Strategic White Racial Agenda: Identifying a Clear Goal and Acting on It

There is a lot of confusion right now in the American right-wing with regards to what we are even trying to accomplish. A big part of this is a result of the collapse of the “Alt-Right” following Charlottesville, which resulted in the majority of figures in that movement taking on bizarre ideologies involving third worldism, Marxist type feminism and gender theory, communism and support for various other Democrat or otherwise far-left agendas. The entirety of the former Alt-Right, other than myself and the folks at Red Ice, were intensely supportive of the coronavirus lockdown, claiming that we should surrender all of our rights to the government and that it was good if the economy collapsed. They are also supporting Joe Biden.

I don’t know what is going on with these people and I don’t care. But the fact that they’ve chosen this path of being so aggressively supportive of the government and of various brutal Jewish agendas puts me in a position where I’m obligated to put forward a counter to this bizarre material.

What we need right now is a strategic white racial agenda. That is to say, we need an actionable plan. The time for working through the ideas and the material is over. We know what is going on, and we know who is responsible, and we know how to solve it. People who want to talk endlessly about ideas instead of making things happen are simply engaging in dumb emotional masturbation. It is so low IQ that it cannot be properly called “intellectual masturbation.” It is simply meant to keep people busy arguing with one another while the world collapses around them. The current Alt-Right is effectively a psychological warfare operation, whether the people promoting it know that or not.

The first thing we need to do is understand our own natural support base, which is white middle class Americans. The former Alt-Right is now trying to cater a message to leftists, which I believe is insane. The natural base of the right-wing is the Trump voter. The fact that the Trump voter doesn’t presently understand what is going on is not relevant. What is relevant is that in 2016, the Trump voter was on-board with virtually the entire agenda that we have with regards to throwing out immigrants, getting rid of libertarian economics, ending the wars, breaking foreign entanglements, and making America once more a freedom-based White Christian nation.

That has to be the goal: restoring America. Goals have to be simple. A bizarro communist agenda to destroy America while promoting third world revolutionary groups and Islamic jihadists as core components of a weird ideological system is not only undesirable, but beyond the comprehension of a normal person and thus only marketable to anti-social internet people. These people are at best promoting a hobby – “who can come up with the most complex and bizarre explanation of a given situation?” They’ve also apparently become obsessed with being contrarian, but they are only contrarian towards White Americans. So, they supported the coronavirus lockdown and attacked the protesters as “white dumbasses,” saying that freedom doesn’t matter, the economy doesn’t matter, anyone who believes they matter is just a tool. It all becomes incoherent very quickly if you have the IQ to work through it. They apparently understand this and have just decided to market themselves to people with low IQs.

This became very obvious when the Alt-Right rallied completely around feminism in the wake of the Harvey Weinstein verdict, endorsing the theory that you have to “believe all women” and that people can be prosecuted and put in prison based on nothing other than the claims of a woman. After I wrote about this, they openly lied, assuming that their audience was too stupid to google any of it.

Sadly, these people are allowed on all forms of social media, while those of us who are taking a pro-America, pro-freedom and pro-white position are banned from everything. This dynamic of selective banning that the tech giants have employed skews everything, and makes it seem as if this new “Alt-Right” perspective is much more popular than it actually is.

The reality is that it isn’t very popular now and it will never be any more popular than it currently is because it is not designed to appeal to the average person. If you are a revolutionary, the very first thing you must be concerned about is: “is it theoretically possible for me to get millions of people supporting this agenda?” If the answer is “no, that is impossible,” then you have no path at all to victory, and you’re just playing a game.

Fundamentally, the masses of people are prone to falling in line with the natural order. So it is not difficult to come up with a program that would be supported by the masses of people. That program, in my view, is simply a modern and updated version of what the Founding Fathers laid out over 200 years ago. That might not have novelty in it like what the weirdos are promoting, but if you are specifically concerned about novelty over substance and novelty over victory, then you are engaging in a hobby rather than a serious political movement.

As I recently mentioned in a piece defending absolute freedom of speech, these edgy right-wingers want to say that the American Constitution and our republican governmental system are responsible for the precarious situation we are in right now. That is lunacy. There is no system on earth that cannot be undermined. This system is being undermined, right in front of us. Just look at the recent SCOTUS ruling that says that “gay” and “tranny” is a sex. Or the SCOTUS rulings that approved the passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 in the first place, despite the fact that the same act had been ruled unconstitutional in 1883.

The people who claim that “because the system was undermined, it must have been wrong in the first place” are believers in ideology. They believe that if a perfect ideology is formed, it will perfectly last forever and ever and solve all problems. Of course, there is no such ideology, and ideology itself is stupid and destructive, leading people to do things that are against reason and their own interests. The American system is a practical system, which worked well and would have continued working if it had been followed. Trying to go back and figure out when it came apart is largely pointless, as there has been a general downward trend.

