Stormfront Radio: 06-15-15

Daily Stormer
June 15, 2015

Isnt that thing on her head supposed to be worn through the lip?

The main news today of course is the White woman pretending to be Black in order to get a job at the NAACP.

Jeb from Alabama calls in to say that Rachel Dolezal noticed there was a lack of good leadership among the Negroes, so she decided she could do it better, put on Black-Face and then succeeded in out-advocating the Black advocates.

No matter how much black-face she puts on she will always be a superior White.

She was even giving the Blacks lessons on how they should do their hair.

Most of the first leaders of the NAACP were not Blacks, so there is a history of this sort of thing going on.

They could not trust a Black to be president of the NAACP until the sixties.

At first they were all supportive of her, but now there is a lot of resentment of her, for taking advantage of their Black privilege.

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