Stranger Things 4 is About Russians (Again)

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
February 15, 2020

Stranger Things actually sucks, it is just that it is better than most of what is released, so people think it is good.

The first two seasons were okay, but season three was really rough.

It looks like season four is going the same way. A one-minute teaser trailer was released Friday, showing that Police Chief Hopper is now in a Russian gulag.

I don’t necessarily care that an 80s themed show would have Russian villains, but they could have used a little bit of irony. As it was, the third season just came across as standard Hollywood anti-Russian propaganda. Furthermore, nothing else about season three was good.

Except the poster.

The poster was great.

Netflix is ostensibly able to do things TV can’t do, but it seems as though if they do have that power, they very rarely use it.