Strippers Who Earn $8,000 A NIGHT Admit They End Up Broke Because They Don’t Save Any of It

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
October 25, 2019

Think about all the things that you could do if someone just gave you $8,000. Imagine if you could get that amount on a regular basis with minimal effort.

It would really make a difference.

…unless you’re a woman.

Daily Mail:

Performers at the most’s most famous strip club have revealed they can earn up to $8,000 (£6,202) a night, and yet end up struggling financially.

Camera crews were given rare access to Magic City, in Atlanta, Georgia where they spoke to strippers who earn upwards of $100,000 (£77,6230) a year for Channel 5’s documentary The Sex Business: The World’s Biggest Strip Joint.

Viewers were left shocked at the amount of money the women take home, often after partying with A-listers such as LeBron James, Kanye West, P Diddy, Kevin Hart and Rihanna.

But one stripper called Sequenta admitted that many of her colleagues fail to save any of their vast earnings, and eventually have to get out of the business and get a more regular job to secure their futures.


She explained that they end up spending whatever they make, because ‘you get used to a certain kind of lifestyle and there’s no going back’.

Sequenta explained that dancers don’t have a ‘great respect’ for money, because ‘they make it so fast’.

She says that it is because they earn it so fast that they don’t respect it.

Think about what that means in the broader context.

Think about what that means for the West, where women are put into positions of authority not because of merit but because of… some gooey reason. They are in politics and in the workplace, getting paid because they’re women and not because they bring something valuable to the table — just like strippers.

Women in the West are given authority that they haven’t earned over things that they haven’t built, but unlike what happens with strippers, everyone ends up paying the price.

Sequenta, who started up a side business with her money made from stripping said: ‘I know how artists feel when they go on stage and they perform’.

‘I go on stage and put my foot down, my hair is right, my makeup is right, I’m skinny today, my outfit is shining and every single head in the room is on me, it’s so exciting.

‘You could live off that adrenaline, you chase it every day like an addiction.

Adding that dancers sometimes stay three hours after their shift ends just counting money, Sequenta continued: ‘If people knew where I came from and what I’ve survived. I was badly abused, I was a ward of the state, my mother signed over parental rights.

Behind the money that these strippers get so easily, there’s the blood and sweat of men who exchanged time and effort — a chunk of their lives — in order to earn it.

Remember the invisible cost of women’s empowerment.


Men are quite literally burning money in order for women to live this fantasy.

There can be up to 120 dancers a night at the busy club, and it’s not unusual for customers to spend $20,000 (£15,525)  in a night, with Champagne priced at $800 (£621) a bottle.

The show highlighted how many of the strippers had very humble backgrounds and lead hugely different lifestyles to the A-listers they now mingle with.

‘We were living in a trailer and we had welfare, my mother had three daughters and was doing the best she could’ Judy, 41, said.


Judy later added that she decided to start her own business, making shoes for fellow strippers, after discovering that many dancers don’t have well fitting shoes.

She added that $2,000 – $3,000 (£1,552 – £2,328) was a good night, and $1,000 – $1,500 (£776 – £1,164) would be an average night.

Oh, okay. At least not all of the strippers there make $8,000 a night, and at least this Judy stripper started a shoe business or whatever.

I guess the fact that many dancers don’t have well fitting shoes has something to do with the fact that they waste all of their “earnings.”

As well as her up and coming shoe business, Judy also reveals she rakes in thousands on her Instagram ‘twerk page’.

Speaking about starting the lucrative page, she said: ‘It was a test.

Then I could see that you could make money. Guys kept asking “do you do nude videos?’

I thought, shoot if I’m on here [on the internet] I might as well make some extra money.’

She added she made $4000 (£3105) from the business in January and $9000 (£6987) in December, while ‘taking a break from work’.

I booty clap which is so funny for me, people the guys like this‘ she added.

She added: ‘I pop my booty cheeks and I guess I do it on beat and guys really like that.’

She makes $9,000 in a month for booty clapping on the internet.

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