Storming Sunday Round-Up: September 21, 2014

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
September 21, 2014

Tonight we ride.
Tonight we ride.

It seems it is already Sunday again.  How time flies when you’re promoting right-wing extremism on the internet.

Well, on with it then.

Tally-ho, chaps.

Robert Ransdell: Our Champion

Robert Ransdell has brilliantly adopted a Ben Garrison cartoon as his campaign slogan.
Robert Ransdell has brilliantly adopted a Ben Garrison cartoon as his campaign slogan.

The top story this week, as far as I’m concerned, is the Senate campaign of White advocate Robert Ransdell.

Entering his name into Google News shows just have fantastic this is turning out.  Every mainstream outlet is covering it, and a lot of them aren’t even defaming him in a hardcore fashion.

Yes, yes, yes!
Yes, yes, yes!

As I had said many times, the best way to go about forwarding our agenda is to be extreme, not hold back (at least not too much), and demand coverage from the media.  To see the truth of this, one simply has to compare the amount of coverage Robert is getting to the amount of coverage to the amount of coverage the American Third Position (no the American Freedom Party) got when they were putting out candidates.

By being extreme and straight-forward, we can get publicity, and then we have a public platform.  It doesn’t matter what they say about us, what matters is what we say to the people.

Here’s the video of Robert getting shut down while giving a speech at a high school, in case you missed it.

Obviously, Robert isn’t likely to win the race, but he is going to put some ideas in the minds of the people.

I am not sure what the next step is, but I want to support him all the way, and I’m sure you do too.

Here is his official campaign page.

The hordes are inside the gates...
The hordes are inside the gates…
...But better days are yet to come.
…But better days are yet to come.

Gearing up for the Revenge of Operation: Jew Wife

Part Two: Even more brutal than the last part.
Part Two: Even more brutal than the first part.  War is coming to

I have been somewhat busy as of late and have not gotten around to re-trolling Alex Jones.  Though when I go there, I see that many of you are still keeping on it.

Anyway, today I had a bit of free time, and did a bit of practicing for the upcoming re-assault of Infowars.  I wasn’t particularly on it, so these don’t really deserve their own page, but they might be worth a laugh and a bit of inspiration.

The word “wife” is apparently not blocked anymore.  Alex has grown fat and lazy while the Operation hibernated.

But hell now cometh his way.


More to come later this week.

And speaking of comebacks, I have recently heard rumors that the Great and Mighty Ben Garrison has been spotted south of the border…

Don't fall for diversity! love your folk

Hilarious /pol/ Attack on Africa

Ebola Chan, defender of the White race against Africa!
Ebola-Chan, occult defender of the White race against African invasion!

4chan’s /pol/ has launched a hilarious attack on the people on Nigeria, attempting to get them to believe Ebola is caused by an evil chan meme.

I didn’t get a chance to write about it this week, but the website Vocativ has a pretty detailed piece on it I recommend.  Please disregard the “oh the humanity” bits.

I lol you lol we all lol for /pol/!
I lol you lol we all lol for /pol/!


I must again apologize for my total inability to respond to emails.

Please, don’t anyone take it personally.  It is not personal.  If I responded to all emails, I wouldn’t have time to run the site, let alone sleep.

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    Support the defense of the White race against the savage hordes!
Support the defense of the White race against the savage hordes!

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Hail Victory.
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