Storming Sunday Round-Up: Monday Edition

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
September 29, 2014

Translation: "Y'all don't want to step to this."
Translation: “Y’all don’t want to step to this.”

Back again for Sunday, Sunday, Sunday! Monday, Monday, Monday!

Forgive me, people, I didn’t finish this quite in time to get it posted Sunday evening.  Though it will still be Sunday evening when it appears in America.  As the reader is aware, having been launched in Europe, the site runs on GMT.  I also think it is somewhat professional, possibly even edgy, to have the site run on GMT.  Plus it would probably screw a bunch of things up if I tried to switch it to EST.  It also demonstrates the international nature of the site to have it on GMT.

Though I am an American, and so we have a definite American slant, only about a third of the readers come from America – a lesser number, per capita, than both Sweden, Australia and Britain.  The rest of Europe seems to show up proportionately to the level of English they speak, roughly.  Then you have a pretty significant portion of traffic from non-White countries – a lot from the Middle East, because we talk so much about Jews, and a fair amount from Asia, though this is probably mainly ex-pats, unless it is from India, where they actually speak English and ex-pats don’t generally live because it is so gross.

I will publish the data at some point, it would no doubt be of interest.

And that is our job here at the Daily Stormer: providing data of interest.

White National Dramarama

“You might be shooting at the same enemy as me, but I don’t like the way you hold your gun. I also don’t like that smug look on your face. I think you are a secret agent.” [Soldier then begins shooting at other soldier on his own team as the enemy storms their base]

The biggest happening in our community this week was the attack on Robert Ransdell by RamZPaul, which I responded to and then was attacked by Colin Liddell for responding to – an attack which I then responded to.

This entire situation highlights the deeply-ingrained idiocy of the White movement and perhaps a flaw in White people, generally.  Though the attackers – Ram and Liddell – childishly accused Ransdell and myself of being secret agents as a means to sideline and silence us, I have no interest in playing such games, and am surely willing to accept that these are real people with no secret agenda.  However, their behavior demonstrates that their open agendas have little to do with securing a future for the White race, and relate rather to their own egos.

We are on the verge of extermination, and these “men” would rather whine like women about “meh meh meh, I’m the right way, meh, if you disagree you’re a secret agent, waaaah” than work together for the common goal of saving our people.  It is incredibly discouraging.  Heartbreaking, really, that White men, who claim to be aware of the problems we are dealing with, would behave in such a selfish and stupid manner.

I understand that individualism is a biological trait of White men, and I understand their desire to be appreciated and viewed as valuable, and I understand that the popularity of the Daily Stormer, which has risen very quickly to surpass the combined efforts of people who have been working in this movement for decades has caused jealousy.  However, giving in to the drive to attack people who are working to the same ends is the sort of behavior that reinforces the idea that the White race does in fact deserve perish, due to its inability to survive in the modern situation as a result of individualist drives.

The Daily Stormer is not stopping until the top.  You can climb with us, or you can stay at the bottom and wallow in womanish self-pity.  Up to you.
The Daily Stormer is not stopping until the top. You can climb with us, or you can stay at the bottom and wallow in womanish self-pity. Up to you.

These people’s attacks have made them look pathetic and petty, and it is my hope that they will either be shamed into behaving like grown adult men, or they will simply be ignored by all, and disappear into irrelevancy.

Encouragingly, Liddell’s own readers responded very negatively to his anti-Nazi witch-hunt against me.

We see this ridiculousness everywhere now, and my goal is to stay clear from it entirely.  As anyone who has read this site long-term is aware, I am willing to support anyone who is working in the White cause, and refuse to attack them.  I have done my very best to bring in any figures who wish to work in a real fashion toward real goals, and yet these people have repeatedly dripped into woman-like drama.  In virtually every such case, those who chose drama and ego over working toward goals have disappeared into irrelevance, while the Daily Stormer remains the dominant pro-White website on the internet.

Presumably, the fact that we purposefully avoid drama is a big part of our success.

