Stormer, Volume 86: The End of Empiricism

Daily Stormer
April 15, 2019

The lulz started this week with a disgusting, hook-nosed kike slut trying to steal the credit for a scientific project.

“Watching in disbelief as the first image I ever made of a black hole was in the process of being reconstructed.” Katie Bouman published this week, alongside of a photo of her hands held up to her mouth, like a neurotic rodent.

“Look at this thing I did” said the skank whose name was not first on the paper, and who published the announcement ahead of her team, thus jumping to the front of the line for credit and praise.

Thousands of fawning news articles were published about this disgusting kike slut, all showing her picture and naming her as the party responsible for the project, completely missing any mention of the people whose names were ahead of hers on the relevant research.

The idea that a Jewish woman is unaware that her coethnics in the media will plaster her picture everywhere is absurd. Jewish women are explicitly aware of their ability to garner acclaim and have their presence boosted in the media. Though her academic colleagues defend her (they’ll lose their careers if they don’t) that doesn’t vacate her rushing to the stage to claim credit for other people’s work, the intentionality of which is probably lost upon her naive peers. The Internet knew exactly what was going on here, and quickly combed through the papers and Git commits to find out just how little this scheming slut had contributed to the project:

0.2% of the amount of real code contributions.

and also how irrelevant and insignificant her actual contributions were:

All easy, simple commits to unimportant aspects of the project.

But here’s the thing. Black holes are not even real, and this is all a sideshow in an attempt to shoehorn a social justice commentator “theoretical physicist” into public discourse. Black holes are an attempt at coming up with a solution for empty sets by the Jew plagiarist Einstein. There is no legitimate evidence that black holes exist. The more you examine theoretical physics, the more you realize that it is just a big scam that lets endless numbers of hook-nosed academics receive a stipend for doing math fanfiction at taxpayer expense. Black holes, string theory, M-theory, loop quantum gravity, almost anything that involves even looking at relativity, it’s all a big fucking scam designed to extract the maximum amount of shekels from a populace looking starry eyed at the cosmos, searching for wonder and meaning in their life.

The idea that some Jewess has come up with a photograph of something which cannot be seen is facially absurd.

It is obviously just a big fraud to justify the trough of taxpayer dollars these fat Jewish parasites have been delivered.

In 1943 Herman Hesse published The Glass Bead game, a critique of a disturbing modern trend in academia. It described a vast academic establishment using the cutting edge of science, mathematics, and dozens of interdisciplinary fields to play a pointless board game at the expense of the public coffers. Though Hesse was, in his foolishness, an anti-fascist, he was without question accidentally naming the Jew there. The decades since Einstein have been near total stagnation in real scientific development. Virtually everything is an incremental improvement based on existing technologies. Gooks continually make transistors smaller by the kaizen of lithography techniques, and we attach radio antennas to those transistors so we can all carry around computers that spy on us all the time. But the last civilizationally important scientific breakthrough was the transistor itself.

Incidentally, the man who discovered the transistor, William Shockley, was a notorious public racist. Now that “science” is full of pajeets and Jewesses instead of racist white males mysteriously new reproducible research that does important things for civilization has ground to a complete halt.

Fraudulent research in a single field, biology, costs 28 billion dollars a year, and only 10% of research is reproducible, meaning 90% of all submitted research is fraud. Total US research spending per year is $511 billion dollars. Meaning 460 billion dollars per year is stolen by what is overwhelmingly a Jewish fraud in research science. Every 26 months these filthy Jews steal a trillion dollars of our money through academic fraud alone. When you realize the size of these numbers, you realize why Jews have to be marched out of their homes at gunpoint, beaten, and thrown in fake shower rooms to be gassed in Zyklon B so we can recoup some of these costs in soap and lampshade sales.

Beyond the billions of dollars filthy, lying Jews have been given in research grants for this continuing fraud, the mafia of theoretical physics serves an even more subversive agenda. It is an attempt to create a fictitious cosmology to capture the sense of atheistic wonder and direct people towards pseudointellectuals who are granted public credibility through their participation in the fraud. People think that theoretical physics must be filled with credible people, like mechanical engineering or organic chemistry. Nothing could be further from the truth. It’s a religion, guarded zealously by a wicked priesthood of Jewish academics, in which dissenters doing honest science are punished with expulsion and the permanent destruction of their careers.

Read the well-documented account of Stephen J. Crothers’s expulsion from a PhD program, and the derision he received from men with names like Cohen and Berkenstein– all for refusing to accept the existence of black holes as a dogma. Crothers was viciously expelled far before his paper was even published. The total lack of scrutiny given to people who lie is obvious, while people who are attempting to do honest science in earnest are tossed out of all academic institutions.

To save civilization, the Jews must not only be removed from all aspects of public life, but they must somehow be made to pay for the massive, multitrillion dollar frauds that they have perpetuated this last century. The Jews find nothing that they see unfit for defilement, even the once hallowed halls of the sciences.

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