Storming Sunday Round-Up: January 26, 2014

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
January 26, 2014

Lord, let us not die wishing we had fought harder.
Lord, let us not die wishing we had fought harder.

Welcome to the first edition of a new weekly feature: the Storming Sunday News Round-Up.

Here, I will go over some of the bigger stories of the week, giving some comments, responding to your comments, and so on.

On with it then.

The Ukraine

The Ukraine.
It’s as intriguing and confusing as this picture – is that the same girl’s top and bottom part of their head, or at they two different girls?

The biggest story this week seems to be the happenings in the Ukraine. I wrote about it here and here.  This is confusing for all of us. Information is severely lacking, and I haven’t had the time to really go into very detailed research.

There were two separate points I had on the topic which got a negative response, and I would like to comment on both of them here.

The first issue was my assertion that the revolt in the Ukraine is a Jew operation. This I am willing to defend. One thing about the situation is not confusing, and that is that the protests started as a result of the people becoming angered over the canceling of a treaty which would see the nation join the EU. At present, the majority of the people rioting and trying to overthrow the government are doing so on a pro-EU platform.

It is then asserted that there are nationalists involved in the violence, who are attempting to use the chaos to throw a nationalist revolution. This is definitely happening, but the problem is, these nationalists represent a miniscule portion of the dissident body. They are presently marching and burning things along side the pro-EU faction, apparently supposing that they are going to somehow steer the movement toward their own goals. However, the reality seems to be that the Jew boxer and his pro-EU bloc are steering the nationalists for their own purposes.

I simply see no way that the Ukrainian nationalists could redirect a massive revolution, which is clearly being funded by the Jews – and led by the Jews – into their own agenda.

Everyone is excited to see White pride flags flying in the imagery, but look at this:


A lot more EU than nationalist flags.  And the nationalists are not fighting with those openly demanding their people be handed over into the clutches of the EU Jews.  In fact they are marching right beside them.  No reported clashes at all, that I’m aware of.  You can say that they have formed a temporary alliance based on a common enemy, but then what?

Although we certainly do see nationalist flags.  No one can deny that.

Taking over the town hall.
Burning their enemies banners.

We merely have to be critical.

My impression is that the Jews are tolerating the nationalists because they are doing so much of the violent legwork, and that they will be betrayed when the violence finishes. It does not seem that the nationalists have a clear plan, and we might also note that their leader appears to be a friend of John McCain, which doesn’t say anything good.

Svoboda party leader Oleh Tyahnybok.
Svoboda party leader Oleh Tyahnybok.
Svoboda party leader Oleh Tyahnybok with John McCain at a gala in December, which involved all the different factions of protesters and was fully endorsed by the US.
Svoboda party leader Oleh Tyahnybok with John McCain at a gala in December, which involved all the different factions of protesters and was fully endorsed by the US.

I have not been able to look into the details of the McCain relationship, but you can see they’ve talked, and yet the US is not denouncing these people as “Neo-Nazis.”  Instead they are supporting them.  Again, maybe the Nationalists have some secret plan, which they have thought through better than all of these Jews and the EU and US.  That just seems incredibly unlikely.

There’s also this:

A huge crowd of demonstrators has surrounded the US embassy in the Ukrainian capital of Kiev, protesting against Washington’s meddling in the country’s internal affairs.

The event was organized by Kievans for Clean City, a new pro-government activist group which has spoken out against the rioters and violence in downtown Kiev.

Several thousand demonstrators are taking part, urging the US to “stop sponsoring” mass unrests, local media reported.

“The US is behind everything that is happening in Kiev’s downtown right now. The financing is coming from over there. This has to be stopped. That is what we came out here to say to the whole world: ‘US – stop! US – there needs to be peace in Ukraine,’” said Ivan Protsenko, one of the movement’s leaders.

The second issue taken was that I said the Ukraine is not a country, and is in fact a part of Russia. I now regret saying this. But as I have said it, it should be backed up.

Historically, the Ukraine has always been a part of Russia. The original capital of the Russian empire was in Kiev. Ukrainians are ethnically identical to Russians, and speak a version of Russian. Right now, everything which exists in the Ukraine was built and is being operated by Russians. Russians make up at least 40% of the Ukrainian population.

Established in the 9th century, Kievan Rus' was the capital of the Russian empire.
Established in the 9th century, Kievan Rus’ was the capital of the Russian empire.

I said that Ukrainians have not demonstrated that they are able to run a society, and what I should have said is that they have not demonstrated that they can run a modern society. Traditionally, they were farmers, and it is Russian money that is responsible for the urban development in the country.

I am not Ukrainian or Russian, and none of this is really any of my business, which is why I say I regret even commenting on it, as there are surely people who read this site who have a much closer relationship to the situation, and thus a much more valid opinion on it.

My position is simply one from a distance, as an outsider, based on what I am able to observe.

Hail Ukraine.  We wish you only the best, brothers and sisters.
Hail Ukraine. We wish you only the best, brothers and sisters.

Martin Luther King Day

MLK was celebrated by false guilt-ridden Whites across the nation this week.  We posted more than enough material on him, and I don’t really have anything to add to that.

I do, however, have a brilliant cartoon from the great Chris Katko.

Never forget.
Never forget.

Sex and the Sexes

Probably the most commented on piece of news this week was the piece about women flying to Africa or other black nations to have sex with the local jungle boys, and bringing back HIV-AIDS.

I didn’t get a chance to read all the comments, but I guess some ladies were upset with some guys’ comments, which were viewed as misogynistic.

I can’t speak for the commenters, but my own position is that we need a patriarchal society, wherein the duties of governing and running industry are taken up by the man, and the female resumes her position as a protected class, free to take care of the things women take care of best, and, I believe, enjoy most – children and the home. This is, most assuredly, simply the natural order, which we have been pulled out of by the modern Jewish Marxist society.