"The Daily Stormer is the top White advocacy site on the interwebs.  People attacking it are Jewed-out traitors or kikes themselves." -Taylor Swift
“The Daily Stormer is the top White advocacy site on the interwebs. People attacking it are Jewed-out traitors or kikes themselves.” -Taylor Swift

Naming the Jew

A secondary point on the above drama, a point of great import, is whether or not the Jew should be named and called out as the key destroyer of White Western Civilization, or whether we should tip-toe around it for the purpose of remaining sufficiently politically correct to be palatable to the masses.

Obviously, the Jew must always be called out.  Even if you don’t believe it is going to be palatable to the masses, it doesn’t matter because if you don’t mention the Jew, nothing makes any sense, as no one other than some vague ideological problem is responsible for our destruction.  And the idea of a vague ideological problem destroying a civilization is not something that even low-level people are capable of fully embracing.

It amounts to “we destroyed ourselves” – but why would we all of the sudden decide, as a collective, to destroy ourselves?

Even the mainstream Christian element claiming that our destruction is due to a collapse of morality (which is true in some sense) doesn’t follow all the way through, as why would that begin to happen all of the sudden?  If it is a mass movement against morality, it is not the result of individual decision-making, and thus it is caused by an external , alien force.

If you are going to point to the Jew, you should also laugh.
If you are going to point to the Jew, you should also laugh.

On top of all of this, the people need a physical enemy to rally against.  It is a psychological reality that it is impossible to get masses of people to support a war on an idea.  You can see that the left, instead of pushing the vague notions of class war contained in Marxism, has ultimately fingered heterosexual White Christian males as a physical enemy needing to be disposed of.  The class war gibberish only worked when you had an aristocracy that the Jews wished to depose.

However, as Sven and I have discussed in our two recent podcasts (one, two), there is some merit to propagandizing the masses without mentioning Jews, as long as their is a clear path toward understanding the Jewish problem.  The way to do this, clearly, is for us to align ourselves with the softer nationalist right-wing, to endorse them when they do right, and criticize them when they support Jews.  This then creates a bridge between us and them, and draws them toward us.

In this case, it is logical to view Muslims as a fundamental enemy trying to destroy us.  Of course, they are that, but they would not be having success if it were not for their Jewish supporters who bring millions of them into White country.  Still, the Muslims within Europe are a diabolical group which Whites can rally against much more easily than they can rally against Jews, and if we can get them rallying against an alien enemy, we are half way to taking down these Jews.

Conversely, in America, rallying against Blacks doesn’t work, as they are not diabolical and have no clear agendas other than gibsmedat and muh dik.  Thus, the Jared Taylor method of trying to scapegoat Blacks doesn’t work, because anyone can see they are not a formidable foe and don’t ever accomplish anything ever.  So in America, setting up a temporary proxy rallying point is more difficult, and needs to be thought through.

Once again, I must declare that though we are never going to win without dealing with these Jews, any movement right works against the Jew agenda, and ultimately toward Antisemitism.  As Adorno declared, Antisemitism is the result of a strong connection to family, which leads to a strong connection to community and nation.  So any form of Nationalism, however weak it may at first seem, is better than no Nationalism at all.  Especially when it is nationalism based around rallying against an alien entity.

Europe is still here.  For now.
Europe is still here. For now.

Cloudflare Blocking Issues

I am still working with Cloudflare to ensure that everyone is able to get on the site and comment while it remains safe from attacks.  It is a lot more work than you would think it would be, given that Cloudflare is apparently outsourcing their technical support to low-level third world people.

The sad fact is that we don’t really have a choice but to use them, as otherwise we get flooded.

Operation: Jew Wife

Top breaking story today on Nazis are Evil
Top breaking story today on Nazis are Evil

I’ve been lacking in inspiration as of late for Operation: Jew Wife.  Since Ferguson died down and isn’t a top story on Infowars, it is harder to think things up.  It was so good calling him out on trying to start a race war and become the new Charles Manson after Helter Skelter.  Maybe y’all should get on it and send me the screenshots to get me moving.

Anyway, I did do a little bit of trolling this week.  Doing the old “Alex is secretly working against the Jews and married a Jew as part of a fakeout” shtick.

There is still an army of Jews patrolling the place.


Reader Contributions

I’ve set up a new page for monetary contributions.  Please consider subscribing to the site or giving a one-time donation, if you appreciate what we’re doing here.

