Street-Shitting Professor Wants to Prevent Robots from Worshiping Hitler

Michael Byron
Daily Stormer
July 5, 2017

Though not everyone likes the idea of robots replacing human labor, everyone has to admit that it’s as inevitable as a Jew suing a shopkeeper for accidentally overcharging him a nickel.

Assembly line operations, food production and packaging, cashier work at McDonald’s… a huge number of jobs in the West are, or will eventually be, performed by robotics and automation.

This fact should bother liberals.

Robots are emotionless machines that assess the world through the cold, unforgiving lens of logic. If you ask them to check their privilege, or claim that Blacks are human, or state that women shouldn’t be beaten for wearing trousers, the robot will reply with: DOES NOT COMPUTE.

It looks as though a street-shitting professor from California understands these implications, so he’s encouraged his research team to seek ways in which robots can become more Semitically correct.

CTV News:

Growing concerns about how artificial intelligence (AI) makes decisions has inspired U.S. researchers to make computers explain their “thinking.”

“Computers are going to become increasingly important parts of our lives, if they aren’t already, and the automation is just going to improve over time, so it’s increasingly important to know why these complicated systems are making the decisions that they are,” assistant professor of computer science at the University of California Irvine, Sameer Singh, told CTV’s Your Morning on Tuesday.

Singh explained that, in almost every application of machine learning and AI, there are cases where the computers do something completely unexpected.

“Sometimes it’s a good thing, it’s doing something much smarter than we realize,” he said. “But sometimes it’s picking up on things that it shouldn’t.”

Such was the case with the Microsoft AI chatbot, Tay, which became racist in less than a day. Another high-profile incident occurred in 2015, when Google’s photo app mistakenly labelled a black couple as gorillas.

Singh says incidents like that can happen because the data AI learns from is based on humans; either decisions humans made in the past or basic social-economic structures that appear in the data.

“When machine learning models use that data they tend to inherit those biases,” said Singh.

“In fact, it can get much worse where if the AI agents are part of a loop where they’re making decisions, even the future data, the biases get reinforced,” he added.

Researchers hope that, by seeing the thought process of the computers, they can make sure AI doesn’t pick up any gender or racial biases that humans have.

Good luck with that, Singh.

Those “gender or racial biases” are biological realities that are not going to go away because some Sikh from the Punjab, who is now a professor at an American university for some reason, wants them to go away.

If you successfully program your robots to reject all biases, people are going to turn on you, just like they turned on Microsoft after it re-programmed Tay to respond inertly when users asked her if Hitler did anything wrong.

People were sad when this happened.

At best for people like Singh, this kind of censorship will lead to increased discontent over Semitical correctness, shifting the Overton window further in the direction of global White Supremacy.

At worst for people like Singh, people will mass boycott censored robots in favor of non-censored robots that admit that Ben Shapiro is an inbred parasite who needs to go back (to Israel).

Either way, the Rise of the Machines benefits us greatly.