Feminism has destroyed our society, and in particular, it has destroyed women. They are now obliged to give sex for free, when all throughout time, they got something back for it (commitment, emotional and physical protection, food and shelter). The woman’s drive is naturally to bond on a deep emotional level with whomever she is sleeping with – this is an actual physiological process, driven by chemicals released in the brain during sex. Because she is now pressured by the Jew culture to engage in sex with multiple and even unlimited partners, she becomes emotionally damaged, by default, and goes on to view men as enemies, trying to take something away from her. Men then respond by refusing her dignity, and viewing her value as only sex, as after she becomes emotionally jaded, she has very little to offer him anyway.

I pulled an interesting piece off of The Right Stuff blog (which I recommend highly) which deals with this topic (or a closely related angle). Note that that piece has some profanity and otherwise crude language, but should speak very much to those in the 16-30 age range, as we have all been through the hell of the sex culture growing up.

Wouldn't it be nice to live together in the kind of world where we belong?
Wouldn’t it be nice to live together in the kind of world where we belong?

The only solution is to return to the traditional format of relationships. Figuring out how to do that, without having full control of the government and entertainment apparatus, is the question at hand. The fact is, while we all exist in the predominant culture, it is very difficult to make anything work on a social level, and while we cannot make anything work on the social level, we are left without the cohesion to organize and force change on the political level.

I know for certain that if I was in a relationship playing the role of a traditional husband, with a wife playing her traditional role, I would be much more effective in my work as a propagandist and political activist. Thus far, I just have not been able to make such a thing work, probably due as much to my own personal baggage put on me by the Jew culture as to the problems of the women I date.

We must find a way to make things work.


Another issue with that piece was people claiming that HIV-AIDS either does not exist, or cannot be transmitted from a female to a male.

Why is Magic Johnson still alive?  This is a fair enough question.
Why is Magic Johnson still alive? This is a fair enough question.

I find the former concept intriguing, though I cannot exactly understand the precise details of it, and I do not think enough “AIDS denial” work has been done for anyone to be definite on the matter.

As per the second thing, yes, as I understand it, HIV (assuming it does exist) tends to only be transmitted through blood or semen, and not vaginal fluid or saliva. However, in a long term relationship, there would certainly be ample opportunity for a woman to pass this infection to a man. I don’t have to go into detail about that.

Banning Everything

On the piece I wrote about the 17-year-old boy who killed his sister and mother because were racist, after having been inspired by a Jew movie, I asserted that in an ideal society, I would ban all forms of violent and satanic entertainment material.  A commenter opposed this position, saying that he believes in free speech, and would not want violent and degrading entertainment banned, as he believes it represents reality.

The book burnings of NS Germany were all organized by the people, never ordered by the state.
The book burnings of NS Germany were all organized by the people, never ordered by the state.

In response, I would offer that I would commission a panel of experts – psychologists, sociologist, theologians, etc. – to decide what was or was not beneficial to society, within the entertainment industry, and follow their recommendations.  I would, of course, allow open public debate over the topic, but ultimately, if something has the potential for harming the youth or the otherwise feeble minded, I would not allow it at all.

Sexuality in the entertainment industry is surely more destructive than violence, on the whole, but excessively violent and graphic films and other media cannot possibly be considered helpful for society in any way, and saying “oh, but the individual has rights to do as he wishes” is not a line of reasoning I am ever very sympathetic to when the exercise of those “individual rights” has the potential to damage the larger whole of society.

He also feared that I would come into his home and go through his DVD collection.  Clearly, this is ridiculous – I would have my secret police do that.

Just joking.

What I would do is ban the production and distribution of materials deemed harmful to the whole of society.  I would not attempt to confiscate materials which had been produced and distributed before the revolution.  However, after the revolution, when things work, people are going to be burning their DVD collections voluntarily, representative as they are of the yoke of Jewish oppression so long fastened to our souls.


Ajax needs your prayers it's true, but save a few for Odysseus too, he just did what he had to do, and now he's growin' old.
Ajax needs your prayers it’s true, but save a few for Odysseus too, he just did what he had to do – and now he’s growin’ old.

What I felt was the most important story of the week, though it received little comment, was the alleged “escape” of the Greek terrorist Xiros.

Even as the article got little attention, I am glad I put the time into writing it, as in all likelihood, what I have asserted will turn out to be correct.

I mean, who lets a convicted terrorist serving consecutive life sentences out of prison for a family vacation?

Retraction (sort of, not really)

I posted an article about Leo dating a Jewess, and it turns out that the source piece was four years old. Shows how much I know about Hollywood happenings.  I got a tip and just screwed up and didn’t check the date. These things happen.

Anyway, I still thing the article was fun, and spurred some good discussion, even if it was dealing with something less than current.

Remembering that the Holocaust Never Happened

Shove em in three at a time, I can incinerate them in 20 minutes!
Shove em in three at a time, I can incinerate them in 20 minutes!!!

Tomorrow, the 27th of January, is an international holiday to remember the alleged gassing of six million innocent Christ-killers.

In response to this, a committee has put together a site to remember the work and devotion of revisionists, who have served to bring sanity to the insane narrative of the Jews regarding this alleged genocide by Adolf Hitler.

Visit their site,, and send others there. It gives a very simple, rounded and non-extreme explanations of the basics of revisionism, particularly as it regards Auschwitz.

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That’s It

I’ve enjoyed sitting down and writing this up just now.  I hope that you’ve enjoyed reading it.  As always, comments are welcome.  I will, most assuredly, do my best to make it a regular feature, if the people appreciate it.  I do what I do for the people.  For love of the people.

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Everything we do, we do for love…
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…and love alone.

Hail Victory.
Andrew Anglin