Storming Sunday Round-Up: February 23, 2014

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
February 23, 2014

Never forget.
Never forget.

Well, we didn’t get a Round-Up last Sunday.  Israel Steinman was supposed to cover for me again, but he had to make an emergency trip to the Ukraine.

I also realize that we missed the monthly report.  I was going to do it late, but it ended up being too late.  It will be back for March.   But because it was missed, I might as well do a status update on the site’s popularity here.

Movin on up.
Movin on up.

We will soon overcome the rest of our competitors and ultimately have a final showdown in the Octagon with Alex Jones, where when he loses, he is forced to admit the Holocaust never happened and Hitler never took the guns and then move to Tel Aviv with his Jew wife and Jew children.

The rest of this thing is probably going to be about the Showdown: Slavland.  That is the story of the year though, is it not?

At least so far.  But it is going to be a very interesting year.  The sky is opening up, and we will see each other the way we really are.

I’m just gonna mix in some pictures, to make it fun fun for Funday Sunday.

Remember that, kids: All you have in you is all that came before you.
Remember that, kids: All you have in you is all that came before you.  Nothing more and nothing less.
Never Forget.
Never Forget.

Conspiracy Theory: The Entire Conflict in the Ukraine was Staged in Order to Transfer Ukraine from Secret Jewish Control to Public Jewish Control

I cannot take the conspiracy theories anymore.

It is time that you lot explained yourselves.

Vladimir Putin: He is awesome.
Meanwhile, in America, we are experiencing the Planet of the Apes.

Firstly we need to establish that there are options in the universe beyond “Putin is the New Hitler” and “Putin is totally controlled by Jews and everything he does is an act.”  I believe neither of  these is the case.  I do think Putin is the “good guy” in most of the drama he is involved with relating to the West.

But those who post in comments claiming he is a “Jew puppet” actually appear to believe that he is comparable to Obama, in that all of his actions are directly decided by Jews.

This. Makes. No. Sense.

When these conspiracy promoters are confronted about this, rather than explain themselves, they merely say “he is controlled opposition – they play both sides!” Never do they elaborate on this.  Nor have I ever seen an in-depth analysis providing any sort of evidence, beyond the circumstantial and superficial, that Putin is secretly controlled by Jews.  There is no actual content to the claim.  It appears to be made simply to confuse people.  A version of the Illuminati conspiracy.

When we talk about controlled opposition, we are talking about someone who is put in place to gain the trust of a dissident group, and guide them in a direction that benefits the controlling power.  Alex Jones is the perfect example of this – he takes people who would otherwise rebel against the Jews and leads them into a fantasy land of weird conspiracies about German Death Cults and Baby-Eating Globalists, thus neutralizing the potential blowback against the Jews.  Putin as “controlled opposition” would be doing what, exactly?  Have the Jews set up a world superpower with a leader who appears to be genuine, in order to confuse a few thousand nationalists on the internet?  Is that really the argument?

If the Jews have total control of Putin, why do they not simply use him for their agenda?  They could at least use him to not do things which actively hinder them like, say, not stopping the Jewish invasion of Syria.


Is Assad also not good, and instead part of some weird crisis actor hoax that no one can explain the meaning of beyond "controlled opposition, brah, they always play both sides, brah - brah, brah, it's called the 'Hegelian dialectic' brah Google it brah"?
Is Assad also not good, and instead part of some weird crisis actor hoax that no one can explain the meaning of beyond “controlled opposition, brah, they always play both sides, brah – brah, brah, it’s called the ‘Hegelian dialectic’ brah Google it brah”?

What people who push this theory do is point to little things that Putin has done, which have other, much simpler explanations than a massive conspiracy there is no trace of, and claim that these little points in themselves somehow amount to “proof.”

For instance, Putin did ban certain nationalist parties. He did this because they were opposed to his rule, because they do not view him as pure enough ideologically.  I am not saying that they would not run the country better than him – I have no idea if they would or wouldn’t – but what I would say is that banning an organization that threatens his own power is simply logical, and in no way relates to Jews.  People also point to the fact that he has allowed foreign workers to come in for cheap labor – it seems to me, he did this because it was beneficial for the economy, and he saw it as a necessary evil to bring things up.  He is now, of course, expelling Muslims.

