Stormer, Volume 90: Happy Mother’s Day

Weekly Staff
Daily Stormer
May 12, 2019

This is not some snide statement of ironic jest. This is a serious statement published by the Washington Examiner this morning, and women eat this kind of thing up. Upwards of 80 million women in the United States abandon their responsibilities every year to pursue employment. Working in a cubicle is empowering, they say. They’re right on that: it literally provides them power. They now have the means to intrude upon the world of men, reducing their productivity and increasing their burden of misery. Why raise children when you can whore your way around an office? Women are provided every opportunity to do the right thing and fulfill the purposes that God created them for, but they instead prefer to choose wickedness and harlotry.

I know not one member of my peer group that had a decent woman for a mother. And I know almost none of my peers have children. The white world is facing a crisis, and all of it is rooted in women’s refusal to serve as faithful wives to eligible men from their own race and community.

Jews are exploiting a situation created by the wicked choices of women. For most of European history, Jews were like gypsies. A nuisance population, easily managed with the occasional pogrom and expulsion. That Jews have run amok is merely a symptom of the breakdown in our own moral fabric. They are able to get away with so much because women have built a society that allows them to do so unpunished.

If we were so lucky as to see every Jew dead tomorrow, society would still be a madhouse. Women would continue flooding our shores with muds. They would still be brainwashing their sons to take sterilizing hormones in preparation for the surgical removal of their genitals. They would still be scheming to rob their husbands and boyfriends of the fruits of their labors through petty theft via leveraging his credit line or even divorce. They would still be a detriment to the lives of every single man around them. The problem with our civilization is that it has become effeminized. The key to slaughtering the Jews is first to reverse the process of decay that started with your own women. As long as women are allowed any degree of political equity, it will be impossible to create a society that rewards and encourages the just punishment of Jewry. The restoration of sanity by force remains off the table as long as women are allowed to lobby, vote, and participate in discourse.

Women are going to continue being agents of rot and decay. They will destroy the entire fabric of our world until white men stand up and declare that every single one of these rotten, subhuman hookers deserves to have their heads caved in with a rock. It is only through the public expression of contempt that women were ever shamed into decent and moral behavior. History certainly provided a number of methods by which errant whores were disciplined. The scold’s bridle. The cucking stool. The stool of repentance. The pillory stocks. Traditional European societies understood that women were degenerate sluts that could only be kept in line through the liberal use of shame and terror. The means they discovered for effectively mitigating the lascivious and evil nature of women were always brutally painful or so deeply humiliating for those targeted that they frequently caused bad women to commit suicide.

As you are told by society at large this Mother’s Day how much you owe to women in your life, you should ask yourself what they have really done for you. Have any of the women in your life fulfilled their roles as dutiful wives and mothers? Do any of them deserve more than your total contempt? What have they really earned from you?

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