Striker’s Analysis: No Way Out for Antifa Scum

Eric Striker
Daily Stormer
April 26, 2017

When Richard Spencer got sucker punched by a leftist at Trump’s inauguration, the proverbial mask came off. The violent Anarcuck snowflake wing coalesced with mainstream (((liberals))) to have a good laugh at a “Nazi-punching.” The corporate Jewish media saw punching dissidents as a nascent practice they hoped would blossom.

They had confused normal people holding back with weakness. Now that we’re practicing self-defense, the smile’s been wiped off their face. That’s because they’re getting their teeth knocked out.

Mainstream liberals are now trying to back away from this messy situation, but it’s too late.

Pandora’s box is open.

In response, Jews and liberals are starting to distance themselves from their once-favorite cat’s paws. Noam Chomsky, Bernie Sanders and even the Southern Poverty Law Center have – in the wake of nationalist street victories – urged them to practice restraint in using violence to silence free speech. They don’t care about free speech or the law, they fear a white uprising.

Upcoming battles on this front include Ann Coulter’s plan to defy cancellation at Berkeley and the Traditionalist Worker Party taking a stand for the forgotten men and women of Pikeville, Kentucky.

At both events, Anti-Fascist groups are planning a violent response.

This is not sitting well with their intelligentsia. One Leftist who straddles the fence has called for a pause to the terrorism due to the awful optics and increasing tidal of negative public sentiment. This sentiment is even seeping into “radical” Pepsi-Revolutionary publications.

Since the 1960’s, those who fight the Jew (usually implicitly) in the culture war have made taking beatings from thugs into a virtuous fetish. Optics are cited, as if the common man will see any protective value in a masochist. They couldn’t even hear what these people had to say because they got yanked off stage by a trans-pony in a hammer and sickle mask. Who could respect such a pathetic man, much less listen to his vision for society?

Now this puny mindset is leaving our ranks as “conservatives” become irrelevant on the right. Leftists are being driven into a corner and they’re afraid, so now they’re promoting these types of ideas to their own.

But the Judeo-Left can’t afford to act like conservatives, which the smarter Antifas realize. The cucks of American history opposing gay marriage and tepidly opposing mass immigration had the advantage of the “Silent Majority,” or more aptly, the silenced majority – and they still lost. Leftists and Jews on the other hand have an extremely unpopular racial and social platform that is based entirely on antagonizing and displacing all white people who aren’t trannies, then beating/killing them if they resist.

Some liberals tell their followers to fight us by debating us. But once again, the Antifa analysis is correct: If you let Nationalists/”Nazis”/Fascists have a platform and organize, we grow. All their bluster and arrogance can’t hide the fact that they know their ideas are inferior and less persuasive than ours, so they can’t afford the market place of ideas.

So here we see another split: some Antifa groups are now planning to escalate the violence. But ultimately, where are they really ready to go?

In Arizona, some campus Leftists have formed a paramilitary group that trains in the desert. This organization is named after a 19th century abolitionist who tried to lead a Haiti-style revolution in the Antebellum South: the “John Brown Gun Club.”

But they’re terrible shots, they’re out of shape, they’re soft Phoenix college kids from wealthy families who have never known hardship past lining up for the latest iPhone. Their ability for violence is as weak as their ideas when they truly pit themselves against us. We’re not scared to die – can they say the same about themselves?

Only time will tell how far the Antifa are willing to go in the budding civil war for our streets. Most of them will go home to shoot heroin at their Thousand Oaks mansion if getting thumbs up on social media for “punching a Nazi” has too hefty of a price to pay. A smaller core may look to engage us with firearms and really light the fuse on the powderkeg, but it’s too early to make such predictions.

Right now is the time to continue testing them and fighting them for space (defensively, of course). We have a right to speak and politically organize whether they like it or not. Right now, when faced with Antifa, all sectarian differences between the “alt-light,” “alt-right,” “civic nationalists” and ethnic nationalists must be suspended, and a common patriotic front must be created to beat the communist censors back.

The system was clearly training this generation of Leftists for a different system. They truly believed Hillary was going to win. Now that she didn’t, they’re stuck with asymmetry. The Jews are trying to restrain their irregular army, telling them to just be patient, but the false start has trapped them on the street – and there’s no way out for them.

We must resist until they are fully routed and off our streets. Get in for the long haul, this is ours to lose.

White Power!

Hail Victory!