Storming Sunday Round-Up: On the Eve of the Ultimate Challenge

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
May 17, 2015

Conan: He was full-Nazi
Conan: He was full-Nazi

Back again!  This is two weeks in a row!

Storming Sunday may be back for good!

The Eve of the Stormer Paleo Challenge

Yesterday, I posted against paleo denialism, and there seemed to be even more denailists in the comments then there had been before, their jimmies fully rustled even while I had told them point-black I have no desire to cause a rustling in anyone’s jimmies.

I want to state this clearly, once more: I am not a jimmy-rustler and I have no agenda against your jimmies.

If you don’t want to accept this challenge, deny this challenge and be done with it.  I am not in the business of forcing anyone to do anything they don’t want to do.

Serious, brah.
Serious, brah.

What I am offering is a bit of knowledge that may help you and suggesting that you try it and see how it works for you.

Many of those with rustled appeared to be women, however, if you are a man and felt an emotional outburst at the idea of someone offering diet information, you may have low testosterone and thus are in great need of a diet which raises your T levels.

Rustled jimmies are a key sign of a lack of masculinity and thus low testosterone.  Men should have an ability to keep their emotions in check.

So it may be that the hardcore paleo denialists are in the most need of the paleo diet.

I mean, more than one commenter actually suggested that I was using the term “denialism” as something other than a means of self-deprecating humor.  Those are some seriously rustled jimmies right there.

Just something to consider.

Note that not all challenge deniers were rustled.  Just a few active ones who made a point to crap up the comments section with shitposting.

Who would have thought, all the crazy stuff I post, the ultimate rustling would be about food?
Who would have thought, all the crazy stuff I post, the ultimate rustling would be about food?

Once more: If you’re not interested, don’t take an interest.  There are hundreds of articles on this site every week, and only a few shall relate to diet.  If you don’t want my input, don’t read them.

If you miss the beginning of the challenge, you can start at any time.

Yes, Apparently Jack Donovan is an Open Homosexualist

So, I wrote about the upcoming Spencerfest, and wanted to have some good things to say, and I mentioned that Jack Donovan would be there and said something good about him.  As it turns out, Donovan is indeed openly queer and we do have a policy against promoting such persons on this website.

I have never posted anything of Donovan’s, or ever even mentioned him, and was only mentioning him there in the context of Spencerfest, which I wished to plug.

I haven’t read much of his stuff, a few essays here and there.  Heard a couple podcasts.  I had heard people call him gay, but I thought it was more of an assumption or an insinuation, rather than something he was openly admitting.

So, I apologize for endorsing a Spencerfest with an open homosexual speaker, officially retract my endorsement of this Spencerfest, and encourage people to boycott this particular Spencerfest in protest of an open homosexual being included as a speaker.

Whatever your personal thoughts on gaydom may be, we aren’t going to get anywhere by taking anti-populist positions, and pro-homoism is certainly anti-populist.

Closeted Homos

I have mixed feelings about how an ideal state would deal with closeted homos, but I don’t think anyone would argue that the state should be going into people’s bedrooms to find out what they are doing in their beds.  Neither do I think the state should be doing brainscans to determine if a person could be engaging in such behavior.  Nor do I think that people should be encouraged to spy on their neighbors to see if they suspect them of engaging in bizarre anal behaviors.

All of these things would impinge on our freedom, which has to remain a sacred value.

Homosexuality has always existed, and I think that keeping it a secret wholly negates the larger social consequences which stem from a “homosexual movement.”

However, the reason I am conflicted is that even a closeted homosexualist remains a potential threat to children and young men.

It’s definitely a complicated issue.  However, one thing is clear: we don’t need them speaking at pro-White conferences.

Server Move

The server has still not been moved, but if everything goes according to plan – mind you, that has never happened before in my life, but this could well be the first time – it will happen sometime this week.

It’s all set up and ready to do, just a matter of doing it.

Moving to a futuristic server with a bunch of blue lights and crap.
Moving to a futuristic server with a bunch of blue lights and crap.

So, if you have a problem with the site, wait half a day before emailing me about it.

Speaking of Emails…

If you email me, please just assume I don’t see it.

Given the current situation on the site, with me writing almost all of the articles, there really isn’t very much time for checking emails and a lot of them I just don’t ever see because I get so many.

At first I was all like
At first I was all like
What is going on here?
But then I was like

I apologize for this situation, but there really isn’t any solution, other than possibly removing my email address from the site completely, but that is hardly a proper solution.

Anyway, feel free to email me if you want, just do it with the understanding that I am literally getting more than a hundred emails a day, not even including subscriptions and spam and crap which puts it at well over 200ish.

The solution would be, obviously, to hire a secretary.  But I can’t do that.  At least not until I start selling penis juice.

Speaking of Penis Juice…

On our post about Alex Jones’ number one commander being a secret neo-Nazi extremist, a commenter gave a review of Alex Jones’ patented “Super Male Vitality” formula.

Caveat emptor
Caveat emptor

It is heart-wrenching.

Fellow Infowarriors, please read this. It could save both your sanity and your sex life.

Several months ago I was concerned about the size of my penis, so I ordered Alex Jones’ penis pills, his patented male vitality formula.

My hot but slutty wife spends most of her leisure time watching internet porn, and her obvious interest in male porn performers made me feel insecure. I thought I could support the infowar and increase the size of my dick at the same time. It seemed like a win-win proposition, as Alex often tells us. I bought a large supply of Jones’ pills. It was the worst mistake I ever made.

Almost immediately after using Alex Jones’ penis pills, my penis began to shrink. At first I couldn’t believe it, but after a month the terrible effect of the male-vitality pills was obvious. As of today, I am down to 2 and a half inches and still shrinking. My hot but slutty wife now spends half of her time laughing at me, and the other half cursing Alex Jones.

I called up Infowars to see if I could at least get my money refunded, but they told me that Jones’ male vitality pills aren’t supposed to make your dick bigger. They’re just designed to make you very horny. Which is true. I am forced to resort to the sin of Onan four or five times daily, thanks to Alex Jones’ male vitality formula. But normal sex with my hot but slutty wife is now impossible.

I am still grateful to Alex for teaching me how the neo-nazi Queen of England rules the world, but I have paid a heavy price for supporting the infowar. Alex should have warned us about the side effects of his male vitality formula.

Infowarriors, I warn you: Do not, under any circumstances, buy Alex Jones’ penis pills.

— 2.5 & Shrinking

So, next time someone who claims that Arabs run the media and that Palestinian toddlers are responsible for the war in Gaza tries to sell you pills that will make your penis bigger, think twice before trusting him.

Paleo Challenge is Only the Beginning…

I want to continue to focus on male issues and male self-improvement.

Paleo Challenge was the easiest place to start, but there will be more such things.

The Jew's worst fear is strong and healthy White people.
The Jew’s worst fear is strong and healthy White people.

If any health experts want to write articles on any men’s health topics, I would love to publish them.  I know there are a lot of weight-lifting and fitness experts who read the site, and it would be good to share their knowledge.  I am not a super athletic person, generally.  It is something I care a lot about, and spend as much of my private time as I can working on, but I only feel minimally confident giving out training advice.

I would like to do some interviews with people who are experts on these topics as well.

Well, That’s All I Got

That’s it for today.  I’m going to sleep.

Be back tomorrow for more intriguing information!

Remember to enjoy life.  It is too short not to.
Remember to enjoy life. It is too short to forget that even for a day.

Hail Victory.