Striker’s Analysis on Pikeville: The Good, the Bad and the Critics

Eric Striker
Daily Stormer

May 1, 2017

On Saturday, around 140 white rebels, including personalities like Matthew Heimbach, Mike Enoch, Jeff Schoep, Hunter Wallace and the League of the South, marched on a town in Eastern Kentucky at the invitation of Pikeville residents to bring national attention to the plight of the local folks.

Tucked away by the Appalachian mountains, a story of rampant de-industrialization, misery, collapsing life expectancy and big Jewish pharma profiting off it all has been unfolding – a national scandal being ignored by the media and uniparty politicians because the victims have the wrong skin color.

Leftist groups from Philadelphia and Atlanta didn’t like this, so they raised money on GoFundMe for weapons and transported around 30-40 obese lesbians to go to rural Appalachia and check Pikeville’s privilege. When they got there, around 60-70 mainstream liberals and Democrats joined up with them for an “Anti-racist rally,” having no qualms standing shoulder to shoulder with people waving hammer and sickle flags and chanting “Kill Whitey” and “Black Lives Matter.”

Instead of the Alt-Right cannibalizing one another over “optics,” it would be more fruitful to shed light on theirs!

The Good

The combined forces of the Judeo-Left were by most reports either equal or inferior to the Nationalist showing. They had a lot of time to plan and mobilized all their resources, the reason their numbers were thin was because the Antifa are now afraid of the ‘Fascists’ – in fact, they aren’t even able to hold Berkeley.

At first, the few dozen Antifa were emboldened, assuming that the 15-20 early comers were going to be the extent of the rally, which would make the logistics of a post-rally attack much easier. Then, from behind, about 120 radical nationalists dressed in black and proudly embracing their Second Amendment rights appeared, sending shock waves through the crowd of the gathered anti-white mercenaries of neo-liberalism.

All they could do at that point is blow on vuvuzelas and hope Pikeville locals wouldn’t be able to hear the message of the only groups representing their interests. While they did a good job in protecting Pikeville residents and businesses from Antifa, the local municipality helped the Leftists by whipping up hysteria and baseless fear in the town. The cops did their part in undermining the First Amendment by more or less heavily dissuading people who wanted to go downtown to see the rally.

This may be the first time in decades where groups of this kind outnumbered the Leftists and “anti-racists” on the street. By showing we can keep our rallies safe and are able to fight back if necessary, the millions of hidden Alt-Right and Nationalsocialists in America will be more eager to come. I guarantee the next protest of this kind will have double the number of nationalists.

Overall, this rally is a sleeper hit, and the people counter-signaling it are fools. The brave patriots who attended this rally knowing all the dangers are examples to follow.

The Bad

I’ll preface my criticism by saying I have a lot of respect for the vigor of the National Socialist Movement. Way before the Alt-Right came to be, it was Jeff Schoep and the NSM who rallied to the calls of beleaguered whites everywhere, marching, outnumbered sometimes by the thousands, for our race and Western civilization. As veterans of the struggle and possessors of balls of brass, they deserve more respect than they get in some circles. I assume any members of this organization understand that this is all in good faith in the quest of our shared objective of saving our race.

At the Pikeville rally, there was an issue of discipline and training. In any political organization, discipline is as important as courage.

The point of the Pikeville rally was to show local citizens that we are standing up for them. I actually support unironic use of the Roman salute, but only in its historic context as a gesture of honor to fellow comrades and leaders. When the goal is to lure Antifa to take off their “peaceful” masks, triggering them by Roman saluting them is also appropriate.

But at this demonstration, where nationalists outnumbered the increasingly irrelevant left, the two NSM affiliated individuals who were doing Roman salutes at a local media outlet zooming in on them committed an extreme propaganda error. It’s not so much the Roman salute itself, but that the image projected was that the rally was about shock value rather than real issues impacting local whites.

The citizens of Pikeville agree with 99% of what the Nationalists there believe, but superficial blunders like this, and the poor attire choice of wearing Schutzstaffel collars, distract from the frame we’re trying to build, and  cause people to tune-out.

Additionally, local media coverage was for the most part fair. This was broadcast on the eve of the rally, and was an opportunity to get locals out in defiance of police fear-mongering. Reporters in the area gave the Nationalists time to give their side of the story, and many hit it out of the park. While some internet people are claiming the “aesthetics” of the group were the problem (some had tattoos or remnants of piercings), it is character and intelligence that wins the day.

Here is one example of a Traditionalist Worker Party activist being interviewed. He has the look some internet people are complaining about, but is well educated in what we’re fighting for, and presents our worldview to Pikeville in a very disciplined and compelling way.

