Storming Sunday Round-Up: Tuesday Edition

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
October 7, 2014

We are notorious and no one can stop us.
We are notorious and no one can stop us.

Well, it’s not Sunday.  In fact, it’s not even Monday.  It’s Tuesday.

But in our hearts, it’s still Sunday.

Anyway, some important things to say which need said.

The gods of war have looked upon us favorably.
The gods of war have looked upon us favorably.
Don't push us cuz we're close to the edge, we're tryin not to lose our heads - ha-ha-ha-ha.
Don’t push us cuz we’re close to the edge, we’re tryin not to lose our heads – aha-ha-ha-ha.
...and we did it all for love.
…and we did it all for love.

Another Long-Time Commenter Banned for Advocating Violence in the Comments Section

I don’t know how I can make it any more clear than I already have that commenters are not, under any circumstances, allowed to say “someone should go out and kill so and so” or “we need to start killing these such and such.”  This policy is not loose, and I am not playing a game.  I will not have the site shut down, or have my own self prosecuted, because you think it is fun to play keyboard warrior and talk about killing people in comments sections.

ElderofZyklon, a long time poster who very often had a lot to offer, and had made nearly a thousand comments, going all the way back to the early days of the site.

I was unaware that he had been calling for acts of violence, until I noticed some recent comments.  I don’t monitor comments very closely, as I tend to not view myself as a babysitter.  Sven then informed me that he had been deleting such comments for a while – I have of course informed him that this is never what is to be done, anyone who makes comments advocating violence, on any level, is to be permanently banned.  Period.  No exceptions, at all.

The following comments were made by elder in the last day.  Some of these own their own deserve a permanent ban, but definitely all together they do.

elderofzyklon 2
elderofzyklon 1

elderofzyklon 7 elderofzyklon 6 elderofzyklon 5 elderofzyklon 4 elderofzyklon 3

Obviously, if you were going to be encouraging such things seriously, you wouldn’t be doing it in public comments sections, or on the internet at all, unless you were either a Fed troll trying to get the site shut down or extremely confused.  I am not accusing elder of anything, of course – I have no idea.  But it is simply unbelievable that someone who claims to support the site would be apparently purposefully trying to have it shut down.

I have also said, repeatedly, that if you do advocate violence on the site and the Feds ask me for your IP, I will give it to them.  This is against the law in every country, even the US, where free speech is otherwise unlimited.

And before “we’re not going to get anything done without revolution,” that is a statement very different than “we’re not going to get anything done without having the Daily Stormer shut down by the Federal Government of the United States because we called for people to get murdered in the comments section.” Even if you believe violence is the solution, I seriously doubt anyone is going to go out and start a Bane-style revolution because someone in the comments section told them to do so.

Right now, the Daily Stormer is a very effective propaganda tool, assisting our struggle immensely.  I want to keep the site going, as I hope you do as well.  Having it ordered shut down by a court because I’ve allowed people to advocate Anders Breveik-style terrorism in the comments section would be tragic in the extreme.  I simply do not understand why anyone would desire this.

What we need to focus on is informing the people.  That is what I am doing.  If you want to do something illegal – or rather, encourage others to do illegal things – do it on your own site.

So, there will be no warnings.  If you make such comments, you will be permanently banned.  It doesn’t matter if you have been a long time poster, it doesn’t matter if you are an otherwise helpful poster, as elder was.  I am trying to do something here, and I will not be sabotaged by such idiocy.

If you see any more comments like this in the future, please report them immediately to either me or Sven.

For the record, saying something like “this person deserves to die” or “I hope this person gets shot” is not technically illegal, but should still be avoided, as I guarantee you the Jews are presently looking for any reason they can possibly find to have this site shut down, and they are very good at legalese.  So, if there is any doubt in your mind about the legality of a comment, don’t post it.

I understand you are angry.  We are all angry.  But shutting down the Daily Stormer isn’t going to help anything.

Killing a Few Sections

As some of you may be aware, there were several sections at the bottom of the page which did not often get updated.  I guess when I started the site, I was overly ambitious.  Anyway, removing them is sort of an obvious move, which I simply never did for whatever reason.

So, that doesn’t mean we won’t have articles on Science, Spirituality, Health, History, Shills or Humor, it just means these will be incorporated into other sections.

It makes the site tighter and cleaner to not have “stale” content hanging out on the front page, I think.

The one type of content which will be difficult to place will be humor stuff, but there wasn’t much of that anyway, and I am sure I can find a place for it.

I try to keep up on the latest fashions.
I try to keep up on the latest fashions.

Speaking of humor…

The Final Truth About the Illuminati Ebola Conspiracy

The Delaying of the Stormer Forum

A good while ago, I announced plans for a forum.  I shouldn’t have announced it, as I hadn’t really started working on it.  I then sort of didn’t talk about it again, as I was thinking about it, and working on other things.  The issue is that I have a serious fear it would devolve into chaos, and that it would be hard to keep our enemies from infiltrating it and causing mass hysteria and chaos.  The movement also draws in a lot of crazies, simply because it is a fringe movement, and I wouldn’t want them confusing or upsetting the people either.  Internet forums have always been fraught with drama, and good website have in fact collapsed due to it.

On top of this, I am just not able to put anything else on my plate, at present.  I know some of you can probably grasp just how much time goes into this site, and to add another element I have to manage just feels like a death sentence.  I was happy that many folks volunteered to moderate it, and it is possible that this could be managed without much input from me, but I am foreseeing constant emails about drama with people asking me to come intervene.

So, as I was rolling all this through my mind – especially after having been warned after the announcement by several people who would know that a forum would be a nightmare – I put the forum on the back burner.

When writing and thinking about the troll army yesterday, however, the thought came to me again that we do need a place for people to organize and troll people.

I am considering having a forum exclusively for this purpose, skipping the whole discussion thing, which is more than I can manage.

I’ll keep you updated.

Never again.
Never again.

Hungary Like the Wolf: The Spencerfest Clampdown

I am not sure why Richard Spencer decided to hold a congress of foreign nationalists in Budapest.  But he did.  And the government of Hungary told him no, and he did it anyway.

I respect him for it.

But technically, he didn’t have a “right” to do this.  I don’t support the government of Hungary, and I do tend to side with him, rather than his gay friend Greg Johnson, on the issue of Russia.  I would probably even support a Russian invasion of Hungary, if for some reason that was a thing which seemed likely.  But at the same time, it was not really logical to hold a convention of foreign nationalists in Hungary, and it wouldn’t have been what I’d have done.

I have been informed that Spencer is no longer associated with Alt Right, which recently attacked me and accused me of being a secret agent.  And I tend to like Spencer, regardless of the fact that he is never going to actually appeal to any type of large audience.    But claiming that his arrest in Hungary is the new Holodomor is… over acting.

We try.
We try and we try again.

I also didn’t totally agree with the promotional video Richard put out for the conference, which was this:

Probably, he should have been arrested for promoting Duran Duran – and we don’t have all the details yet, this may have been what happened.

That’s all I got.

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Hail Victory.
Andrew Anglin