Storming Sunday Round-Up: May 11, 2014

Andrew Anglin
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May 11, 2014



We’re back again for yet another installment of Storming Sunday.  It’s Mother’s Day.  I would like to thank my mother, as without her, none of this would be possible.  Because I wouldn’t exist.

I want to thank everyone who supports the site, whether it be by donating and making it so I have the time to devote to this labor, or by spreading links on forums, in comments sections and sharing with friends and family.  Our numbers continue to rise, almost daily, and we wouldn’t be able to do this without you folks.

The Ukraine: Where is Putin?

As I wrote earlier today, I am seriously disappointed that Putin has not yet invaded the Ukraine in order to liberate the people, who are now being burned alive and shot like dogs in the street.  He has every moral right to stop what is happening, and yet instead, he is telling Donetsk not to vote, then giving speeches about historical Germany while people are being slaughtered.

My hope that is in the coming week, he will invade and bring justice to those who so desperately need it.

How to invading teh Ukraine?
How to invading teh Ukraine?

I was speaking in my hotel lobby with some Russians, and was very happy to hear that they consider Ukrainians their brothers and sisters, unequivocally, and also are very anxious for Putin to go in and save them from the Jewish usurper terrorists.  They clearly identified the Jews as responsible, and apparently believed that Putin felt the same way.  Of course, it doesn’t mean anything that they view Putin this way, necessarily, but it is very interesting.

All of the Russians I have spoken to are very positive about Putin, save for two degenerates who complained about his persecution of faggots.

But I am getting frustrated.  I am willing to accept the anti-Nazi rhetoric, because talking bad about Germany isn’t going to change the outcome of the war that ended 70 years ago, but his present dealings with the situation are completely unsatifactory.  After the massacre in Odessa, I thought it would be a matter of hours before a great liberating force stormed the Ukraine, and yet here we sit, a week later, and the terrorist forces continue to slaughter civilians while Putin flies around giving speeches about Hitler.

I understand that it appears that the Jews want Putin to invade, and that is why they are committing this insane atrocities publicly in order to provoke him.  But what to do?  And how will he not be victorious?  Will NATO really send troops?  Does the Chief Monkey have that kind of nerve?

Luigi Kasimir ( 1881 - 1962)
Luigi Kasimir ( 1881 – 1962)
No remorse, no guilt, only German!
No remorse, no guilt, only German!
A female figure on one of the older graves at the main cemetery in Frankfurt am Main, Germany.
A female figure on one of the older graves at the main cemetery in Frankfurt am Main, Germany.
Conspiracy theory.
Conspiracy theory.

In Greece Things Happen

The elections are coming up on the 18th, for local governments in Greece, and then the EU Parliament elections are on the 25th.

The word on the street.
The word on the street.

It is clear that Kasidiaris is going to come in first in the Athens Mayoral race on the 18th, but the issue is, unless he gets 42% of the vote, there will be a second round between him and the runner-up, taking place on the 25th.  Theoretically, this will be very difficult to win, given that no one who doesn’t vote for him in the first round is likely to vote for him in the second round – all the various parties opposed to the Golden Dawn will come together and vote for whoever the opposition is.

Still, there is a very good chance he will get 42% on the 18th.

Ilias Kasidiaris, Hero of Europa.
Ilias Kasidiaris, Prime Hero of Europa.

Regardless of the polls, which are clearly just faked, the Golden Dawn is going to very well in the Athens municipality.  Though Athens as a city is generally said to have 5 million people (plus two or three odd million invasive immigrants), the actual municipality only has around a million.  And this million are those most exposed to the immigrants and drug addicts and immigrant drug addicts, who are all completely intolerable.

Yesterday, I saw on the street in front of where I live, an immigrant drug addict, probably Algerian, going around and scraping the drug residue off the front steps of the abandon buildings where people crush and snort their drugs.  This is insane for a number of reasons, obviously, not least of which being that this would be all different drugs in his scrape cocktail, including cocaine, codine-type pills and various forms of amphetamine.

And a car cannot be parked on the street without being broken into, women cannot walk without being sexually harassed, robberies with knives are frequent.  This is standard for the central area of Athens.  So, even people who do not feel particularly inclined toward “fascism” are likely to vote GD because they believe there is no other option.

It will be very interesting.  If Golden Dawn wins, there should definitely be riots.

I’ll be there taking pictures.

This Week’s Top Ten

10.) DNA Proof of Racial Differences – More Facts Come to Light
9.) Putin Signs New Russian Law Against “Public Rehabilitation of Nazism”
8.) White Women Flying Around the World to Have Sex with Blacks are Bringing HIV-AIDS Back to the UK
7.) The New American Debate
6.) “Mr. Northern Ireland” is Black as Coal
5.) College Debate Forums Brought Down to Primitive Levels by Blacks
4.) Alex Jones Invents Insane Fantasy About Nazis Shooting Babies, Promotes Known Hoax Photo
3.) Middle School Holocaust Research Assignment Sends Jews into Psychotic Breakdown Mode
2.) Racism Meme on Life Support
1.) The Jewish Myth of the Huge Black Penis

That flying around the world to get AIDS article just won’t die, as Negros continue to frequent it for the purposes of crying and talking about how great they are.  For some reason people from India are also very interested in it, perhaps feeling that these White women should be flying there, if they love black skin so much, and getting their freak on without the AIDS.

Everyone loves White women.
Everyone loves White women.

Anyway, due to repeated requests, and the fact that this will apparently remain forever in the top ten, I have changed the rather disgusting thumbnail of a middle-aged White woman embracing a Negro creature with one equally appropriate, though slightly less disturbing.

Because here at the Daily Stormer, we listen to the demands of the people.

Congratulations to our new contributor Justin Thyme for making it to the number two spot.  It is basically like being number one, as there was no possible way anyone could beat an expose on the myth of the huge black penis.

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Andrew Anglin is Not the Daily Stormer, the Daily Stormer is Not Andrew Anglin

I want to say that I am not this site and this site is not me.  All that I have done is continued a tradition of telling it straight.  I am not trying to reinvent the Wheel, I am not trying to introduce new concepts.  What the Daily Stormer is is an embodiment of an idea, and an idea which is not mine.  I am simply the caretaker of this idea, for the time being.  One of the caretakers.

The narrative has changed.  No longer do we see the old “some Jews are good, some are bad” and “we need to save the Muslims from the Jews” gibberish.  Or, we hardly ever see it.  We also hardly ever see “all races need to unite against the Jews” or any other form of multicultural Antisemitism.  The Alex Jones conspiracy movement became the Anti-Jew movement, the Anti-Jew movement became pro-White and merged with existing pro-White movements.

And Hitler became our guide.

The Daily Stormer is a vessel for the idea.  It is not the idea.  The idea is bigger than anything, bigger than everything.

And it is the idea that we serve.

That’s It

Well, that’s all I’ve got this week.  Short and sweet.

To be born again and again and again and again...
To be born again and again and again and again…
We only ever asked for a future for White children...
We only ever asked for a future for White children…
...and that the beauty of the Aryan woman should not perish from the earth.
…and that the beauty of the Aryan woman should not perish from the earth.

Hail Victory
Andrew Anglin