The National Socialist Movement has been undergoing reforms in their aesthetics, but increasing education and discipline of certain rank-and-file is more important than changing their flag. Not everyone needs to be an eloquent speaker, but all members of a group should be able to hold their own in a convincing and sympathetic (to observers) manner when asked to explain their vision.

In the above clip, there’s Third Reich memorabilia laying around, which should’ve at least been put away when the press was arriving. Again, optics aren’t everything, but this kind of stuff just triggers inculcated defenses of common folk who otherwise agree with us from joining. After winning them over, you can teach them the truth about the Third Reich, but getting them to listen first is the most important part.

I’m in no place to tell them what to do, but few will disagree that if the NSM toned some of the outward eccentricities, they would have far greater appeal along with way fewer agent provocateurs/federal informants/misfits harassing them. There are many good people in the NSM who give their all for this struggle, I don’t want them to miss the historic moment we’re in.

It might seem ironic seeing as I am writing this in the nation’s number one Alt-Right/National Socialist publication known for breaking all these taboos, but a popular political movement on the street is a whole different animal.

The Critics


There is a lot of space within the Alt-Right for a diversity of tactics, and the goal should be to back one another up and see who has the most success. The Paleo-Conservative types that are putting down the people who showed up to fight for our race in Pikeville should shut their mouths, especially since they get branded Nazis and silenced anyway. The only distinction is that the Paleocons straddling the Alt-Right appease Jews and don’t fight back.

While they’re right that the Nazi uniform/swastika flag model doesn’t work, their model of predicating everything they do on what country club Republicans think is just as obsolete. Those people are never going to join our ranks (with some notable exceptions, of course), not because of how we look or even act, but because their prestige and money right now is more important to them than the future of their people.

The winning model is the European one: Golden Dawn, Nordic Resistance Movement – these are the groups growing exponentially. There is no reason their methods can’t be applied to America, with a few adaptations. Being a National Socialist isn’t about flying a Swastika or having an edgy tattoo, it’s about what you project from the inside: Honor, strength, courage, pride, love, loyalty and most importantly: confidence in the final victory.

In the end, good-faith criticism (like what I’ve included in this article) should be encouraged. A system of criticism and self-criticism is important for any organization to expand and succeed. But those who engage in this out of ego or cowardice should be ignored.

Respect to the comrades who showed up in Pikeville. This revolution is a work-in-progress, there’s going to be bumps on the way, but the barely opposed success of this rally is a gigantic leap forward.

Hail Victory!

Anglin’s Take:

Though I agree with what Striker wrote, I think that there is criticism here that is not being addressed, which I am fit to address because it is also my own criticism.

Striker addresses here the paleocon criticism, but I don’t think that paleocons are the biggest critics of the NSM aesthetic, nor is the largest criticism based on the idea that the aesthetic is too edgy. I think the biggest issue people who are not paleocons take with it is that it comes across as “not cool” or “unhip,” and is thus unlikely to appeal to large numbers of normal young white guys. I am personally unclear as to who the target demographic of the NSM is, and I think it would be a huge step in the right direction for them to make clear exactly who super-serious, unironic Nazi uniforms are supposed to be appealing to, and to provide data to support that whatever target group that is finds this aesthetic appealing.

Like Striker, I feel that a lot of the criticism is overdone, and the event itself is a net-gain, however, I must say that as a relatively normal millennial, if I knew nothing about white nationalism, the NSM’s presentation at this event would not make me want to learn more.

Obviously a street movement cannot be ironic in the way that an internet movement is, but that doesn’t mean it cannot be cool and appeal directly the young white male demographic we are tying to appeal to.

I agree 100% with Striker’s assertion that the American model should be based on that of the Golden Dawn and Nordfront. But both of these organizations have put a whole lot of effort into being both hip and sexy.

Golden Dawn:


All of the optics the NSM presents are apparently explicitly intended to be neither hip nor sexy.

Anyway, I’m not going to say that the rally was a net negative, I don’t think it was at all, but I also don’t think that anyone who saw these guys on TV in Nazi uniforms waving swastika flags is going to be compelled to learn more about our movement.

Whether or not something works should be considered in scientific terms.

In advertisement there is something called the A/B test, which is something that anyone intending to form a street movement should be well aware of.

The Golden Dawn and Nordfront have passed this test by creating an aesthetic which is both serious and sexy, and that is the model we need to be following. Nazi uniforms, swastika flags and people in bad physical shape are a part of an aesthetic which has been tried for a very long time in this country, with very little in terms of results.

As the Alt-Right moves on to the streets, I am extremely adamant that we should not tie ourselves to this particular image.

We’re not going to be wearing Pepe t-shirts and holding up “/pol/” signs, but we need an aesthetic that the average disenfranchised white male sees and wants to be a part of.

That’s all.