Striker’s Analysis: France Can Win

Eric Striker
Daily Stormer
April 24, 2017

Sailing to the runoffs as predicted, Front National now is tasked with a Herculean challenge: to defeat the entire political apparatus united under the auspices of the Jews.

The story of Marine Le Pen is not the only headline from yesterday’s election. A left-wing radical named Jean Luc Melenchon thundered to 19% in a grassroots viral campaign that nobody saw coming. Generally speaking, Leftists do not cultivate internet platforms because Jews open up the red carpet for them to preach their neo-liberalism and globalism in the mainstream media. Melenchon was an exception. He was largely exiled from high political society due to his ardent anti-Zionism.

In yesterday’s election, the people of France demonstrated their weariness of existing policies that are destroying the working class and engaging France in conflicts around the world. In essence, the peculiar demographic of today’s French citizens – including many of the immigrants, who like it or not are entitled to the franchise – are thirsty for an anti-establishment and illiberal alternative that will directly confront the Jews. Melenchon missed the runoff by a few points, but Judah’s sour reaction to his surprisingly strong appearance signals potential to tap into the suppressed French consciousness that could deliver the goods for FN.

What Is To Be Done?

Le Pen’s “de-demonization” has predictably been stated by the Judenpresse as the reason for Front National’s surge in recent years, but that’s only because they want Le Pen to lose. As always, the truth is the opposite of what the media tells us. The masses in France have been self-radicalizing, and expect the sole opposition party to either meet them where they are, or risk missing the train.

The immigration situation in France itself is a national emergency, with hundreds of people killed in terrorist attacks in the last two years – not to mention the oft-overlooked every day terror that criminal Negroes and Arabs creeping out of their Banlieus expose struggling indigenous whites to. The silence in France is a product of a totalitarian society where dissidents are jailed and fined, not of consent.

On the ground, a number of eccentric and wild threads have come loose. There is the defiant and massive movement of black comedian Dieudonne, whose anti-elite and anti-Jew satire naturally leads to Front National as a conclusion (Jean-Marie Le Pen is the godfather of one of his children). Alongside Le Pen populism, other nationalist-leaning groups are looking to reconcile the Arabs already in France with white interests, like Alain Soral’s Egalite et Reconcile. Le Pen giving the cue ball just the right amount of political English could harness these divergent energies and sink all the establishment compacted stripes on the table.

But Trying to Suck Up to the Jews Will Only Sink the 8 Ball

The prospect of sharing a political tent with non-whites who shouldn’t be in France to begin with may rub many the wrong way, but ideals that lack pragmatism capable of meeting current conditions go nowhere. Rather than sucking up to Jews who hate her and hate France (while the immigrants really hate the Jews, to their credit), Le Pen can win by dog-whistling in defense of the native French against the Jewish globalists who are running the country into the ground. Her statements on the need to vindicate the French from white guilt in respects to the Holohoax may point to a willingness to engage this angle. This will both neutralize or even increase the immigrant vote for FN, while a stronger Left-wing economic program can make redundant her second round opponent – the investment banker turned Socialist Party sycophant Emmanuel Macron.

The word nuance is, after all, French at its root.

The key in a 1 on 1 electoral run-off in Front National’s case is to out-Left the “Socialist” candidate on economics, hit Macron’s predecessor Hollande harder on unwanted foreign policy (French role in Syria, for example) while proposing a strongly conservative stance on social issues. For Leftist parties, their economic platform is always what keeps them afloat, while their social engineering (force feeding us fags and perverts, mass immigration, racial hostility towards whites) is always their Achilles heel.

A strategic pivot away from Front National’s pointless liberalism on social issues (gay marriage, abortion, etc.) will help win enough of France’s conservative vote (which went to third place finisher, the French Ronald Reagan Francois Fillon, who naturally endorsed Le Pen’s opponent), while a stronger anti-capitalist and anti-Jewish/anti-Zionist stance will shave enough votes from Marechon’s bloc to possibly get Le Pen over the finish line.

These are radical steps, and a lot to do in a small window of time, but without this a victory is unfeasible.

My fear is that Marine Le Pen will try and intensify her overtures to the Jewish community in the next few weeks, in an attempt to take power the easy way. The problem is, Jews perceive her to be an avatar of the Gallo-Roman race and a threat to their European Union project. Jews don’t want mere respect as just another minority to share power with, they want to rule over everyone. This racial egomania can be seen by the frantic and sweaty press releases fired off about Le Pen making the second round from the headquarters of France’s largest Jewish body, CRIF.

Choose wisely, Marine. In your situation, you have no room to make mistakes, but those potential mistakes aren’t what the (((“experts”))) you’re hiring are telling you they are.