Stormer, Volume 87: Let God Arise and His Enemies Be Scattered

Daily Stormer
April 21, 2019

When I was young I had a view of Christ that mirrored The Life and Morals of Jesus of Nazareth, written by our founding father, Thomas Jefferson. He took all the miracles out of the Bible– no virgin birth or resurrection. He made it simply about the moral philosophy of Jesus Christ. It seemed obvious as a young man that the moral code of Jesus Christ was the greatest and most just of all. As such I grew up instilled with appreciation for Christ’s importance to justice and the rich history of European civilization, but I was not a believer in his divinity.

I grew up in the secular white noise of America, and the plain churches of televangelists praising Israel and begging TV viewers for money never managed to instill within me a sense of magic or wonder for Christ. For many years I thought that Christ was an even better story if he weren’t divine. It cheapened it in my mind to call him the son of God, born of a virgin. I thought that if Christ were some kind of magical superhero, then what’s the point in trying to be Christlike? If he were a normal man of flesh and blood and no magical significance, just like you or me, then it means that each and every one of us is capable of shaking the foundations of power for all the world by just our words alone. Believing agnostically in Christ made me think seeking martyrdom was of value– it separated me from the flocks of idol worshipers sending those filthy Jews and their TV proxies money.

Easter was just a time that I got sick off of eating Cadbury creme eggs.

It was in my early twenties that I began to understand the true power of Christ, and it was not by the word or deed of any Christian. I was already a racist and anti-Semite, and I began to see the absolute visceral hatred that Jews and Moslems had for Jesus Christ. It began to turn gears in my head that these publicly secular, atheistic Jews would suddenly turn into the villains of a Chick tract when the mention of Jesus Christ was made. And if Jesus was not significant to their faith, why would they describe him in their Talmud as boiling in excrement? Why would they call his mother a whore?

The more I began to be confronted with the reactions of these Semitic invaders to the name of Jesus, the more I began to understand that there is a deep wellspring of magic within him. If you talk about bringing them to justice under systems of law or secular principles they will laugh at you. If you say that you plan to kill them in the name of Christ, they are deeply afraid. Jews and Moslems have a genetic memory, and they as a people remember what it is like when Christ the lion decides to roar.

Now that I live in a rural Slavic village, the living magic of Christ on this day is obvious enough even for a fool like me to see. Everyone vacates their homes to attend mass in unison. None forget to tell you “Христос воскрес!” as you pass by them on the way to the Church. From the minute dawn breaks on Easter, the mood is joyous. Women are busy all day preparing a multitude of dishes, the most intricate of which is the duty of the Кулич. It takes many hours because they stop to let it rise three separate times. Every Orthodox Church is beautiful and awe inspiring, and every mass is intimately personal — an enervating spiritual balm delivered to you in chants comprised of Slavonic.

“Let God arise and let his enemies be scattered,” the Easter chant leads.

It is the opposite of the modern American protestant experience in every way.

I now find myself in the exact opposite of the position that I occupied in my youth. I no longer put a lot of faith in the moral philosophy of Jesus Christ. The justice I want is cruel and unusual. The blood eagles of the Heimskringla, the retaliatory slaughtering of sons in the Poetic Edda. Do unto others and turn the other cheek no longer seem to me to be fit modes of action in the current world. But in spite of this, I now believe in the divinity and magic of the Lord Jesus Christ. I believe in the merit of him as a unifying symbol for the white race, and I take joy in the fear he instills in the wicked and foreign. My appreciation for Christ used to occupy my head, but now it occupies my gut.

On this day, Christ is Risen, and let all nations who stand in the way of his children be put to the sword. On this day of our Lord, let us commit ourselves to the destruction of every Jew and Moslem who have dared to defile Christendom. Let the life of our nation and people be death to all the wickedness and iniquity of the world.

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