Ideology was not responsible for that fall of America. Jews were responsible for the fall of America. Pushing this off onto ideology is simply yet another way to remove responsibility from the Jews.

Ironically, the same people that say this stuff about ideology are big into Nazism. The thing about that is, no one knows where Nazi Germany would be right now if Hitler had won the war. Basically, Nazism was a Hitler personality cult. It worked very well, socially and economically, but there wasn’t really a “system” beyond Hitler himself acting on instinct and common sense. He didn’t really put any documents together laying out a foundation for the kind of government he wanted. Mein Kampf is a biography that primarily features criticism of other systems. It was not a manifesto. No one could take Mein Kampf, or any other Nazi document, and form a government from it. Going back to George Lincoln Rockwell, neo-Nazis in America have traditionally promoted the US Constitution. Now, neo-Nazis promote communism and say that it’s really Nazism. It’s whatever – there was no “doctrine” of National Socialism, outside of the race doctrine. I think Hitler was planning to develop things before the war, but it never happened and even if he’d won, he was going to be dead by 1950, due to his health problems and drug use.

Mostly, people like Adolf Hitler and Nazism because of their views on race and Jews, and there is nothing in anything Hitler did that is necessarily in direct conflict with the American system. As Dinesh D’Souza has pointed out, Americans were more extreme about race and eugenics than Adolf Hitler. If we did try to go back and figure out where things went wrong, we would probably find that it was with the rise of democracy. If we removed democracy and went back to the old system before 1870, it would be virtually impossible not to have a stable society. In the long run, restoring America should involve removing the concept of universal suffrage and going back to the system the Founders intended, which only allowed land-owning white men to vote.

Our goal should be to restore the system our ancestors built, by restoring the order of nature and the rule of law. This can be done by using the same system that the Jews destroyed and simply addressing the fact that it was the Jews that destroyed it. It needs to be coupled with a Christian revival, given that the Jews, being the killers of Christ, had the primary mission of destroying Christianity and they have largely succeeded in that.

Lastly, the Alt-Right will point at various conservatives promoting stupid things and say “SEE! They’re all just cucks!” However, no one is saying they already support our agenda – if they already supported our agenda, then we wouldn’t have any problems. What we are saying is that we need an agenda which they will support, and what we saw in 2016 is that they will support a white racial agenda if it is framed properly.

There is a range of things that people with a certain personality type can believe. What I am promoting is within that range.

The core issue with the arguments of the Alt-Right is that they make the Libertarian assumption that every person in society is capable of being an actualized individual and objectively recognizing truth if he wants to. It is only under that very specific assumption that “what conservatives think” would ever be relevant. If we understand that the thinking of the masses of people is largely determined by what is socially acceptable, then we are no longer very concerned about what they support now, and are instead concerned about what they would be willing to support if it was presented to them in a proper format.

We want:

  • The Constitution
  • The white race
  • Families
  • Christianity
  • Prosperity
  • Freedom

We do not want:

  • Communism
  • Immigration
  • Homosexuality
  • Feminism
  • Free trade
  • Austerity
  • Repression and suppression of our natural rights
  • Jews

This is an agenda that the people can and will get behind, if we are able to present it to the people in an authoritative manner. It is simple and it has a clear point of reference in tradition. This is the strategic white racial agenda. We will flawlessly bind the facts we have gathered regarding race and the Jews to the promotion of traditional American values and culture, given that what we have learned about race and the Jews stems naturally from the American tradition.

Furthermore, this is an appeal not only to the American tradition, but to the entire tradition of the European people, going all the way back to Greece and Rome. We know that the people can be convinced to go along with it, because it is the tradition of the people. Christian philosophy was largely derived from Plato. The concept of economic independence existed long before anyone started talking about “capitalism.”

The communism, feminism, third world romanticism, anti-nationalism, destruction of identity and everything else promoted by the current ideation of the Alt-Right are antithetical to everything European man has been throughout history. They are involved in a totally botched attempt to formulate a Marxist “new man,” and even if you for some reason agreed with that plan, we know it doesn’t work.

We need to stick to what we know is good and true and righteous.

We have seen that the zoomers are very open to our ideas. There is a way to build a movement and make it work, if we are focused on that instead of arguing over weird nonsense. Any argument that takes place now should be along the lines of how best to implement the agenda. Anyone still talking about what the agenda is should be viewed as dangerous, harboring a weird agenda to keep people stuck in a phase of trying to figure out what is going on. We know what is going on. That phase of the movement is over. Now is the phase of action, of moving to build a viable nationalist political movement.

Do not get distracted. Get a grip on the agenda and work to make it happen. A window of turmoil is opening up, and this crisis gives us a chance to act, to rally the people to the cause of liberation.

At this point, this agenda likely involves some kind of breakup of the geographical United States, but that is simply a detail. Once the vision is understood, the goal is understood, the details can be worked out as they appear.