Stormer, Volume 88

Daily Stormer
April 28, 2019

We launched this magazine 88 weeks ago because of a campaign of censorship that was unprecedented. Our domain names were being repeatedly seized by a variety of authorities in sequence, ranging from various companies in the Silicon Valley tech oligopoly to national governments issuing emergency powers proclamations from their presidents and chief ministers. A massive, global effort began to try to silence The Daily Stormer. We began publishing a redistributable and archival weekly magazine for two reasons. The first was that we wanted to give people the ability to spread our publication as samizdat to evade this global censorship regime. Secondly was that it is easily archivable, and there’s a nonzero chance that the publisher and staff of this website will be murdered by global Jewry before all is said and done and we want a survivable record for history’s sake of what we actually said and did.

I am affirmed in the urgency and utility of continuing to publish in this format as the global campaign of censorship has continually marched forward up until this very week. This week the UK Parliament’s Home Affairs Committee held an Orwellian hearing on “hate speech” on the Internet. Of course, no scrutiny of the most hateful publications in the history of the world, the Tanakh, the Quran, and the Talmud were given. Instead was endless discussion of Brenton Tarrant’s amusing prank video, and the “failure” of major social media companies to prevent its spread. As if being able to prevent the unauthorized distribution of video is not a problem the media industry has fruitlessly poured a billion dollars into in its anti-piracy efforts to no avail.

After berating Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube for well over an hour for not having already made an artificial intelligence system capable of detecting and removing arbitrary videos that Jews might dislike without any human intervention, Member of Parliament Stephen Doughty made a single tangible and actionable demand of the world’s most powerful social media company: that all links to The Daily Stormer, whatever the context, be completely erased from the entirety of Facebook. Facebook’s representative promised to do so, and now it is finished.

Up until this week there were social media sharing buttons on our newspaper, such as exist on every other media site on earth. Now they are removed, as there is no point to them if we have no access to Facebook’s social graph.

We are the first site where the Parliament of a nation (especially one the size of the UK) has demanded on film that Silicon Valley companies erase entirely from their servers– even mere references or condemnation. The speech contained upon this site is so powerful that world leaders demand its total removal.

For all the “muh Russia” and “election meddling” rhetoric of the Jews in the US, nobody stands to protest this blatant act of political meddling by a foreign power. We are a prominent political website with millions of viewers, and this site’s single most trafficked article in history is a satire article about Trump voters being Russian agents. This is blatant violation by a foreign power of the right of American nationalists to participate the public discourse.

This flies blatantly in the face of America’s First Amendment jurisprudence. Look at the major case law on this: Marsh v. Alabama. This landmark case ruled that a company town could not prevent First Amendment protected speech from occurring on its privately owned sidewalks, because they were the only equivalent of a public square available. Trespassing statutes were never allowed to trump the First Amendment, because then the wealthy could just buy up every available inch of land and say that nobody is allowed to speak on it. Is it not obvious that Facebook and Twitter are the public square? Is it not obvious that we are at the point where foreign governments are using coercion to influence the lawful political speech of Americans? Is it not obvious that the slimy Jews that utter “it’s a private company, they can do what they want” are absolutely disingenuous, as this statement was never true in the history of American jurisprudence and their forefathers insisted upon the right to peddle homosexuality and pornography in every American community regardless of the desires of local private entities to keep it out?

We are at the point where one of two things can protect the First Amendment from immolation by global Judaism:

  1. The government will make it a self-immolating federal criminal issue to impede anyone’s First Amendment rights through any Internet service, and retool the FCC and FTC so that most of their enforcement actions are geared towards making people’s lives nightmares for violating this new rule.
  2. Repeated lone wolf partisan attacks effectively create a new kind of system of punishment for the people doing the censoring until it is generally understood that violating people’s First Amendment rights is a death sentence for censors and everyone around them.

None of you should be contemplating going hot at this point. It is simply not the time. However, you need to be psychologically accustomed to the idea of bloodshed and you need to be capable of it in terms of practical battle skills, because within our lifetimes we may be put into a self-defense situation. It may only be a matter of time until we all find ourselves in a struggle of blood in defense of the Constitution. You will have two choices: total submission, slavery, and eradication, or kinetic conflict with your enemies. What good will it do if you were a symmetric loss, with a kill count of one single solitary enemy? No songs will be sung of that. No poets will write of your heroism. No awards will be given for your sacrifice. You’ll be riding the short bus in Valhalla. You need to be ready.

