Storming Sunday Round-Up: February 2, 2014

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
February 2, 2014

The Universe beckons, brothers.  Would you die having never lived?
The Universe beckons, brothers. She has so much to give you, you simply must trust her.  Would you die having never lived?

Welcome back.  This is the second edition of our now-weekly weekend feature.

This one will be shorter than the last.

If you didn’t read the last, you should.  It was quite good.

The Superbowl

Are you ready for some football?
Are you ready for some football?

I have never sat down and watched a game of football in my life.  Or any other sport for that matter.  Except boxing and UFC.

I guess I understand that people enjoy it, and I have often felt that I was being antisocial when I would tell other men that I didn’t watch sports.  It is somewhat like how saying “I don’t believe in God” would have been taken a hundred years ago.

Still, the spectacle of it is maddening.

This is one of the biggest religious festivals in the country.  Imagine if this level of devotion was put into love of nation, love of each other, higher spiritual ideals.

Gender Roles in a Jewed Society

The most popular piece this week was the one I wrote about feminism and the collapse of society.

Wouldn't it be nice if we were older, then we wouldn't have to wait so long.
Wouldn’t it be nice if we were older, then we wouldn’t have to wait so long.

I am happy that it didn’t seem to offend any of the female readers.  I have been told before that I shouldn’t use the word “slut,” as it can be offensive to women, even those who do not engage in promiscuous behavior.  I have taken that advice, and it seems I managed not to trigger any of the readers, with a pretty hardcore post.

Sad to see some men in the comments talking about the Jewish “pick-up artist” industry, and encouraging men to learn “game” so they can get back at women.

Though I have previously made my position on this clear, I believe, I will say again that I do not support having sex with unlimited numbers of women – or trying to – in order to boost personal confidence.  This is the behavior of an unstable low self-esteem neurotic or a Jew.  It is not “alpha male” behavior – real leaders have a moral foundation for their position.

If you truly believe that a man is measured by the amount of sex he has, you must then admit that the Negro is the master race.  Obviously.

The strength of the European race has been in sexual restraint.

I should note that I am not myself an authority here.  I have been raised in the same society you all have been raised in.  It is surely a daily struggle for all of us, man or woman, to behave honorably. When you read my writings on the culture, you can think of a doctor, trying to diagnose an outbreak of a disease which he himself is infected with.

What I believe, however, is that if we wish to do so, we can analyze our situation objectively.  And I believe we have a duty to do so.

Ladies.  What happened?  You used to be so elegant and sweet.
Ladies. What happened? You used to be so elegant and sweet.

Slightly related to this is the White mother’s letter to the female Facebook friends of her teenage sons, which was one of the most encouraging pieces of the week.

Also this week, Clement wrote a piece about a feminist who is literally claiming that humans should stop breeding completely in order for women to be truly “liberated,” an argument which perfectly illustrates just how insane this whole thing has gotten.

The Rise of the Mexican Gangster

This week, Clement reported on a Mexican drug cartel beheading in Wyoming.

The new face of the American Dream.
The new face of the American Dream.

We have a hell coming down on us with these Mexicans (and other brands of “Latinos”).  The first generation was so docile, there was really very little to complain about, other than the devastation of the economy.  The Mexicans served as very good propaganda for the left, as they were indeed very friendly, always smiling and waving, just mowing lawns, hanging out in the parking lot of Home Depot, eating burritos.

I used to always find it strange when I heard of Mexican gang violence in California, as in my experience, Mexicans were not violent gangsters.  However, my hometown of Columbus, Ohio is now filled with Mexican gangsters.  This is because they are the second generation.  They are either born here, or brought here as young children, and thus incubated in the Jewish materialism.  They do not have the mental capacity to achieve wealth by working for it honestly, so they then become gangsters.

There are literally millions of these children presently reaching, or preparing to reach, their teenage years, and this is going to end up being a plague worse than the Negros.  It is horrifying that virtually all of these second generation Mestizos are going to grow up in poverty, and then engage in violence against the indigenous White people of this country.

We beat the Aztecs once.  But the cards are stacked against us this time.
We beat the Aztecs once. But the cards are stacked against us this time.

These people are going to end up being just as savage as their Aztec ancestors.


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Racist Socrates Talks Sense

"Tell me, Telemachus, if you are handed your order at the Taco Bell drive-thru window by a Negro, are you not likely to check and make sure it is correct, whereas if a White man hands you the bag, you are prone to assuming that the bag contains the correct contents?" -Racist Socrates
“Tell me, Telemachus, if you are handed your order at the Taco Bell drive-thru window by a Negro, are you not likely to instinctively check and make sure it is correct, whereas if a White man hands you the bag, you are prone to assuming that the bag contains what you ordered, without thinking about it?” -Racist Socrates

Clement did an amazing thing this week, putting together a Socratic dialog addressing politically correct establishment’s argument that all human beings are exactly equal in intelligence.

It was by far my favorite thing on the site this week.  I have demanded that he make this into an ongoing series.

My other favorite thing this week was hearing that the French were chanting that the Holocaust never happened at a recent protest.

Some Songs I Like

It was requested last week that I post some music, as I used to do in my Friday Wrap-Ups on Total Fascism.

I shall close with this.  Just a few things popping into my head which will interest some and not interest others.

Andrew Bird is someone I am generally always listening to.  I believe he is one of the greatest living musicians, surely approaching genius.  His lyrics are interesting as well.  Often weird.

Here’s a more traditionally-influenced song of his.

And here he is performing as a one man orchestra for TED.

Jason Isbell was the best part of the Drive-By Truckers, and went solo after he divorced the band’s bassist. He had an album come out last year that’s supposed to be good, but I haven’t gotten a chance to listen to it.  The two before it are very good.

This is an older song, based on actual advice from his father.  I fully endorse this advice for any man.

Steve Earle‘s most recent album is pretty good.

Here’s a good rockin love song.

This one is one of my favorites.  Irishmen fighting Lincoln’s war.

No offense to our Southern readers.

Joshua Chamberlain.
Joshua Chamberlain.

Thanks for Reading

That’s it for this week’s Round-Up.


Hail Victory.
Andrew Anglin