Stormer, Volume 85: The Rise of Fraser Anning’s Conservative National Party

Daily Stormer
April 7, 2019

Fraser Anning is following the golden path.

The charismatic Australian genius that called for a “final solution” to migrants and blamed the Christchurch shooting on globalist immigration programs “that allowed Muslim fanatics to migrate to New Zealand in the first place” is in the news again.

He followed the basic plan of putting himself in a position of authority. He showed up, got the forms filled out, and got on the ballot. He, by a fantastic stroke of luck, managed to become a Senator with a mere 19 votes– and the legislative authority and $200,000 a year salary for the six year term that he is currently serving.

Now that he has a position in government, and the ability to give jobs as Senate staffers to good goys, he is leveraging that in concentric circles to expand his base of power and influence. He’s starting a new political party– the Conservative National Party, and Australia’s dissident right has taken notice. Everyone I talk to in Australia is backing him. The boots are on the ground, and they see this as their best chance to integrate themselves with the political machinery. They got their foot in the door and now they intend to push it wide open to the onslaught of jackbooted Aussie shitposters.

He announced his party earlier this week on Twitter.

Then he practically paraphrased the 14 words.

The checkmarks went fucking insane. It was mass hysteria on public display across all of Australian Twitter.

Once you have the legitimacy of public office, it is easy to grow that legitimacy into further political gains. No matter which country in the world you are in, we need you to show up and do the same thing Fraser Anning did: get on the ballot and get into office. Get paid for engaging with the political process. Familiarize yourself with the political machinery. Catalogue people of influence in that machinery and gain influence and control over them. Do the hard work necessary to build a positive reputation within local communities that gives you credibility when you might choose to say something outside the current realm of discourse.

You don’t even have to take it seriously. Go for any kind of seats. Bullshit seats. School boards. The clown world meme, originated from My Posting Career and spread to the ends of the Internet by inclusion in an episode of Murdoch Murdoch a while back, has fully taken over the zeitgeist of the memetic egregore lately.

It truly is the best description of the place we live. All of civilization is just a show of fools, and people choose to believe it is not because they are social creatures and the other people around them tell them there is no element of absurdity to it, that it is all absolutely deadly serious and not a joke at all. For a time they accept it is serious. They don’t want to believe they’ve been interacting with clowns as if they were bearers of some kind of special priesthood. That would mean that a big joke has been placed upon them. But as time goes on, they figure it out.

Some people, figuring out the falsity of the posits of society that were foisted upon them in their youth, simply wither away in despair. But some choose to laugh. Some choose to become the clown and laugh at the utter spectacle of it all. It is thusly that they are initiated into the ways of magic, and they may soon find that the stick that the fool used to suspend his bindle can quickly become the staff of the mage.

The only way out of this machine is to take control of its levers. The philosophy of the enlightened clown can be summed thusly:

  1. Take what you can. Secure the bindle, drain as much resources from civilization as you possibly can as an individual.
  2. Break what you can’t. Do as much as you can to destroy the infrastructure of the civilization without being legally identifiable as the person responsible. Provoke arms of the beast into attacking other arms. Turn the machinery of the global state against itself wherever possible.
  3. Give nothing back. Contribute as little as possible to the commons of civilization. Unleash chaos, escalate disarray and hasten collapse.

Anning did not engage in a serious attempt to lobby by the spirit of liberal democratic process, but he used its rules against it to make it look foolish and absurd. Even if his party does not pan out and he goes home from the Senate in a few years, his mere presence has massively delegitimized the public’s view of the current democratic system. You can do this. Every person reading can do this. Even if the only thing you can delegitimize the operation of is a single city’s mayorship and city council, you too can be a clown world magician and spend all your days hilariously tugging at the levers of government while the Benny Hill theme plays.

There’s only way to end clown world: turn it into circus world, with each and every one of you as a performer. All of you refusing to play by the rules civilization tells you to play by. None of you confronting the establishment at its gates, but instead at its soft and doughy interior. It can be done. It won’t take very many of us.

HH, brothers. Honk. Honk.

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