Storming Sunday Round-Up: March 2, 2014

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 2, 2014

You thought this was a game. It turns out it isn't.
You thought this was a game. It turns out it isn’t.

Oh, what a mess.

I am having mutlifold troubles today, dear readers.

Firstly, the site appears to have ads on it.  Are you seeing these?  I was not seeing these until I accessed the site with a different computer. Then I saw a dental ad.

Trying to figure out the mystery of the dental offer has been ten hours of solid hell.  Finally, I will find someone else to figure it out, for a sum pre-agreed upon to be transferred to them via PayPal.  Surely, donations are for this purpose, but being a spendthrift, I wanted to go through double-digit hours trying to figure out the situation myself before contracting someone to do so.

Then, the horrible bastards of the mobile phone company, who are responsible for providing me with internet access via cellphone tethering, decided to shut me down.  I called these people up and the Filipinos were like “oooooh, sir, you may only use 2gb of data through tethering, and this month, you have used 66.7gb of data.”  And I was like “wut.” And it was either pay $70 two weeks in advance of the bill being due, or only use data on the phone, without being tethered to a computer.  Ah, but how does the phone know whether I’m tethered or not, for it is merely an access point? I asked.  And proceeded to figure out how to bypass this.

I asked to talk to the manager.  They transferred me to this guy.
I asked to talk to the manager. They transferred me to this guy.

Anyway, these profound troubles, along with a rather reflective piece I wrote on the Ukrainian troubles, have caused me to be unprepared for today’s Round-Up.

But I should post something here.  So shall I do.

Comment Fascism

This week I announced a totally fascist comments policy, designed to deal with what I believe what a Jewish troll invasion, an attempt to use proxy forces to overthrow the established order of the Daily Stormer.

This has gone over well, and I think I’ve been pretty good about living up to standards set without totally squelching freedom of speech on the site.  When I get someone to deal with the dental plan invasion, I am going to try to get the requested up and down voting on comments, which will serve to help identify the people who are causing trouble.

Oh, America - where art thou?
Oh, America – where art thou?

The hardest thing has been determining between legitimately confused believers in conspiracies, who are still genuinely trying to work things through and get to the truth, and those who are either just deranged and mentally ill, or, in fact, spreading subversive theories for more devious, Jewish purposes.

After Yarosh came out and bowed to the Jews, then called on a Muslim terrorist to start murdering Russian civilians, anyone who is still supporting Pravy Sektor is either mentally ill or a Jew, and so unless the comment is framed politely, I have started banning anyone who comes here to try and push the Ukrainian revolution as a positive thing.

With Putin, it is more difficult to gauge, as I do know of genuine people who still hold reservations about Putin, or even fully oppose him, based on their own analysis.  I believe that the “100% Jewish control” position is becoming more and more untenable as events develop, but if a person is able to present it in a clear manner, without rudeness, I want to allow them to answer the questions I asked.

Again, here are the questions:

1.) If Putin is controlled by the Jews, why did he stop the invasion of Syria?  How is it possible that the Jews really did not want to invade Syria, and purposefully made themselves look like war-mongering madmen?

2.) Why would Putin rebuild thousands of churches, if he is secretly controlled by the Jews?

3.) Why is he fighting against cultural Marxism, if he is really secretly controlled by the Jews?  Slavic countries which were on par with Russia before the fall of communism, which have entered the EU, are already overrun by Western degeneracy.  It only takes one generation to solidify the process.  Why on earth would Jews secretly control a person and use them to fight against cultural Marxism, instead of using him to promote it?  Oh, I know – it’s controlled opposition!  No further explanation needed, right???  No one needs to know what that means!  It means “controlled opposition” – because they play both sides!  That’s it – no need for a practical analysis of what that actually means, these vague buzzwords will do!

4.) Why does the Western Jewish media do nothing, ever, but attack Putin, if he is really working for them?  What could be the purpose of that?

5.) Why does Russia have a national bank, if the country is secretly controlled by Jews?

6.) Are you really arguing that the entire Ukrainian revolution is staged, for the purpose of transferring the Ukraine from secret invisible control by Jews to open and public control by Jews?  Why would this happen?  If Putin is secretly controlled by invisible Jews, why does he not simply hand over the Ukraine?  Who is this show being staged for?

Once again, my position is that the lines are being drawn, and the attacks on Putin (and Slavs as a whole) are part of a concerted Jewish trolling agenda, designed to turn genuine people against the enemy of the Jews.

It's easy if you try.
It’s easy if you try.

Ladies and Gentleman, Alphonse Mucha

Alfons Maria Mucha
Alfons Maria Mucha

As I continue to oppose Slavophobia, I present to you, a master of aesthetics, hardly matched.

Alfons_Mucha_-_1898_-_Dance Alfons_Mucha_-_F._Champenois_Imprimeur-Éditeur alphonse_vienna_09_04 Mucha-job Mucha Alphonse (4)

Next week, I will present to you all twenty pieces of the Slavic Epic, in all of their hi-res glory.

Good Things are Happening

I feel very good about the confrontation between the East and West.  It feels like a build up of so much pressure is preparing to be released.

The Golden Dawn is going to win, and Tsar Putin is going to support them.  And we will move forward from there, as a people and as a planet.

Love is in the air.
Love is in the air.

I will continue to spend the better part of my time covering the situation in the Ukraine.  Regrettably, other coverage may slightly suffer, as I do not have a massive staff like Jonestein.  Overall though, I feel very good about the way we here at the Daily Stormer have been keeping up on the main event, while making sure to note the peripherals.

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To Live.

To Remember.Tania Mallet Stylizated Zemplín region, Eastern Slovakia. moldov ophelia o36_17116151

Beware the Ides of March.

There's a Storm coming, White Man...
There’s a Storm coming, White Man…'d better know what pack you hail.
…you’d better know what pack you hail.

God bless you all.

Hail Victory.
Andrew Anglin