Oh, and several people have accused me of being a secret agent for putting my “home address” on the donations page.  This is not my home address, it is the office of my father, which is already publicly available anyway.  I assume if anyone was planning to come and murder me, they would be willing to Google the public record of this address, so I am not really putting myself or my family at any extra risk by posting it here.  It’s a relatively safe office building as well.

I am so sick of being accused of being a secret agent.  Such extreme faggotry, that is.

Other reader contributions – if you want to write for the site, let me know.  Send me something.

Also, if you want to help the site/agenda in other ways, post links to it everywhere.

Pictures of Girls

Last week, someone complained about me posting pictures of pretty girls, saying it was “pornography.”  It triggered a rambling debate in the comments section.

I want to comment on that.

It was said that I should be celebrating motherhood instead of youthful beauty. Saying that we should celebrate motherhood is one thing, and I do agree this should be done, but mothers are not supposed to be beautiful in the same way as a nubile. The purpose of youthful beauty is to show fertility for the purpose of attracting a mate and producing children. Claiming that there is something wrong with admiring this beauty, or using feminist relativity arguments to claim that this youthful fertility is not objectively appealing, is a sick attack on the basic order of nature.

A lovely mother, for you.
For you: A lovely mother doing motherly things.

This whole argument strikes me as retarded. Anyone who cannot accept that young women are attractive and thus men like to look at them is involved in a war with the foundational structure of the universe itself. Hitler himself dated and eventually married a model that was twenty-odd years younger than him, and though I’m sure she had a great personality, I’m also sure that wasn’t the first thing he was thinking about.

All of this feminist gibberish, the attacks on men for admiring beautiful women, leads to a fake and ridiculous world of lies where fat is beautiful and the quality of a female mate is gauged by her personality. No matter how hard women push the idea that a fat 30-year-old with a college degree is more desirable than a skinny 18 year old who has no education, the objective reality is that all real men on the planet would choose the skinny 18 year old. I didn’t invent nature. This is just a fact.

Nature: Andrew Anglin did not invent it.
Nature: Andrew Anglin did not invent it.

That doesn’t mean that a woman is valueless after her beauty fades – on the contrary, she becomes more valuable to society and the community as she becomes a mother and then a grandmother. What is sad is to see women who have not made the transition from nubile to wife and mother who then attempt to keep their position as an object of sexual desire as it becomes increasingly impossible. This is why a childless woman generally begins to develop pathological behavior patterns in her mid-twenties.

In all her manifestations, a woman serves to ground a man. The images of youthful female beauty have served this purpose of providing a grounding for men in European art since the beginnings of European art in Greece, and when I post pictures of beautiful girls, I am continuing that tradition. It serves to remind men why they fight. If there was no youthful innocence or feminine beauty to defend, surely we could easily give up.

Is this pornography also?  Should we then dismiss the entirety of classical European art in order to please feminists?  What other parts of our sacred heritage do we need to throw out to conform to modern norms?
Is this pornography also? Should we then dismiss the entirety of classical European art in order to please feminists? What other parts of our sacred heritage do we need to throw out to conform to modern political norms?

To say that women are less than men is completely wrong, and an insult, but to claim that they are the same or capable of serving the same purposes is simply idiotic and objectively, obviously wrong.

All that the attempt to deny these realities and replace them with Marxist fantasy ultimately does is encourage people to breed less. If women were getting married at peak fertility, instead of doing “muh education” and becoming de facto sluts because they have to have sex before marriage or they wouldn’t have sex until they were 30, we would be multiplying.

An ideal scenario.
Youth.  There is nothing else like it.

Nothing good has ever come from Marxist ideology. It is not a pick and choose thing. What we had before was quite good enough, and the basic ideology of Western man has not needed adjustment. Saying “well, some Marxist ideas are good, and helped our society, so we should embrace them” is not a valid position to take.

This is why I am against feminist attempts to both redefine beauty, by claiming it is “relative,” as well as their attempts to shame men for being attracted to young women.

I would also note that many of the images of women seen in modern media are vulgar and obscene, and I purposefully post pictures which I believe serve to rehabilitate the feminine mystery in minds of men who have been inundated their entire lives with pornographic imagery depicting women as violent objects of violence.

Hopefully that clears up any confusion surrounding this issue.

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That’s all I got.

Hail Victory.
Andrew Anglin