Study: 32% of Nordic Resistance Movement Recruits Have No “Neo-Nazi” Background

Eric Striker
Daily Stormer
December 11, 2016

A new study released by the Swedish equivalent of the Semitic Pathologically Lying Criminals (SPLC), “Expo,” has found that more than 1/3rd of Nordic Resistance Movement members have no prior political experience on the nationalist right, which means that their message is resonating among every day Swedes.

The discourse of the Nordic Resistance Movement is fairly sophisticated, as is their informational material and public outreach. If you watch their videos, they basically go to places where ordinary people congregate and simply talk to them. They know violent Marxist paramilitary groups and police brutality will work together to create risks, but they accept this because it’s that important.

Creating echo chambers and jerk-off clubs is popular in American nationalist groups, and that’s the problem. Swedes are collectivist by nature, while American culture is individualistic, which leads to the wrong mentality informing an organically collective ideology. Kooky religious cults, fraternities, ego battles and other clown business or hobbyism have traditionally held back American attempts at what NMR and Golden Dawn are doing. Urban tribes accomplish nothing, the political struggle must be the means and the ends.

In today’s world, we must become the paradigm of politicized normalcy, for the normal people are considered abnormal in the world Zionist dictatorship.  That is the essence of true Nationalsocialism.


A new study conducted by anti-racism group Expo revealed that 32 percent of activists in the Nordic Resistance Movement (NMR) had no previously known links to neo-Nazi activity.

“That means that this environment has taken in new individuals. A third of those who were active in 2015 are new recruits,” Expo representative Jonathan Leman told Swedish radio.

The NMR has long been operating as the most radical and closed white supremacist organization in Sweden. But in recent years, its strategy has changed abruptly, according to Expo. While the radical inclination and fanaticism remain the same, the group’s leadership has been trying reach out to a wider audience, recruit more activists, and influence their ideas by showing more support for members. They are planning to complement street activism by setting up a political party to represent the movement in the government. Jonathan Leman said he believes this development can partly explains the group’s growing ranks.

Expo also warned that the group consists mainly of criminals and violent individuals. That became apparent when the watchdog studied the background of the 159 most active members of the group. It says that 26 percent of them were charged with violence or weapon offenses last year, while more than half (56 percent) have been convicted of some form of criminal offense at some point in their lives. In 25 percent of these cases, the persons were sentenced to jail, which, according to Expo, proves they have serious crimes on their record.

As the study cannot reveal the exact number of people active in the NMR, Leman said that further review is needed.

Some of these numbers cited by the Expo Jew Jonathan Leman are downright ridiculous, however. As usual with these types, there is no context, as in, what kind of “violent” offenses were they engaged in? And that is assuming the Swedish government and legal system wasn’t governed by a marriage between Huxley’s Brave New World and Leon Trotsky. Not long ago, the editor of NMR’s internet page was arrested for “hate speech.”

Sweden is the Trinity Test of what global Jewry has in store for the rest of the West. Whether this horrific project succeeds or not is important for both our side and Jews. They’re on the edge of a cliff, but it’s always when we’re on the ropes that we reveal our finest moments.

This grassroots nationalist movement is growing and threatening the outmoded social engineering projects around the world. In play is our national and racial existence, faith by us few in the final victory has moved mountains, now a valley of tangible solutions is opening up. It’s up to us, our patience, and our will to thread this fleeting needle.