Study: Americans Finally Fed-Up With Faggots

Adrian Sol
Daily Stormer
January 26, 2017

You better count yourselves lucky Mike Pence is only vice-president.

While normal people have always abhorred the deranged perverts who call themselves “LGBT,” the suffocating atmosphere of political correctness made most of them pretend to be “accepting” in order to fit in with society.

Well, PC-culture has been disintegrating at breakneck speed since the Trump campaign was launched. And with that, the pressure to pretend like homosexualists aren’t disgusting reprobates is also disappearing.

As a side note, it’s pretty obvious in retrospect why homos and trannies started calling themselves dry acronyms like “LGBTQ” instead of coming up with new cute names like “gays” or “homosexuals.” Every time they’d switch it up, the new name would just become a common insult (“that’s pretty gay” or “don’t be a homo, bro”). But they probably figured that kids won’t be calling themselves “LGBT” on school playgrounds or while playing vidya. So their dumb acronym is actually a result of a relentless and very successful bullying campaign by normal people.

This shows, once again, that bullying works.

Yahoo News:

A new study released by GLAAD on Thursday found a “significant decline in overall comfort and acceptance of LGBTQ people.” This marks the first time in this particular study’s four-year history that the numbers have declined.

Jews pretend like the goyim have kicked them out of their countries over a hundred times through no fault of their own. Homos are exactly the same.

“The only reason people hate us is because they’re irrational bigots!”

The survey, conducted by Harris Insights and Analytics, is an online poll that measures the American public’s views on lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer (LGBTQ) people and issues. Through a series of questions, non-LGBTQ people are asked to rate their comfort level in various situations involving LGBTQ people — from LGBTQ weddings to school curriculum that includes LGBTQ history.

In every single situation, comfort level declined from last year. Three areas where discomfort showed a “significant increase” were “learning a family member is LGBTQ,” “learning my child’s teacher is LGBTQ,” and “learning my doctor is LGBTQ.” The backward step included a reduced number of “allies” (non-LGBTQ respondents who were either “very” or “somewhat” comfortable in all situations) and increased number of “detached supporters” (non-LGBTQ respondents whose comfort level varied).

The results are emblematic of a tumultuous — and often discouraging — year for LGBTQ rights and marginalized communities as a whole. It’s an issue that permeated the news since the election of President Trump, who — after supporting the LGBTQ community on the campaign trail — has taken active measures to limit their civil rights.

Limiting your civil rights is only the first step, faggots. You’re not gonna like what comes next.

Someone close to the president has a whole program figured out to deal with your “problem.”

The homo issue isn’t as crucial to our civilization as feminism, but it acts as a reliable indicator of how healthy the normie population is at any particular time. Normal men only pretend to “accept” gays after being bullied into it. Seeing a large-scale change of heart on the issue means that men are throwing off the yoke of Jewish control and reaffirming their own will.

It means the Jewish and feminist power structure is weakening significantly.

The hardest part was shifting the momentum. This is already accomplished. Now we just need to push harder and harder, to accelerate this process.

In truth, while it took many decades for the Jews to cram this degeneracy down our throats, we’ll be able to shift things back in the opposite direction much faster. This is because we’re simply allowing people’s natural urges and values to reassert themselves, while the Jews had to brainwash people into going against their own instincts and interests.

Things are going to start moving fast. I have a feeling 2019 will be a very different place from where we are now.