Then there is his public relationships with several Jews – but are these relationships benefiting him as well as the Jews?  It seems that in every case they are.  Many American capitalists will do business with Jews, and benefit from it.  Many who probably hate Jews will hire Jew lawyers, because they get done the job they are supposed to get done.  Is anyone who does business with a Jew secretly controlled by Jews?

I wouldn’t do business with Jews, on principle.  The fact that Putin does this may or may not indicate he is less principled than I am – I don’t know.  But it doesn’t “prove” he is secretly totally controlled by Jews.

I am not saying that everyone who believes this or promotes it is a Jewish agent.  I am saying that they are getting sucked into a lie, a mode of thinking which is destructive.  A lot of people who read this site, and other nationalist type sites, came here from the Alex Jones circles of “everything is a conspiracy – all you have to do to prove it is cite random, disconnected facts which seem to contradict each other.”

You all need to take a step back and think this through.

Never forget: Six million pussies were whipped.
Never forget: Six million pussies were whipped in Sochi, 2014.

What happens when you entertain baseless conspiracy mongering is that the thing gets so big, you are continually making up new lines of increasingly bizarre reasoning.  You end up with saying things like that this whole situation in the Ukraine was staged, with Putin and the President of the Ukraine playing an act for the Jews, for no reason, in order to transfer the Ukraine from a position as a country secretly controlled by Jews to a country openly controlled by Jews.  From there, it is straight down into the psychotic hell of “crisis actors” and CGI and smoke machines.  Nothing is real because nothing actually happens.  OR – you end up with aliens and lizard people coming for your guns.

The conspiracy pushers need to explain all of this “Putin is in the Illuminati” gibberish, or stop saying it.

Rather than listing off random points of “if he is not controlled by the Jews, then why would he do…,” it is time that someone fully answered the following questions:

1.) If Putin is controlled by the Jews, why did he stop the invasion of Syria?  How is it possible that the Jews really did not want to invade Syria, and purposefully made themselves look like war-mongering madmen?

2.) Why would Putin rebuild thousands of churches, if he is secretly controlled by the Jews?

3.) Why is he fighting against cultural Marxism, if he is really secretly controlled by the Jews?  Slavic countries which were on par with Russia before the fall of communism, which have entered the EU, are already overrun by Western degeneracy.  It only takes one generation to solidify the process.  Why on earth would Jews secretly control a person and use them to fight against cultural Marxism, instead of using him to promote it?  Oh, I know – it’s controlled opposition!  No further explanation needed, right???  No one needs to know what that means!  It means “controlled opposition” – because they play both sides!  That’s it – no need for a practical analysis of what that actually means, these vague buzzwords will do!

4.) Why does the Western Jewish media do nothing, ever, but attack Putin, if he is really working for them?  What could be the purpose of that?

5.) Why does Russia have a national bank, if the country is secretly controlled by Jews?

6.) Are you really arguing that the entire Ukrainian revolution is staged, for the purpose of transferring the Ukraine from secret invisible control by Jews to open and public control by Jews?  Why would this happen?  If Putin is secretly controlled by invisible Jews, why does he not simply hand over the Ukraine?  Who is this show being staged for?

If you cannot answer these questions, then you need to simply stop posting the lie that Putin is secretly controlled by Jews as part of this Illuminati conspiracy theory.  It is only causing mass confusion among the people for no excusable reason.

“Everything is totally controlled by Jews” is a meme constantly spread by the Jews, for the purpose of disheartening the people.

Never forget.
Never forget: None of the “Putin is the Illuminati” believers can explain what the hell they are talking about.

You do not have to believe Putin is a hero, you do not need to deny that he sometimes collaborates with Jews, but claiming that he is completely controlled by Jews, and thus all global geopolitics are staged for an unclear purpose that vaguely relates to “controlled opposition” – which, again, has no clear goals or purpose that anyone is able to explain, supposing that simply saying “controlled opposition” is an explanation in itself – is no longer acceptable.

