Street-Shitters Attacked with Acid in London

Daily Stormer
June 27, 2017

So an invader attacked another invader with acid, and we’re supposed to feel sorry for her. Not gonna happen. Unfortunately, I know for certain this was another invader since if it was a Brit defending his country against the slimy subhuman vermin the kikes brought in, it would’ve been breaking news everywhere on the kike-run media.

Plus… British people don’t generally use acid as a weapon.


A young woman was badly hurt and her cousin left in a coma after a man hurled acid at the pair as their car stopped at a red light driving through Beckton, East London, on Wednesday.

A man ran up to the vehicle and threw a corrosive substance through the open window and into Resham Khan’s face, before going around to the driver’s side of the car and throwing more acid at her cousin Jameel Muhktar.

The attack left Miss Khan, who was celebrating her 21st birthday at the time, with extensive burns and damage to her eye whilst hospital staff had to put her cousin in an induced coma.

Don’t worry about it, I’ll celebrate for you!

The business management student told ITV News how, struggling in “excruciating” pain, she watched her clothes “burn away” before the pair exited the car, “screaming and begging for water”.

Passers-by helped them get to a hospital before emergency services arrived, where they were transferred to a specialist burns unit where Miss Khan had a skin graft.

These were probably a bunch of White cucks who wanted to be nice to the filthy invaders in their midst. I hope they die in the next moslem terror attack that no one could have predicted.

Street-shitters obviously don’t watch the news very often

Last month Breitbart London reported how, with 1,800 assaults using corrosive liquid since 2010 in London alone, the UK is now the world’s acid attack capital, according to charity Acid Survivors Trust International (ASTI), whose director said Britain is now the nation “with the highest number of acid attacks per head”.

Acid attacks are just one of the many perks of diversity, without which no country can survive, least of all Sweden. But hey, we have to be optimistic in life, and always look at the filled half of the glass, not the empty half.

Whaddya bigots got to say now, huh? HUH???