Straight Outta Compton: Two Cops in the Hospital After Execution Attempt by an Apparent Dwarf

Since the beginning of the summer, the media has been telling black people that there is a police conspiracy to murder them all.

We should not be surprised that this has resulted in niggas comin’ straight outta Compton.


Two Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department deputies were shot while in the city of Compton on Saturday night, according to the department’s official Twitter account.

“One male deputy and one female deputy were ambushed as they sat in their patrol vehicle,” the tweet read. “Both sustained multiple gunshot wounds and are in critical condition. They are both currently undergoing surgery. The suspect is still at large.”

Video of the incident, tweeted by LASD, appears to show an individual in dark clothing walking up to the deputies’ car, firing a gun into the car and running away.

Yes, the most notable thing in this video is the darkness.

The darkness of the man’s clothes.

It’s also notable that the shooter appears to be a child or a dwarf.

The two officers were transported to a local hospital and are “both still fighting for their lives,” LASD says.

FBI Los Angeles has offered resources and “stands ready to assist” in response to the attack, the agency tweeted.

Who does the FBI stand ready to assist?

Do they stand ready to assist their BLM and Antifa assets in killing more cops?

Look at this:

Who is Adam Schiff praying to?

Is he praying to his Jew demon lord Moloch?

Or is he praying to the Great Gay Anus?

Whichever he’s praying to, when he says “I’m praying for the two deputies,” he means, “I’m praying for them to die, because I’m a Jew that hates cops and wants to overthrow the government in a Bolshevik revolution.”

At one point when calling for defunding of the police, the Jew Schiff actually sang some bars from “Straight Out of Compton” by the band Niggers with an Attitude on the floor of Congress. The song was produced by the Jews.

Adam Schiff should be fired over these Jewish-inspired cop murders and he should be deported back to Israel.