Firstly, you need to be physically fit. Physical fitness is the foundation of mental acuity. You cannot fully train your mind without training your body. Obesity and intelligence are negatively correlated for a reason. This is why this publication has such a frequent focus on general health, exercise, and diet. Becoming an effective warrior starts with training your body. Brenton Tarrant was a fitness trainer and that kind of physicality absolutely contributed to his efficacy as a partisan warrior.

Secondly, you need to be proficient with weapons. One needs not only to have practice in realistic, timed scenarios with the weapons they might need to use in an emergency, but also a realistic expectation of what they are capable of with firearms in such events. There are a number of competitive shooting leagues which amateurs can join, and you should be involved with them enough to keep your skill level high and hopefully within the half of participants. The best ones to join are the International Practical Shooting Confederation (IPSC) and the International Defensive Pistol Association (IDPA). These organizations provide practical shooting courses which are scored based on the time by which it takes to complete the course. The IPSC provides a rifle division as well, and its US branch, the United States Practical Shooting Association (USPSA) provides a multigun event which would most accurately emulate the conditions one might find in a self defense situation where one has both a common rifle and a sidearm.

Thirdly, you should garner practical skills in engineering. Doing so grants you the ability to think clearly about complicated problems with limited resources. It also might be central to any resistance effort. The Japanese nationalists in the Meiji restoration were successful because they acquired military technologies that their adversaries did not have. Welding and soldering are essential skills, and if they grab the guns you may need to improvise your own implements of war. Even if they don’t grab the guns you might find that engineering skills might aid your military capabilities.

It will take you years of preparation to turn yourself into a warrior fit for saga and song. The glory of battle is not a decision to make lightly, and is not an act to be done without careful preparation and years of cultivation of the proper skills. I hope it does not come to that. We believe in the free and open internet and the marketplace of ideas more than anyone. We will continue, every week, to publish a novella’s worth of original content until it is no longer possible to do so. I will sit here and type words innumerable, each and every one of them honest and true, about the perfidy of these subversive peoples known as Jews and Moslems. I will enumerate our grievances for redress in the public square fairly and openly, and invite my enemies to a fair and honest discussion of the wrongs my people experience and what recompense they must be given. I will do this for years to come.

But everyone’s patience has its limits, and I can promise you that more and more of our guys are going to lose their patience as time goes on. You can only violate a man’s rights for so long before he decides to kill you. If the answer is a continual shutdown of the public discourse instead of an open and honest discussion, one day I will find that I have nothing left to say. I do not care what some ludicrous interpretation of the First Amendment is by Jewish lawyers and nonwhite judges. And I certainly do not care to see treasonous American companies assist the US’s foreign adversaries in violating my First Amendment rights. I care about the spirit of the First Amendment and our glorious common law history, which means I get to argue my case in the public square, which is Twitter and Facebook, full stop. Many good Americans died to give us this birthright, and what would be one more?

What am I that should so be saved from death?
What am I that another death come not
To choke my utterance sacrilegious here?

If I saw no other way to defend the Constitution from Jewish and Moslem interlopers, I can tell you right now that I would be killing them with my own hands. As many as possible, with no degree of mercy, remorse, or desire for self-preservation. I would see billions dead, myself included, if it were within my power and necessary to secure free speech for all Americans.

So when I see guys like John Earnest losing their cool, I know that feel. But I pray that all those like him stay their hand, as now is not the time to go to battle. Few of you are ready for it, and it will take a lot of time to turn yourself into a man so capable. In the meantime I can only pray that we are somehow kept out of a self-defense situation. I have no desire for violence, and have spent enough time in the Balkans to know the enduring horror of civil conflict. Though it becomes increasingly likely that it will come to that, let us continue to pray that it does not even while we prepare for the likely eventuality.

Here’s to another 88 weeks of us publishing artisanal and independent news and satire. Let us pray to whatever gods may be that we all may be granted the serenity to weather these trespasses against our rights with grace and patience, so that they may be stopped swiftly and justly by lawful authorities. Let us pray for the abject ruin of those who have engaged in the most severe wickedness and iniquity by attacking our divinely inspired Constitution. Let us pray for the safety of all those whose human rights are now violated by the criminal Jews, and hope for their swift and just compensation for the wrongs and violence they have suffered at Jewish hands. 88 and Amen.

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