent of those babyboomers surveyed said that they wanted to keep hold of their hard-earned cash instead of passing it on to someone else, and 62 per cent said that the money was ‘there to be spent’.

All of these people got fat inheritances from their parents, which they probably spent paying their credit card bills or some stupid shit.

This is despite one in 20 people saying they are relying on their parent’s cash, with one in ten complaining that their parents are having too much fun with their ‘inheritance’.

‘While a third of people in their 60s and 70s say they try and save their money to pass on as an inheritance, far more would rather enjoy it now,’ said Ian Atkinson, marketing director at SunLife.

‘In fact, our research shows that more than half say they want to have fun with their money now and don’t want it to be for other people.

Yet “other people” are going to have to pay back their debts.

He added: ‘We have all heard the term SKI – Spending Kids Inheritance – to describe this generation of older people who are happily enjoying the finer things in life while younger generations are supposedly watching on bitterly as they struggle to make ends meet.

‘This attitude is clearly a sticking point for some, with one in 10 complaining that their parents are having too much fun with their inheritance.

‘However, most are happy to see their parents having fun with their cash – after all, this often involves them anyway, with a third of over 50s saying they spend much of their money on their kids and grandkids.

By “spending it on their kids and grandkids,” they really mean buying useless crap and other luxuries to feel good. They certainly don’t mean that they’re investing in the future, a concept they don’t believe in or even understand. Traditionally, a family would have an “estate,” including land, resources, businesses, and so on. Each generation would have the responsibility of growing this estate in order to hand it over to the next generation within the family. This concept died with the boomer generation.

Civilization is based on the concept of increasing the suffering in the present in order to lessen the suffering in the future. Put another way, the idea of making sacrifices so that future generations would have greater resources and power.

As soon as this idea dies, civilization dies with it – and with that death comes chaos and evil. This is what we’re seeing now – the decay of Western civilization at the hands of this generation of people trained by the Jews into caring only about what feels good NOW.