Striker’s Analysis: The Jews Want This War!

Eric Striker
Daily Stormer
April 6, 2017

Nimrata Randhawa

The Syrian Arab Army has been toppling Al-Qaeda outposts in Hama – site of the recent controversy – at a lightning fast pace. In about one week, peace negotiations are scheduled to continue, with the Assad government and its Russian and Iranian allies in a position of strength, and President Trump eager to bring this conflict to an end. The refugees, the rape and murder, the terrorist attacks in the West, the chaos in the Middle East – all of it about to come to an end through a simple policy: “America First.”

Now, overnight, the United States is at the brink of war. A “he says/she says” gas attack against a terrorist outpost, sourced and vetted entirely on the worthless word of the shady “White Helmets” and a lone Arab internet troll living in the United Kingdom. While Donald Trump has been vague, people working for his administration like Nikki Haley have been rattling sabres in our name, writing checks that you can’t cash without sacrificing the lives of millions.

Both Russia and Syria are proclaiming that the sarin gas was spread after bombing a rebel weapons laboratory. The Jewish war media is portraying Bashar al-Assad – a pragmatic Arab nationalist who, along with his father, has reconciled the deep sectarianism of his country for decades – as some kind of sadistic WWE heel. Common sense blots out any motive for engaging in this kind of behavior, especially after Syria agreed to eliminate its chemical weapon stockpile and an unspoken agreement to keep him in power was reached with the USA – the main proxy belligerent in the “civil” war. The only people who gain from this are the terrorists and the Jews who want them to topple Assad.

But to a Jew, they want the war first – then they’ll vanish for a while when it turns out that they lied. The very Jews who lied about Iraq have returned for a sequel as Semitic and unpopular as Zoolander 2. In fact, they are scrambling to goad America into launching an assault on Syria before any investigation takes place, which by extension means a war with Iran and Russia.

Ari Fleischer, the avowed anti-Trump kike who once baby-sat George W. Bush, is demanding through the amplifiers that Trump begin unilateral attacks on the Syrian army. Judith Miller, the Jew who was fired from the New York Times for lying about WMDs in Iraq, is over at Fox News reiterating Fleischer’s sentiment. One of the architects of the Iraq War, Paul Wolfowitz, is back to his old tricks. The script was prepared a long time ago.

Lil’ Marco, whose patrons are the unwashed Hebrew used car dealer Norman Braman, the Sin City mafioso and Israel hawk Sheldon Adelson and Wall Street crook Paul Singer, is a dutiful Igor to his masters, rising out of the foam to chase down Rex Tillerson while demanding the one figure holding Syria together be ousted.

Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu, a war criminal whose government uses banned weapons against civilians with impunity, himself is now throwing his greasy yarmulke into the ring. He has previously preferred to allow his agents in America to promote war against Russia and Syria, but now, with a tactical defeat for international Zionism on the horizon, he is demanding the United Nations Security Council “take action” –  after all, Israel’s dams can handle the tsunami of blood and tears that will flood to their doorstep!

Even if everything the Jews and the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights are asserting is true, it won’t be the Fleischer boys or Judith Miller’s children who will be sent to die for nothing in the desert. The military is the only major American institution where Jews are heavily underrepresented, at 1/3 of 1%!

They’re not going to go, we are: the evil white males they have spent the last several decades humiliating, mocking, attacking and disenfranchising. Another world war between two Western countries would be the end of our race, and much of the planet. Meanwhile, the Jews will be up on hilltops with binoculars in plastic lawn chairs, watching the carnage with the aloofness of a fireworks spectacle!

If Donald Trump involves America in a war over what is looking like a false flag, and what is definitely not worth risking a world war over, he is illegitimate. If there was a Presidential candidate who could improve the current dismal military morale, it would be Trump, but all that goes out the window if he breaks his most important campaign promise of all: to keep America out of Jewish wars.

The Jews want this war? Open up volunteer booths in Brooklyn, on Wall Street, Washington and in the boutiques of Beverly Hills. Because we’re not going!

It’s time to go on Donald Trump’s twitter and tell him to restrain H1-b ambassador “Nikki Haley” from pulling down her pants and publicly defecating on the stage before the eyes of the world. This is everything we voted and fought against. The coup against Flynn was a warning shot to intimidate Trump. If he lets the deep state win, his presidency is finished.

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