Stormers, Assemble! It’s Time to Finish Off Alex Jones!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
August 22, 2015

Andrew Anglin Bane Alex Jones
Behind you is a symbol of oppression., where an alleged 3 million daily listeners have languished under the name of this man. Alex Jones, who has been held up to you as the shining example of justice! You have been supplied with a false idol to stop you from tearing down this CORRUPT ZOG!

Alex Jones has chosen his strategy in dealing with the Jonestown Massacre committed against him by David Duke.

He is trying to shut it down.

More than likely, this is a decision made by his Jew wife, his Jew producer and various Jew financial partners.

House Jew Rob Jacobson was very unhappy with the shoahdown between Duke and Jones. And the fix is in.
House Jew Rob Jacobson was very unhappy with the shoahdown between Duke and Jones. And the fix is in.

We here at the Daily Stormer do not respond well to people trying to shut us down.

And we will continue, every day, until the last nail is driven through the coffin of the Alex Jones disinfo empire.

Just like when we did Operation: Jew Wife, and got this whole war started, Jones’ team has begun aggressively banning not just accounts, but IP addresses in the comments section where the Stormer Troll Army and our allies are spamming questions about the Duke interview and his attempt to hide it.

We are also spamming a direct link to the video, which has been banned from Alex’s YouTube channel.

We already know how to deal with the IP blocking. We just use Tor.

Download and use Tor browser. It’s very simple.

Comment on the top stories until you’re banned, reset Tor, repeat.

The Android version of Tor also works great, if you want to Troll on the move with your smartphone.

Or, if you pay for a VPN, you probably have multiple IP addresses at your disposal.

Other Points

A very good tactic is getting him to ban shared IPs, such as those used by cellphone carriers. For those who don’t know, a cellphone carrier will give the same IP to thousands of people. If we get these IPs banned, it will also ban many of those still drinking the Kool-Aid. They will then become disgruntled that they have been banned and turn against Jones. So use your cellphone (connected through data, not wifi) to spam comments and get these IP addresses banned.

If you are blocked, take screenshots.

Another important place to spam comments and links to the video is on Alex’s YouTube channel. You might get banned, but it is easy to get new accounts quickly and start posting again. Just make comments on all the new videos.

On both Infowars and YouTube the most important thing to remember is to always upvote the comments of your comrades. We want to be at the top of every post, so that those looking at the comments section see our stuff first; the upvoting is really more important than the spamming itself. A few solid comments at the top are worth six million random comments at the bottom.

"And I would have gotten away with it to if it wasn't for you Stormer Trolls and that shape-shifting wolf of yours!"
“And I would have gotten away with it to if it wasn’t for you meddling Stormer Trolls and that shape-shifting wolf of yours!”


Alex Jones has Twitter, as does his entire team. Question them there. See if you can get blocked, then take screenshots.

@realAlexJones – This is the official Jones Twitter. He won’t respond. But you can spam him so he feels the pressure.

@PrisonPlanet – This is an official infowars account run by Paul Joseph Watson. Watson, I want to believe, has integrity. Making him feel the heat could lead to something fantastic. Just ask him why Alex Jones is attempting to throw the Duke interview down the memory hole and ask him if he has collaborated on this and how he defends helping Jones hide information while claiming to believe in uncovering the truth.

@LeeAnnMcAdoo – This is the female reporter of infowars with the Black rapper boyfriend. I was banned by her a long time ago for questioning her about her genocidal sexual practices. Our goal is to make the whole infowars operation feel pressured, unstable and ready to collapse. She’s a weak point.

@JakariJax – The Black infowars reporter who Jones sends to #BlackLivesMatter protests to agitate.

@DewsNewz – The head of the Infowars Nightly News brainwashing program. I don’t know if he’s Jew or not, but he sure looks it.

@Rambobiggs – Another infowars reporter who gets sent in to agitate various racial situations to create drama for the Flying Jewish Circus that is the Alex Jones media spectacle.

What are Our Demands?

I am a firm believer that all political action should be based around specific demands of the party being lobbied against.

After sustained trolling for months, Jones eventually succumbed to our request to give our view representation on his show. And we would like to give him credit for that. But it is the way he has dealt with things after the fact that is the biggest issue right now.

As such, our core demand, presently, is that Alex Jones explain why he has tried to make the David Duke interview disappear.

Why did he hype it for three days, and then not post the whole thing on his YouTube channel?

Why did he then delete the ten minutes of the interview he did post within hours after uploading it?

Why did he delete the article about the interview from his site?

Why is he refusing to give further comment on it, beyond claiming that Duke is a shape-shifting werewolf?

How can he possibly argue that he has nothing to hide, when he is actively and openly trying to hide something?

The Goal

The goal is the same as it has always been: to collapse the Alex Jones media empire completely. Or, of course, for Alex Jones to actively begin exposing the Jews as the singular force behind the destruction of Western Civilization.

I would surely prefer the latter over the former, but realistically, Jones is in way too deep to get out of the Jew web.

And so, collapsing his empire it is.

He is up against a wall here, brothers. There is no way out. We just have to keep pushing.

We gotcha.
We gotcha.

And do you know what the collapse of the Jones empire means?

Of course you do.

It means we, the Anti-Semites, are the only real alternative media left.

Have fun, boys. And always remember: we are right and we are justice.

Hail Victory.