I do not suppose I will sway any of the true believers in the Illuminati conspiracy here, and I surely won’t change the minds of any Jewish shills who may or may not be spamming this alleged theory all about the place, but hopefully, by pointing out that these believers cannot answer some very basic questions about what exactly their theory entails – and they can’t answer these questions, or they would have done so already, when I have repeatedly asked them – it will become clear to those who have been caught up in the confusion that this is being pushed as an agenda.

Jesus Christ is Leaving Europe as Allah and Atheism Move on in

Weep, ye man, for the God of your fathers has abandoned you as you have abandoned Him.
Weep, ye man, for the God of your fathers has abandoned you as you have abandoned Him.

Clearly, the decline in Christianity correlates, exactly, with the decline of our people as a whole.

Now would be a good time to repent.

And everyone who calls on the name of the Lord shall be saved.
And everyone who calls on the name of the Lord shall be saved.

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Never forget: If it were not for the Jews, all young girls would be skinny, smiling and wearing swastika t-shirts.
Never forget: If it were not for the Jews, all young redheads would be skinny, smiling and wearing swastika t-shirts.

Finishing Up…

Well, I had other things I wanted to write about, but my “Putin is not part of the Illuminati conspiracy” ramble ran a little long, and I’ve got to spend some time with the family.

Oh, this is worth adding.  A commenter asked if there was any proof that Pravy Sektor, the revolutionary “Ukrainian Nationalist” group was controlled by Jews.

I gave this response:

No, there is no hard evidence, that I am aware of, that Pravy Sektor is literally controlled by Jews. My position is that it is obviously controlled by Jews, even if the leadership doesn’t know it.

The sense in this would be that there is such a strong Antisemitic strain in the Ukraine, that an apparently hardcore nationalist group was necessary in order to make the whole thing seem legit.

The head of it had said things against the Jews; I read it on RT, and it was referencing something that he had said years ago. I don’t think he’s said anything at all about Jews recently.

The fact that he is supporting these Jewish leaders, and not even calling them out as Jews, is so bizarre that it is almost impossible to believe he isn’t being given direct orders by Jews, but it may be that he is simply borderline retarded. There is absolutely zero possibility that this coup will end in anything other than a total takeover of the nation by Jews, and anyone who cannot see that must have an incredibly low IQ. Well, I wouldn’t necessarily say that about the boys out there fighting. They don’t seem to know what’s going on, and are obviously being fed some line of logic. And surely, they like the fight.

I am also not clear on whether or not Ukrainian nationalism is the favorite nationalism of real nationalist Ukrainians. All Russian Nationalist organizations, as far as I am aware, accept Ukrainians as Russians, while also declaring that they have a right to preserve their own unique traditions, language, etc. One of the boys who was killed recently, a member of Slavic Union, was Ukrainian. I know that if I were Ukrainian, I would prefer to be a member of a Russian Nationalist organization rather than one promoting the idea that the Ukraine should have independence (just as if I lived in Texas, I would be promoting American Nationalism, rather than succession – all things being equal).

I think Oleh Tyahnybok is Jewish. If he is not, than he is a complete shill. It is very difficult to Google up this type of evidence if you do not read Russian, but there are indicators, including his face.

The most disgusting thing about all of it, to me personally, is that people who read this website are still posting that the Ukraine is on its way to becoming a National Socialist state. It is absolutely unfathomable, that anyone could look at all these Jews, the US and EU funding and cash hand-outs to protestors, and then say “yeah, this looks legit.”

So that is going to be it for this week.  Israel Steinman has to meet with his comrades in Tel Aviv for a debriefing after his mission in the Ukraine, but he should be able to make it next week to fill in for me, so I can spend next Sunday riding around on my motorcycle and intimidating the LGBTQ with loud motor noises and mean looks.

Robert Freiherr von Prochazka (RK am 19.12.1943)
Robert Freiherr von Prochazka (RK am 19.12.1943)
SS-Gebirgsjäger Unterscharführer
SS-Gebirgsjäger Unterscharführer

Conclusion and Farewell

For you a song, which is a love song.

All good songs are love songs.

Do I lie?

wedding day Flowers everywhere KS_step3copy

Hail Victory.
Andrew Anglin